Beyond the Cusp

June 21, 2011

Why Are Conservatives Viewed as Anti-Semitic?

For the sake of honesty, let me admit that this article is written by that strange and relatively rare creature, a conservative Jew. As such, and due to the fact my light complexion, hair and blue eyes make me often not taken to be Jewish at first sight, I have been accused numerous times as being anti-Semitic, especially when running for Congress in a district that contained many Jewish communities. Almost without exception, when I identified myself as being a Zionist Jew, I was called anything from a liar to a filthy liar to much worse. I have personally witnessed the extent of automatically equating conservative with anti-Semite that is pervasive through our society and is rampant within much of the Jewish society. This misconception despite the many examples of conservatives who strongly support Israel and equality of all peoples as well as all Americans while too often serious statements of snit-Jewish and anti-Israel comments and positions are purported by politicians and civic leaders from the left and especially the far left. So, what drives this perception that being conservative equates to being anti-Semitic?

The answer is actually so simple and obvious that most have completely overlooked the reasons. Those who are in positions to best declare who is and who is not an anti-Semite are those people at the top of the many Jewish organizations such as Anti-Defamation League (ADL), Americans for Peace now, Zionist Organization of American (ZOA), B’nai B’rith, American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), J Street, and so many, many more. In the vast majority of these organizations who are often quoted by the mainstream media are either liberal, progressive, or extreme leftist groups with leadership who mold those leanings. It is from this collection of numerous left leaning voices with a smattering of a few moderate and conservative individuals that set the tone and lay out the foundations determining which people and groups are considered anti-Jewish and painted to be anti-Semites and who are the reputed friends of the Jews. What the list actually contains is a list that divides the public voices and groups more along the lines of liberal as the good pro-Jewish who agree with their liberal views of the Jewish spokespeople and the conservative evil anti-Semitics who disagree with their liberal views. Since those making the most often heard discernment of who is pro-Jewish and pro-Israel and who are not, are viewing the world through a fairly far-left tainted lenses, their determinations are more political than they are factual. That, simply put, is why virtually every conservative is painted as being anti-Semitic independent of their true actions, opinions, statements and even writings which end up being irrelevant to the matter at hand. So, remember that often if you hear the accusation of a person is an anti-Semite, please remember that such a name calling may simply be somebody’s way of saying the person does not agree with the liberal views of the claimant. Check each claim yourself as it is not difficult to discern a true anti-Semite from a mere conservative. What is more difficult is getting past all the noise and finding the true anti-Semites who reside at the left end of the political spectrum as they have a ready, willing and active support group of liberal Jewish leaders who will make excuses for them and defend them despite the leftist in question honestly being anti-Semitic. I have faith that most people can find examples of both sides without the need for me to name names, or at least I would pray such is the truth.

Beyond the Cusp

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