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October 20, 2011

Obama Sent Troops Where? Uganda?

Yes, President Obama has sent a hundred or so “advisers” from our military to advise, train, and offer technical expertise in hunting down and capture or destroy Joseph Kony and the members of his Lord’s Resistance Army. Don’t let the high sounding name fool you; these people are hardened, cold blooded murderers who have nothing to do with any religious group we would recognize. They are simply a terrorist cult and their leader, Joseph Kony, is a classic example of the charismatic but crazed phony religious leader who mixes indigenous witchcraft with bits of Islam and Christianity into a blurred mystic theology with him as its high priest. The horrors they have committed as they maraud throughout multi-country areas in central Africa are well documented here. Needless to say, the general practice of the Lord’s Resistance Army is to spread dread, fear in the villages where their marauding violence is as senseless as it is murderous and inhumane.

President Obama, when announcing the mission assured that our troops are in an advisory mission and will not be required to perform in a combat mission unless they come under fire. If, as this implies, there is a possibility that our advisors will be doing their advising in such close proximity to the fighting that they may become involved, I think I would have been happier with a slightly larger force sent with the mission of taking out Joseph Kony and his murderous followers on their own. Unfortunately, President Obama has yet to understand that our military is best suited in killing enemies and breaking their stuff and they are some of the best in the world at doing this. Instead, President Obama seems to believe our soldiers need politicized minders to tell them when they may use deadly force and when they are not allowed to shoot back as it might upset somebody. I’m sorry, but I, as a veteran, value our service personnel and have full faith in their judgment and discretion in target selection to be fully trusted not to use deadly force needlessly. Yes, there have been exceptions, but they are extremely rare and our military has proven very responsible in their efforts of self-policing such occurrences. Having our troops imbedded as advisors leaves them at risk with forces that, no matter how well we may wish to believe they are trained, are nowhere near as able as our military people. That is why I always prefer that should our troops be sent into harm’s way that they are sent with full complement of support and combat units so they are not dependent on other countries’ forces for their safety.

With that said, I hope our people all return intact and with full health and they are successful in their mission. I did find it interesting that President Obama released this information as part of the late Friday afternoon news dump where things are often released when they are intended to be kept hidden. This is one case where I believe the President would have received bipartisan support for this mission. I will simply chalk this up to President Obama’s lack of comfort with anything military, though he does seem to use the military quite a lot for a President who won the Nobel Peace Prize in advance with the full expectation that he would live up to the award. Perhaps somebody should ask him to return the medal and make him put the money against the national debt.

Beyond the Cusp

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