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August 4, 2011

Who Would Iran Strike with First Nuclear Attack?

Let us, for a moment, simply assume that those who claim Iran is working towards nuclear weapons production capability are correct, and further add that Iran plans on not announcing their success until they have a dozen, yes, twelve nuclear deliverable weapons with four of them being the more advanced thermonuclear weapons (Hydrogen Bombs). The going theory is that Iran would test their weapon first, very likely in North Korea for reasons of deniability, and soon thereafter use most of their remaining capability to totally eradicate Israel and whatever surrounding areas necessary, meaning Judea and Samaria, in order to kill ever Jew in the Middle East. But is this really a viable choice as the first hint of a missile launch out of Iran in the direction of Israel, there would be a massive return strike launched from Israel utterly destroying most of the Iranian population, military, and industrial centers before the Iranian missiles reached the midpoint of their trajectory. We are told that the Iranian Mullahs and President would gladly make that sacrifice. But would they attack Israel first when there are other equally hated enemies as well as even more appetizing targets which very possibly would not result in the immediate and guaranteed destruction of all of Iran? Perhaps these alternatives should be discussed and then reassess our apparent policies ignoring the nuclear developments in Iran.

One thing that is agreed upon by virtually every so-called expert on Iran and the Muslim World is that Iran has designs in Saudi Arabia that have them salivating. What many of them get wrong is the reason. Those believing Iran desires to control all the Middle East major oil supplies are wrong. That would be but a very appealing bonus to the real motivating factor in Iranian thinking. What Iran is salivating over is having control of the holy cities, of having in their possession the cities of Mohammed, of Mecca and Medina. They wish to be the center of the Muslim World, supplanting Saudi Arabia, taking the title of Keepers of the Holy Cities. That is far more important and would give Iran something far greater than control of most of the Middle East oil. It would give them the crown as the leaders and inheritors of the identity and prestige of the keepers of the Holy Cities of Mohammed and thus the inheritance of Islam and Mohammed. This would grant into Iranian hands the greatest jewels in all Islam, Mecca and Medina.

A little aside story about Mecca, Medina, and Jerusalem as the three holy cities of Islam is in order at this point. The reality of how Jerusalem was first thought to be a central city of Islam is rather interesting and far different than we have been told. The true holy cities of Islam, not Jerusalem which was a manufactured Islamic central city by the Caliph in Damascus in what is today Syria when his followers were banned from Mecca and Medina, thus he chose to use Jerusalem to serve as their substitute. His plan was also to make Jerusalem their pilgrimage center and revenue generating tourist spot. That was a complete and total failure as nobody desires trekking through the wastelands to a dry, hot uncomfortable city with no amenities or luxuries of life. The false story about the al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem being the furthest Mosque where Mohammed left for his journey into heaven is a modern illusion created solely to further attack Israel’s Jewish identity and validity. At the time of Mohammed’s life there was another Mosque named the al-Aqsa Mosque which was located about 150 miles north of Medina. The al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem was given the same name in order to facilitate the Caliph of Damascus a reason for claiming Jerusalem as a Holy City and pilgrimage site for the Haj.

Back to Iran and their civilian nuclear weapon program to produce electro-magnetic pulses, or was it electrical generation, it can get so confusing. Anyway, anybody knows that the Muslims, especially the Arab and Iranian Muslims (they are different as the Iranians are not Arabs, they are Persians), refer to Israel, the Zionist Entity, as the Little Satan. This begs the question, “Who is the Big Satan? We all also know that is the United States. The Iranian people like Americans for the most part as stated in many rumors. They have been poisoned to the Government, Military, and other reputedly nefarious elements of the United States. This has led to the thousands of Iranians at protests arranged by their government chanting, “Death to Israel! Death to America!” Most of us have seen the videos but how many have wondered if there is more to this than plain and simple demagoguery? Perhaps we should take a deeper look into this theme of America hatred being nurtured in the Iranian people.

