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June 22, 2011

Apple Joins the Intifada

Apple cleared for release to the i-Phone App Store an application Called “The Third Intifada”. This application encourages violent uprising against Israel, and advocates violence against “Settlers”, usually thought to mean Jews living in Judea and Samaria except in the Muslim World where it means either all the Jews in Israel or all the Jews period. Initially, the application will be only in Arabic, but how long before it is released in English and other languages by “popular demand”?

The Third Intifada Application includes features, articles and stories by radical Arab members of Fatah and Hamas as well as strategies to use in fighting IDF soldiers. It lists and glorifies acts of violence that have already taken place and, I expect, will be updated with special emphasis on actions motivated by i-Phone users in a special honorary section. It also contains songs, music, photos, and, of course the ever favorite ability to allow activists to organize “flash mobs” on the go in order to gather quickly at specific places at a coordinated time with detailed necessary supplies necessary to facilitate the most aggressive and effective attack on Israelis.

The app was developed by the same group that created the Facebook “Naqba Day fan page” used on Facebook to organize attacks upon Israelis on the just past May 15 which produced the largest numbers of attacks and riots yet held. I would be remiss if I did not give Apple credit for usually preventing dangerous or unacceptable applications from being implemented. The fact that the Third Intifada Application was approved for release though implies either a complete ignorance of what an Intifada is or a complete contempt for Israel, Israelis and the rule of law. Should this application actually be released anywhere on the planet for use, then Apple had best prepare to face both criminal and financial responsibility for anybody injured or murdered from the use of this excessively dangerous application. Further, should this application be released, it would be time for every person of conscience to return their i-Phones and never ever buy another Apple product or service again. Make Apple realize the potential monetary loss they will face for their thoughtless release of an application aimed for use in attacking Israel, Israelis, and the forces charged with the protection of their country.

For doubters, see reference here

Since the writing of this article, Apple has conceded the validity of complaints against the “Third Intifada Application” and has pulled it from availability. I would like to thank Apple for their prompt attention and, in the end, doing the correct action. My only reservation is that it was necessitated for complaints including a formal one from the Israeli Information and Communication Minister to have this offensive application removed. Apple should have never approved such an application initially and I would hope they will use this example to make improvements to their application vetting processes.

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