Beyond the Cusp

June 1, 2011

Obama, Jerusalem, Israel, and the Jews

The aggressive, anti-Israel speech given by President Obama on May, 19, 2011 may have finally shown Jews and Israelis exactly how untenable their position in the world is at this time. President Obama’s speech spurred the G8 to propose a resolution forcing Israel to accept the 1949 Armistice Lines, often erroneously called the pre 67 Border, but was blocked by one single brave and honorable country’s vote, Canada. May G-d bless Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper. The Arab League and the Palestinian Authority had many complaints accusing President Obama of not going far enough in forcing Israel to recognize the proposed borders and of making unfair demands of them, but did praise the suggestion as proof of the validity of their demand. But there has been a less obvious but far more impressive reaction to President Obama’s speech. Israelis along with most of the Jews in the world have vociferously joined to proclaim the validity and righteousness of their claim to their historic city, Jerusalem. The final glorious touch is the arrival of Jerusalem Day celebrating the reunification of blessed Jerusalem in June of 1967. This year the celebrations have hit a new high level of revelry, hope and determination. Recent polling reveals well over 50% of Israeli Jews and Jews in general are unified in their determination to place Jerusalem above their greatest joy, to return Jerusalem as the beating heart of Israel. For this miraculous transformation unifying all of the children of Israel behind Jerusalem returning them to a place where the L-rd wishes them to be, thank you President Obama. By your threatening words you have unified us for the glory of Jerusalem.

Beyond the Cusp

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