Beyond the Cusp

June 5, 2011

Guess the Campaigns Have Started Without Me

With Mitt Romney having declared his candidacy this week we have to resign that the campaign season is upon us once again, as if it ever actually went away. I have already resigned myself that the people I would most desire run and who would get my vote even if they were to run under the banner of the Jiminy Cricket Never-never-land Party will most likely show great intelligence and not take the plunge. Who can blame anyone for not voluntarily putting their family, friends, acquaintances, and even their grade school teachers from the ever invasive press looking for dirt, any dirt, on any candidate that breaks with the approved party and viewpoints, you know, progressive, far-left, liberal, big government, one world, Democrat. My brainiac candidate, which those read here often might already know, is former United Nations Ambassador and all around foreign policy genius, John Bolton. My hands down, win if he runs candidate has the guts and won’t back down from anybody no matter the consequences attitude, is the man who willingly and intentionally acted in a way that could force him to retire from a twenty year military career because that action would save his men, and now Congressman from Florida, Lieutenant Colonel Allen West. Both of these fine men have shown that they fully understand the situation and realize, unlike much of the press, many of our political leaders and seemingly the vast majority of our population, we are in a war for the very survival of our way of life and the freedoms we hold dear, or actually seem to take for granted, and realize the consequences should the radical Islamists, as they are erroneously called, attain the victory and change the world to match their strict Islamic code. But, this article is going to be about what it will take for any candidate to wrench the Presidency from the hands of the Democrats and replace Barack Obama with somebody who will uphold the original intent of the Constitution and return to a traditional approach of supporting our friends and keeping a watchful eye on our enemies.

The first and most important point is to not try to win by repeatedly stating what is currently wrong with the United States. Candidates other than the incumbent do not need to attack or defend or even talk about the current state of things other than to point out what you plan to do differently and how that will make life better for every American. Voters listening to those who run against the incumbent are already looking for somebody who, like them, thinks that things are not going well and that a change is needed. The best opportunity is to have five to at most a dozen platform planks that will be your core message. These are the ideas you will pound home and also the things that set you apart from the rest. Not all of them have to differ from the other candidates against whom you are competing, but at least a couple should be unique to your candidacy. You make sure you own these core principles and are heard expounding them consistently. Along with these principles, you need to paint a picture of how they will make the United States a better place, improve people’s lives, protect people from harms, and how you will use them in an innovative way that differentiates you from everybody else. Plainly put, be a candidate who is positive, not one who is only claiming not to be as bad as the other guy. Running against an incumbent you cannot simply be not as bad, but better and a completely positive improvement rather than just less damaging. You must give people the hope that you will turn everything around and give them a country to once again be proud of. A campaign is much like a title prize fight and the incumbent holds the belt. You do not take the belt away from a champion by fighting a slightly better fight; you get the belt only if you decisively beat the champion. In what appears to be a close contest, the champion and the incumbent will win because people and judges of a fight will stay with what they know unless given a very good reason to change. In a title fight, which is done best with a knockout and the same applies to running for President. To win you must stand out as different as and better than everybody else. For the vast majority of people, if everything looks fairly much the same, they go with the most optimistic offer and President Obama is very good at giving optimistic speeches. To beat him you must be more optimistic and offer a better alternative that distinguishes you from what President Obama is offering.

Thus far, what I have heard from conservative pundits, talk show hosts, and candidates has been a litany of what is wrong with America and pinning these difficulties on President Obama. Where that may play well right now, it will not play in the general election. Much of what is being touted are, for example, Obama has done this, Obama has caused that, Obama didn’t take this opportunity until too late, Obama should have acted sooner, and such. Great, so Obama is doing and the other side is complaining. That will not win an election. You feel a need to claim that President Obama has done a terrible job as President, fine! Do it by saying things along the line of, unlike Obama I will lower taxes, remove restrictions on drilling, promote and support industries staying in America and whatever other positive messages you have. And, whatever you do, be earnest and honest and really say and believe everything you place before the public, they tend to figure out if you are feeding them a line more often than not. President Lincoln was correct with the fool some of the people but not all of the people. He knew the people have a collective truth detector that is difficult to fool, though President Obama seems to have done so and is going to try to again. Should those running against President Obama remain negative and run by slamming the actions and inactions of President Obama, then we will be facing four more years of a President Obama. If this scares you, then find your positive message, forget about Obama, and tell the people over and over and over why you will be their knight in shining armor and bring them a shining city on a hill. That was the positive message of President Reagan and he defeated President Carter not by blaming Carter for his failed Presidency, but by telling us about what a glorious America a President Reagan would help us to build and realize. That is what is needed again if we are to defeat what I like to call Jimmy Carter on steroids.

Beyond the Cusp

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