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June 23, 2011

So You Believe the Stone a Dog Story. May I sell You a Bridge?

Now that thousands of people around the world believes the story that broke out in numerous news services and was covered in Ynet, BBC, Reuters, and other mainstream media outlets, Ynet placed a disclaimer by the Chief Rabbi of the Rabbinical Court in question explaining that no such event had occurred and the story was without basis or merit yet that part of the story miraculously was not included in all of the follow-up stories based upon Ynet’s initial story. Ynet presumably read the story in some local neighborhood newsletter and failed to check beyond asking the Head Rabbi of the court who had debunked the story, as reported by Ynet in their article. This unfortunately was left out of all the following stories either by mistake, oversight, or a remote chance intestinally in order to make the story more inflammable and enticing.

This story quickly went viral becoming the most read story on the internet for a few days. Now it has been pulled by most of the reporting news agencies without mention of its fallacy. Some have written an intro stating the original article has been debunked as false. With many of the articles simply pulled with no explanation is, by my standards, unforgiveable as it allows for the rumor that the story was simply pulled due to the Jewish influence instead of because it was false. These news outlets owe the reputation of this Rabbinical Court, Orthodox Jews, Israel, and all Jews the dignity of admitting their error and stating the truth that the reputed event never happened, not simply burry it by killing the link. Stand up and own up by placing an additional article replacing the article while leaving the link active telling the truth so this untrue story will be put down instead of allowed rumors to abound and keep it alive. You would want the same vindication that the Rabbinical Court deserves if you were slandered and would demand nothing less, so why have you avoided clearing the name and reputation in this case? My reporting that this story of Jewish inhuman treatment of a dog in the worst possible way by influencing children to commit such a heinous act being false will hold no worth compared to the BBC, Reuters, Yahoo News, et al reporting the story then simply pulling the link a few days later giving people a “dead link” message or error code instead of giving honor to those whose image and reputations you mired with this horrid tale and owning up and dispelling the image slurring your reports have produced. You may as well have thrown anti-Semitic chum into the news cycle, then refused to scatter the anti-Semitic sharks who drool for such slander. Kill the story, not the article. Own your erroneous report and fix the damage, not hide and act as if you never released the damning story.

The real problem with this story is twofold. The first, and lesser reason is that in order to stay even or ahead of every other news source with the rampant 24/7 news coverage, stories are no longer vetted as they probably should be vetted. Please tell me it cannot be that any stories that sound good enough are considered good enough to release without further checking. Ynet at least contacted the court’s Chief Rabbi but was negligent in not stressing his refuting the story more prominently so there would be no doubt, or at least less confusion. Everyone else who reported this story without doing any checking is guilty, guilty, guilty. Even I know to check things that sound ridiculous, or was it that since the dog had been sentenced to death by stoning by those “crazy” Orthodox Rabbis, it just had to be true? I sure hope that no one actually thought, “Oh gee, it’s those Orthodox Jews, they’re likely to do anything, this isn’t too crazy or unusual, why check it, it must be true.” Do you really want me to believe that the reporter who found this story, the editor who edited the story, the copy editor, the web manager, nobody thought for one moment, “Hey, this sounds insane. Perhaps I should have somebody call someone and check the validity.” Or was it because these were Orthodox Rabbis it was easy to believe. Puleeze!

I await the public statements relieving this honorable Rabbinical Court and removing the slander and filth you reported upon them. Clean up the mud you have slung at innocent, honorable and just men of faith, of Jewish faith and of honored position among the Jewish people. For a change, when Jewish Rabbinical Leaders are the ones mired by your print, even if solely your electronic print, then honor them with a retraction placed where those seeking this article will be greeted by a truthful recant and not an error code that leaves them still wondering the validity of what you originally told them. Man up!

Beyond the Cusp

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  1. Right on!


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