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September 18, 2011

The Real Truth About the 1967 Borders, Israel, the Palestinians, and the Arab League

For a very long time the press and numerous politicians and other luminaries have talked as if the 1949 Armistice Line, also referred to as the 67 Borders or as the Green Line, as if they were intended to denote an eventual and actual border between Israel and some Arab State, often simply referred to as Palestine or the Palestinian State. Unfortunately, this has been a false representation and completely untrue with reasons that will boggle the mind. In order to shed some light on the truth and the reasoning driving the truth, it will be necessary to go back to November 29, 1947 and work our way forward through to the present and reveal the decisions and the circumstances that pushed what is the real and truthful reality of the conditions surrounding what will be misrepresented next week in the Palestinian Authority bid for Statehood and full membership in the United Nations. Please, read slowly and bear with me as it is a story with such strange twists and torturous treatment of the truth that it would be funny if it did not also threaten to break the entire Middle East into another needless war. If you are not well versed in the entirety of the Arab Israeli history and have simply taken what the news and experts have said, even Fox News, then you are in for some surprises and will be amazed that things have wandered so far astray from the truth.

All the way back on November 29, 1947 the United Nations General Assembly completed their deliberations on what would be done to attempt to fulfill the promises of the Belfour Declaration, the Peel Commission, San Remo Conference, and the intentions of the League of Nations with regards to the formation of a Jewish State which had come to be recognized by much of the world after World War I as necessary and proper. The League of Nations had recognized the founding of Transjordan, today simply called Jordan, as the Palestinian State when the British broke the lands east of the Jordan River from the mandate lands, lands originally intended to be used in total for the Jewish State, and gave nearly 80% of the lands to the Hashemite Family to reward them for their support against the Ottoman Turks in World War I. Since the Hashemites had lost their land holdings which included the Holy Cities of Mecca and Medina when the Family Saud took complete control of the Arabian Peninsula, the British gave them the rule over what they determined to be the Arab State for the Palestinian Arabs who were also known as the Arabs of Southern Syria. This was implemented in response to the lamentations of these Arabs in what they called the “Naqba” which referred to the fact that Damascus and Syria had been rewarded to France while they were in the British Mandate Lands which left them cut off from making pilgrimage to Damascus. This was the true and original meaning of the “Naqba”, a term later stolen by Yasser Arafat and put to use for leverage against Israel even though such use was a lie and a total redefining of the idea of Naqba. The League of Nations determined that the lands between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea would be reserved for the Jewish State. The British, not being the most favorable in their feelings towards the Jewish people, delayed and postponed turning the land over to the Jews and even attempting using several declarations called the White Papers to limit the immigration of Jews into the lands. There were two such rulings, the White Paper of 1922 and the White Paper of 1939. Despite these draconian restrictions, Jews continued to immigrate to the area, either legally or illegally, which the British referred to by the same name given it by the Romans after the last Jewish revolt, and for the same reason, to remove any Jewish identity from the land, Palestine. But what was interesting was that during the British rule, the Jews were referred to as the Palestinians while the Arabs were referred to as either the Arabs or Syrians. This situation continued through World War II and after the war ended, pressure began to build and it became evident that the need for actions had become imminent.

Then entered the United Nations and their ever present lack of knowledge of history and desire to simply implement a quick fix no matter how arbitrary, unfair, or inequitable, who then proceeded to completely ignore the previous work done by the League of Nations, the Peel Commission, and the San Remo Conference, by determining that a second Palestinian State was necessitated despite Jordan already existing as the denoted Palestinian State. The decision was to divide the lands between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea fairly evenly by volume between the Jews and the Arabs (see map below). Despite the supposed even split, the Jewish lands consisted largely of the Negev Desert while the Arab lands included the most fertile and desirable areas. Despite the obvious inequality of the division of the lands, the Jews agreed simply willing to take any resolution as long as they could finally realize their nearly 2000 year old dream of once again having their homeland in the areas of the Promised Lands of the Bible. The Arab League rejected the settlement refusing to accept any solution that resulted in any land for a Jewish homeland in an area they believed was theirs by right of conquest and history, after all, any land that has ever been part of Islam must always be part of Islam and for it to be any other way was cause for war. The morning after Israel declared their independence on May 14, 1948, seven Arab nations’ troops invaded the nascent Jewish State with the declared genocidal intent to drive the Jews into the Sea.

Map of 1948 UN Partition Plan

Map of 1948 UN Partition Plan

The Grand Mufti of Jerusalem Haj Mohammed Effendi Amin el-Husseini had ordered all Muslims who were faithful to leave their homes, cities, villages and farms in order to enable the invading Armies of Allah to simply kill everybody remaining in the lands and not have to discern Muslims from Jew. The majority of the Muslim Arabs did leave and some joined the forces commanded by the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem. So, these forces joined with the armies of Syria, Jordan, Egypt, Iraq, and Lebanon with contingencies sent from Saudi Arabia and Yemen and invaded with the intent of destroying the Jewish presence on Muslim lands. The attacks did not go quite as well as the invading Arab armies had anticipated and the Jews actually not only survived the initial onslaught, but began to push the invading armies back. The first truce was called into place on June 11, 1948 and lasted until July 8, 1948. Hostilities then continued until the second truce was declared on July 18, 1948 and lasted until October 15, 1948. Finally the fighting which had continued in fits and starts was brought to a conclusion in the first half of 1949. Armistices were signed on each front as follows; Egypt on February 24, 1949; Lebanon on March 23, 1949; Jordan on April 3, 1949; and Syria on July 20, 1949. The Armistice lines were specifically denoted as the demarcations of the front lines between the Jewish forces and their Arab counterparts and were implicitly to not be considered the markings of a border at the time and were forbidden from ever being referred to or implied to mark a border in the future. The insistence that the Armistice Lines of 1949 never be considered, called, implied, or in any way used as a border was at the insistence of the Arab League as they made it amply evident they refused to admit to anything that might be construed as a border for a Jewish State as that would imply that there was such an entity as the Jewish State. This demand was made to allow the fighting to end but still allow the Muslim countries and leaders to continue to claim that there was no Jewish state as there was no recognized border for such a state therefore it did not actually exist. Everybody agreed that this rationalization would be allowed but it seems that the Muslim interests in the area have decided that the 1949 Armistice Lines can be used to denote the border of a Palestinian State. The claim will probably still stand that the lines are the border of the Palestinian state but that Israel still has no recognized borders thus does not actually exist. Thus, history will note if a Palestinian state ever comes into existence that there will be borders for the Palestinian State but that they only exist as a border on the Palestinian side and on the other side there is no entity there with a border. Mind bending, isn’t it.

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