Beyond the Cusp

October 12, 2011

What is the Objective of the Occupy Wall Street Protests?

The Occupy Wall Street Protests are seemingly a populist gathering with the real leadership remaining far behind the scene and only make cameo appearances in which they heap praise and express admiration at the protesters and their spontaneity and unbelievable impromptu organizing without any noticeable on-site leadership. Miraculously, food, clothing, pamphlets, posters, signage, and all forms of necessary support and supplies appear magically all paid for by unknown sources. Without prior notice, people of importance or notoriety appear to speak and simultaneously, as if conjured, press coverage and news cameras increase in numbers and disappear just as mysteriously after the short rallying speech and the cries of a reinvigorated crowd. The synergy has such a surreal feel to it with how everything just seems to happen so effortlessly which is even more remarkable when one remembers that these Protests throughout the Western World are completely impromptu. The invisible hands handling the logistics and message of the protests are very savvy and have gathered a well-polished program, all without making themselves overly visible and, with the voluntary aid of the media; they will continue to get their desired message out without having to reveal those who are really behind the entire game. So, what do the people who remain hidden have as their intents and agendas for these gatherings they have orchestrated?

Perhaps it would be best to first list a number of items these protests are not interested in attaining. They are not about stimulating the economy and producing more job opportunities. They are not worried about reducing the unemployment levels. They are not about being empowered to attain the American dream of rewards for hard work and responsibility for their own futures. They are not really about much of the truly serious demands that the press has told us is their intent. What they are for is having a big party and just keeping the good times rolling. They will be about hanging out and enjoying themselves until either the cold winter weather arrives or the free food and other goodies stop appearing, whichever comes first. And the most surprising thing is that those invisible sponsors behind these protests are more than happy to allow this to be enough for right now. The powers that be that are behind the Occupy Protests are simply desirous of gathering together their small army of core protesters for the real battle. All we are witnessing is the planning party for a future revolutionary level of protests which will be gathered and turned loose when such is decided to be necessary to force issues and influence the American people along with the world socialist movements.

So, what will trigger the actual confrontation that is surely coming and when should we expect the full force to be applied on our society? After a winter recess, somewhere around the Ides of March, or soon thereafter, we can expect these Occupy Protests to be rebirthed slowly just as they gathered this time. At first there will simply be a few, then on April 15 we can expect there to be large protests marking “Tax the Rich Day” as the official kickoff of the American Spring. We can expect huge displays during the week of July 4 with claims that these are the new revolutionary fathers who will renew the American dream by making America truly an equal society. Equal incomes, equal rights to property, equal standards of living, equality of all outcomes, everything equal except equal opportunity, opportunity will be found to be insufficient unless it leads also to equal results. The actions will be kept simmering throughout the summer, and towards the end of August there will be a push culminating in Labor Day Protests. From that point forward, the protests will become partisan in a negative way. These protests will never actually come out overtly for Democrat candidates but will come out with extreme violent rejection of every conservative candidate. The ferocity of the protests will continue to build through the election and then will lapse and take most of the next few days off. It will seem like such a relief for many, but it will be very short lived, I fear.

The future of the protests will all depend on the results of the elections. Should conservatives make gains and President Obama not be reelected, then brace yourself for disruptive and increasingly violent protests turning into riots which will begin on Inauguration Day. Once a Republican, be they truly conservative or not, and President Obama be defeated, or Hilary should Obama decide not to run, then the election cannot be allowed to stand as it will be considered to have been a stolen election. The aim of the Occupy Wherever Protests is the final call for a totally socialist, single party governance where elections would be inconsequential if held at all. Listen to many of the demonstrators when they talk with press they know they can trust. Read some of the far left progressive media. These people are calling for revolution already and want to collapse the system, destroy capitalism, and end elections and place the chosen elite as our new and enlightened leadership. That is their true aim, and they will be driving through any opposition to install their dream of a perfect society which will make all things equal for all people, just more equal for some, but equal. I hope I am completely off base, really off base and what I think I am seeing is not reality. We will see.

Beyond the Cusp

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  1. Pretty scary stuff and all the more reason for a countermovement by Constitutional conservatives.


    Comment by Wayne — October 19, 2011 @ 11:23 AM | Reply

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