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September 12, 2011

Israel and America, Differences Without Any Real Difference

So many of the authoritative sources on terrorism tell us how the United States does not face the same type of terrorist threat as does Israel. They will point to the numerous differences claiming their importance while ignoring anything which would tie the seeming disparate threats together. Some will point to the fact that most Israeli terror attacks produce fewer casualties per attack than the massive style bombing attacks against American targets. Some assert that America is vulnerable to attacks all around the world while almost all attacks against Israelis are committed within the borders of Israel and the contested areas of the West Bank and Gaza. Some have argued that Israeli terror is purely local while terror against the United States is global and shared by European countries, Asian countries, basically any country anywhere on Earth. At every turn the experts find differences that allow the world to react to terror attacks against everybody except Israel as one type of terror that is undeserved and unjustifiable while consistently pointing to Israeli actions or mere existence as reasons for the terror against the Jewish State bending events beyond simple definitions in order to place the blame on Israel while excusing the terrorists as acting with justification.

Perhaps these false differences can explain the reasoning behind the coming universal conference being assembled by the United States. This conference will be co-chaired by the United States and Turkey. Yes, Turkey, the same Turkey that sponsored the Mavi Marmara Flotilla that attempted to break the Gaza Blockade and attacked the IDF units that boarded the Mavi Marmara Flagship with steel rods, knives, bats, and handguns. That’s the same Turkey that has threatened Israel to break off relations should Israel not make a formal apology for the Flotilla incident and the death of nine Turkish IHH terrorists who viciously attacked the Israeli forces who were enforcing a legal blockade and have carried through on this threat. This is the same Turkey that has ignored a United Nations investigation which found that Turkey had supported this terrorist attack against a legal action by Israel, another United Nations member. Oh, that’s right, that was Israeli terror which has nothing to do with the terror faced by the rest of the world.

Maybe it would be wise to look at the rest of the countries which will make up the rest of this effort. Also invited will be Australia, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Spain, Switzerland, New Zealand, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Italy, Japan, and the European Union. All right, these are innocuous enough, though many of these countries as well as the European Union are often to be found taking a side critical of Israel at virtually every turn. Slightly more problematic members joining this American effort are South Africa, China, India, Colombia, and Russia. Both Russia and China are Iran’s protectors in the Security Council as well as helping with nuclear, missile, energy, and other technologies. The others in this group, especially India, are examples of countries that would make good additions to this conference.

But it is the last group that things get really questionable. Somebody at the State Department decided that no conference on combating terrorism would be complete without the participation of Algeria, Egypt, Indonesia, Jordan, Morocco, Nigeria, Pakistan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates. Is it honestly necessary to go into particulars and list the items that make these choices problematic at best? I doubt it, or at least it should not be required, especially for countries such as Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Pakistan.

But the most disappointing item is not so much who the United States State Department and other security agencies included as much as the one country conspicuous by its absence, Israel. The United States is holding a combating world terrorism conference and has decided to invite numerous countries where much of the instigation, training, indoctrination, monetary support, and other terror supportive activities yet decided that Israel would have little if anything to contribute. Oh, that’s right. I keep forgetting that the terrorism that is committed against Israel is completely different than the acts of terrorism inflicted elsewhere in the world. I guess most have forgotten that until and aside from the one attack on September 11, 2001, Al Qaeda had committed fewer attacks and caused fewer American casualties than Hezballah. Have we forgotten the embassy and marine barracks attacks in Lebanon back in the 1980’s or was that a different era when America shared a problem concerning terror with Israel, a little matter that the United States appears to have forgotten.

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