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August 18, 2011

Texas Governor Rick Perry Vaults to the Top of the Heap in Republican Race

Not surprisingly, Texan Governor Rick Perry has taken the lead position in the Republican Primary race for nomination to run for President in November of 2012. The reason this is not surprising is that Governor Perry has not been in a debate, is a fresh face, and has yet to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, or the barbs and banal criticism from the mainstream media for as long as the rest of the field. Adding this to the newness bounce a candidate gets from not only being the new name but also that the majority of news in those first few days is mostly controlled by their own people supplying the positive side information before the “gotcha gangs” that pass for reporters have a chance to sink their teeth and claws into him. Give the Republican loving mainstream media a few weeks of critiquing his every utterance, facial expression, and clothing choices, especially if he dares to wear them cowboy boots and Stetson cowboy hat, which will have at least one asking, “What no spurs?” I expect we will be hearing every sordid imagined story and anecdote casting the Texas Governor as nothing more than a Will Rogers wanna-be whose stock line should be, “I never met an intellectual I didn’t hate.” Before long the press coverage will have bludgeoned Gov. Perry back into second or third place tied with what they will refer to as the also-rans. But, until he trails Mitt Romney, the presumed and approved Republican Presidential Candidate the press has already knighted as they call for the cancellation of the primaries and caucuses as they are no longer necessary, Gov. Perry will have a bullseye tattooed onto his forehead making their cheap shots easier to target.

What has yet to be seen is whether or not the electorate will fall for having the media choose the Republican presidential candidate once more. It seems that the press has been choosing the republican candidate for President with great accuracy for quite some time. They chose Bob Dole as the worst possible Republican candidate in 1996, were in error when choosing George W Bush who was thought would lose to Mr. Personality, the wooden man, Al Gore in 2000. And who thought that Sen. McCain was the strongest candidate the republicans could have run against President Obama last election? And this time they appear to have decided it should be Mitt Romney who will best allow President Obama to repeat and win a second term, and I find it hard to disagree with that analysis. Either that or I am way too paranoid and seeing conspiracy where none exist. It just so often appears that the Republican candidate that the mainstream press touts ends up being the weakest and most liberal of the choices and still gets the nomination. Is asking for a real true conservative Constitutionalist all that impossible a request to make? Gov. Perry strikes me as just such a candidate and we have not had anyone even close to being a Constitutionalist since Ronald Reagan, though I have heard people propose that even Reagan strayed too far from the strict constructionist mold for their liking. I might be a tad less demanding as I doubt we will get another President James Madison or anybody who understood the Constitution as well as he knew our framing document.

We have already seen the press use their long knives on Michelle Bachman and using long swords to skewer former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin who has not even announced any intention of running, let alone a candidacy. So, I guess we need to wait a couple of weeks or until another fresh face appears before we can give an more measured and honest appraisal of the probabilities for a Perry candidacy for President as gauged against the rest of the field. We will probably be looking at a front end loaded primary season once again which in many ways favors whoever has the most efficient national staff assembled. This will always place those who have run before but not been the chosen candidate an advantage as they have been here before and probably still retain many of their people in place across the country. This is something that has always made me somewhat uneasy as in the Republican field there are often more strictly conservative candidates than liberal northeast style Republicans. Each of the more conservative candidates have their particular strength, be it gun ownership, pro-life, state’s rights, individual freedoms and responsibilities, foreign affairs, and the like.

I have always judged candidates initially on their foreign policy outlooks as I feel that is where the President holds the ultimate power and then I have my couple of favorite domestic issues such as gun ownership. For those who do not believe a President hold the ultimate power over foreign policies and affairs need look no further than President Obama. No matter how much harm he has done on the home front, which was accomplished more due to Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, just look at the strewn wreckage of the American foreign relations and policies. I doubt there is a single country left on Earth that either trusts or believes in what was the American promise to the world any longer. This is going to be job one for the next President. Whoever becomes President after President Obama will have a full time job simply restoring any shred of honor to the reputation of the United States in the World and that work will rival anything else on their plate, including the repeal of Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, also known as Obama Care. I will leave it to minds that actually get paid to make these judgments to decide which of these areas poses the greatest threat to the United States, though I will continue to favor repairing the disgrace we have faced internationally as possibly the most urgent. Hopefully, as we hear more from those seeking the Republican nomination to run against President Obama in his bid for reelection, one will rise above the rest in their knowledge of world affairs and also manage to win the hearts and minds here at home. It is probably my emphasis on the foreign affairs duties and foreign policy formation that belongs to the President that has me still hoping for a John Bolton candidacy, but until then I will carefully watch the rest.

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