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August 30, 2011

Is Israel Too Accepting?

The answer to the question asking if Israel is too accepting will depend entirely on the politics and side of the greater Arab Israeli conflict of the person. Those against Israel or on the extreme left or the extreme right will answer that Israel is not accepting enough. Most leftists and a fair number of centrists and those with no opinion on the Middle East affairs, if such a person exists, will take a hedging fence-sitting view of Israel that is probably about as accepting as one can expect. The remaining centrists and those on the right and supporters of Israel answer that Israel is too accepting for her own good. What is worse is that all these people are correct after you weigh the facts using their particular lens to view them. So, what are some of the facts?

The easiest fact that is most evident is that Israel will accept any person who has proof of their Jewish heritage as a citizen virtually without exception or hesitation. Where such is an obvious sign of something of which Israel is extremely acceptive, many will hold that this is a sign of Israeli exclusion. The fact that anyone who is Japanese has an easier effort to become a citizen of their original homeland of Japan, a Chinese has less difficulty returning and receiving citizenship of China, a Frenchman of France and on and on, for Israel accepting Jews is viewed by many as being racially bias and a form of Apartheid. Israel has accepted with full rights of citizenship the vast majority of Arabs who remained loyal and did not flee at the behest of the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem nor take up arms against the Jewish State during the War for Independence when six Arab armies attacked with genocidal intents and demanded that every Arab leave the nascent Israel to enable the conquering armies, victory was assured for the attacking armies in their minds and most minds elsewhere at the outset, to simply murder every single person who was left behind. Many in the world will condemn Israel on this count, and in two completely different ways. The first is that claim that despite the existence of Muslim and Christian Arabs serving in the IDF, owners of businesses, full right to vote, equal rights in all matters public and private, as members of the Knesset, who hold Judgeships to include one who sat on the Israeli High Court, and having been chosen to be in the Cabinet of Prime Ministers, will claim that Muslims and Arabs are discriminated against and have no rights in Israeli society. The second group say, so what, Israel still has not accepted the now five million plus refugees and their descendants who had left or taken up arms against the Jewish State at her birth, despite that in any other country such people would be considered traitors and barred from citizenship. After the American War for Independence all those who had openly remained loyal to the British Crown either fled or were forced to leave the new country of America as they had the fact of their undesirability impressed upon them. Yet, this same action by Israel is still being debated to this day of whether or not Israel has the right to exclude those who supported by actions the destruction of the state upon its founding.

Additionally, Israel has accepted uncounted numbers of refugees from as distant places as Somalia and Darfur who have crossed great distances and most every one of them has crossed other Muslim and Arab countries, usually including Egypt, where they faced either certain death of incarceration or being returned to their country of origin which amounts to a death sentence yet have been allowed to remain in Israel. The vast majorities of these refugees are not Jewish and are in fact Muslims, yet they have found more acceptance in Israel than they would have anywhere else in the Muslim World, thus they set out intent on reaching Israel of all places. It has only recently become an issue of concern in Israel as the numbers are reaching staggering levels and the ability of such a small country to absorb so many refugees who have little in common with the existing society is creating some harsh realities and difficulties. Despite the numbers of these refugees Israel has already taken in, they are now castigated as being racist by not simply allowing these refugees to continue to immigrate illegally in untold numbers endlessly. Many of those condemning Israel do so knowing that should this influx of refugees continue it would completely change the Jewish make-up of the country and erase the Jewish culture from majority status, the exact goal they are wishing to achieve.

When it comes to aiding peoples in lands both distant and close, friendly or not so friendly, whenever there is a catastrophe, Israel is among the first nations to offer assistance. After the devastating earthquake in Haiti Israel had a field hospital replete with surgical facilities, neonatal intensive care, maternity ward, and trauma center set up as well as specially trained disaster search and rescue units within the first week, well ahead of any other country despite Haiti being half a world away. The same was true after the earthquake and tsunami in Japan months later. Israel also sponsors the Save a Child’s Heart Program out of the Wolfson Medical Center located in Holon, Israel. Through this program children from everywhere in the world including every Muslim country, though those treated from many of these countries are transported through a cooperating third country to mask where the services have been provided, where children with heart defects needing special treatments and surgeries often not available elsewhere are treated and transported free of charge. This program also includes sending Israeli children’s heart specialists to other countries to teach foreign doctors these lifesaving techniques also at no charge. Those who claim Israel is not accepting or does anything of merit tend to disregard such efforts.
I could go on but know there is little use as those who hold Israel to standards beyond that of any other country and judge Jews by a set of measures guaranteed that they will not measure up are never going to have their minds changed. This has been proven time and time again but I will only bother to mention one such instance. For those who are deeply caught in the snares of Israeli-phobia, here is verification that this is indeed a true story that actually happened. Wafa al-Biri, a 21-year-old Palestinian woman from a Gaza refugee camp survive burns over 45 percent of her body from a gas cooker which had blown up while she was making dinner. Unable to do anything for her at the hospital in Gaza, she was transferred to the Soroka Hospital in Beersheva, Israel where they found her to have infected burn wounds as the treatment she received in Gaza was poorly administered and her burns were dressed incorrectly. Upon her return for a follow-up visit to check on her progress from the skin grafts and other treatments, she carried a 20-pound bomb inside her underwear and her target was the outpatient clinic of Soroka hospital where the doctors and medical staff who saved her life worked. She was stopped at the Gaza Israel crossing and the guards determined her actions seemed irregular and she was discovered before being able to deliver and explode her devise. Please take the time to go and read the whole story at Front Page Magazine. Also, keep in mind this is simply just one such story out of many, it is just one of the most illustrative.

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