Here are some facts that pose interesting questions if one thinks about these circumstances and can ignore the noise of the “experts” and the media. If Iran wished to strike Israel with nuclear tipped missiles, they have had missiles with sufficient range for the past two to three years, whenever they developed the Shahab-3D and Zelzal-3D which have ranges of over 1500 kilometers; the Shahab-4 with a range of 1,800-2,000 kilometers; the IRSL-X-2 with a range of 2,200 to 2,896 kilometers; the Shahab-5, IRIS and IRSL-X-3/Kosar which have a range of 3,500 to 3,750 kilometers for the two-stage version and 4,000-4,300 kilometers for the three-stage version; and the Shahab-6 and IRSL-X-4/Kosar with a range of 5,632 to 6,700 kilometers. Any missile with sufficient lift capability for carrying a nuclear warhead and a range as at least 1250 kilometers is sufficient for attacking Israel, so why has Iran continued to develop even longer range missiles if Israel, or even add Saudi Arabia which is even closer, is the only target? It has been claimed that the absolute longest range that Iran can currently possibly strike at the most extreme range would be able to strike Paris, or on the outside, London. But even knowing they can readily strike central Europe including Berlin or Rome, then why are the Iranians working so feverishly to develop, with North Korean assistance, on even longer range missiles? So, obviously, the Iranians desire to have the ability to strike anywhere on the planet, such as maybe the United States.

Let us also try to figure out why the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) practices launching short and medium single stage, and some claim two stage, rockets and guided missiles off of cargo ships? As they already have missiles that reach Israel, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and most of Europe launched from Iran, why would they want to figure out the feasibility and practice of firing missiles off of ships? Perhaps it might be in order to launch missiles at Israel from shorter ranges expecting to avoid the Israeli anti-missile systems such as the Arrow 2, Arrow 3, and David’s Sling which all are used against medium and short range ballistic missiles. But then Israel also has the Iron dome System which is capable of intercepting the shorter range launches, so that would not be an advantage. They must want to assure they can hit targets using their current systems to reach further targets, like possibly Chicago or Kansas City and the rest of Middle America from offshore, or even from docks on the American coasts. Weighing this evidence in conjunction with Iranian President Ahmadinejad constant references to a world without Zionism and a world without America, would it be beyond possibility that Iran might wish to kill the over six million American Jews before killing the slightly under six million Israeli Jews? Attacking either Israel or the United States and taking out the major cities would murder the same number of Jews, approximately, and by attacking the United States there is the advantage that the response would be less severe than that of Israel. Initially, would we even believe it was a real attack until possibly too late, especially if the initial launches came from just off our own coastal areas.

I reject the idea that the leaders of Iran are themselves suicidal, the leaders seldom are no matter how willing they are to sacrifice their followers or country’s people. Attacking Israel will definitely bring instant and total obliteration of Iran while attacking Saudi Arabia and Kuwait would probably have great success and be accomplished before the world got their act together. After that, if we consider that Iran would then be a nuclear power, what would the response be? On the farthest possibility, attacking the United States, especially if the initial attack came from ships right off of our coasts in the Pacific, Atlantic, and Gulf of Mexico, our response is likely to be much slower than that of Israel, and possibly more measured. There is the possibility that an initial American response, especially under leadership we currently have, might not initially be military in nature and we would actually be crazed enough to go to the United Nations seeking resolutions and permission to strike back, which would never be allowed by any world body. No, attacking Israel is certain death while Saudi Arabia is plausible and could plausibly be a successful operation. What is the world going to do if Iran obliterates much of the populated areas of Kuwait and Saudi Arabia and then follows that up with an overwhelming storming of the country taking control of all the oil reserves? Afterwards, Iran could oil starve anybody they wished completely destroying their economic ability and crippling their military which relies on petroleum to operate for any extended period, or even reach the Middle East with additional resources. Yes, we have the National Petroleum Reserve which presumably would allow us to operate. That makes the assumption that some idiot does not allocate the reserves to allow the country to operate while we plead for justice at the United Nations. Strange as it may appear at first glance, attacking the United States very well could pose less of a threat to Iran than attacking Israel. This becomes even more valid if they first take control of all the Middle East oil outside of the newly found fields off Israel’s coast which would be insufficient for anyone other than Israel to keep operating with. Iran has options other than taking out Israel once they go nuclear. And this summation does not even take into account that Iran may actually wish to leave Israel intact so as to have the Israel card to play at home if things go awry. We have seen the Jews did it used to great advantage by Arab and Muslim rulers for quite a while now and I do not see that card losing its value in the near future. So, just consider this the crazy ranting of a lunatic, or consider this as a warning, it’s your choice.

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