Beyond the Cusp

September 5, 2011

Libya’s Next Governance

There has been some optimistic talk about the plans for a new constitution for the newly liberated Libya that was released late last week. There is mention of the rights of women to participate in all things political, economic and social, so very quaint. They also made sure to make guarantees of religious rights and the rights of minorities to exist in the great harmonious society in the making, how precious. The one overreaching problem in believing any of these high sounding promises is found in a mere two words hidden amongst all the flowery wonderful sounding promises, Islamic Jurisprudence, more aptly called Sharia. Many will hold out hope that there may be a balance found and that Libya will not go the way of Saudi Arabian society where women are not allowed to drive or vote and being Jewish will get you executed, or even worse, like Iran where even Muslims are targeted by the government and nobody can consider themselves as safe.

Despite all the promises from President Obama that he knew who the people were that we were backing with our bombs, money, and other forms of support, things may not be the nice package he was trying to sell. American and their European allies whose countries joined in what I like to call Obama’s folly now get to wait and see how badly we were misled about the end results in Libya. Were those like myself who questioned the intentions of the Libyan rebels fearing the worst in that they would turn out to be strict Islamists or did President Obama and the Europeans who joined in this effort correct that democracy was on the way with liberty and justice for all in Libya if only we gave the rebels a little assistance. Well, its reckoning time and it is still not looking very promising from where I’m sitting, but we will see. We still have the small matter of Gadhafi and his sons loose and still capable of causing more mayhem and casualties. Hopefully, the fighting in Libya will soon be over, but that also may be a matter for debate.

There is another front that causes me some degree of concern about the National Transition Council (NTC), the name for our presumed friendly rebels. The NTC is anything but a nice homogenous group with shared ideas, ideals, principles and goals. That is part of the reason for the contradictory items in the rough draft of a proposed constitution. This may turn out similarly to a very famous revolution that became famous for its dueling factions which led to a second revolution where virtually everything gained initially ended up being lost. It is quite possible that the revolution to oust Gadhafi will not end well even after the mad Colonel and his sons have been complete defeated. There is, as with the French Revolution, that distinct possibility that a second revolution will break out between those who want a true liberation and those who insist on the imposition of Sharia with all its ramifications. Right now, the future in Libya is anything but resolved and peace may be as far away now as it was at the outbreak of the revolution no matter what anybody says or what most Libyans desire. Libya is still a riddle wrapped in an enigma wrapped in a war zone, and that does not bode well quite yet.

Beyond the Cusp

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