Beyond the Cusp

December 2, 2011

Herman Cain and a Modern Day Lynching

Herman Cain has been taken through the wringer, put up wet after a hard ride, and virtually every other trite phrase denoting being viscously torn apart and dismembered just for having the audacity of running for public office and having made some less than perfect decisions in his life. Before you start to rant about how his actions deserved exactly the treatment he received, look into a mirror and imagine what could be dug up from out of your past should you have the raw nerve to place your past before such review as has been done to Herman Cain. I know that my life would not pass such muster and when I ran for United States House of Representatives in Maryland’s 8th District I passed each day thanking G-d that my past never was dug up. I attribute this to the fact that as a third party candidate I never really posed a real threat that couldn’t be squelched simply by denying me the opportunity to appear in the televised debates or get an interview with any of the talk shows. Had I become an actual threat I would very likely been given very similar treatment as Herman Cain received. But I understand why Herman Cain decided to run; because if you believe it, then you commit and run for it. The sole reason Herman Cain has received such scornful and degrading treatment was due to the fact that he had actually come to be a viable candidate to a position which only those who have paid their dues and know how the game is played. Herman Cain, as his success in the real world has shown, is not a person who would allow himself to be persuaded, let alone controlled, by those who hold real influence over most of those in our political class. Simply put, Herman Cain had become dangerous.

Regular people can attain high office, but not before they have been in the political system and have accepted the unspoken rules of the game. Everything you have thought was wrong with our political system is probably true to some extent. Very few of those who are in politics, especially in Washington, are completely independent of all outside influences and can honestly represent those who elected them. Actually, they are representing those who got them elected, just not those who voted. Our politicians really do make up, as Samuel Clemmons once stated, the best government that money can buy. The other truth we will always be living with is that you cannot take the money out of politics any more than you can take the politics out of money. Those who have the money will pay in order to retain their wealth and the politicians will do their bidding as long as they get the funds for campaigning. Why do you think that there is no tax on wealth, only on income?

For most people, at some point in their lives they have been involved on some action that can be displayed in such a manner as to prove disastrous to any political campaign. Even politicians who have lived their lives knowing that any discretion can and will be exploited by their opponent come the next time they run for reelection still are unable to live a squeaky clean life. Herman Cain just seems to have had a bit more indiscretions than can be excused and probably did not believe that his history would rise up and bite him quite this hard. Where Mr. Cain might have survived the initial revelations as they had remained nameless and since there had been settlements paid by the National Restaurant Association thus placing the entire events under a gag order, thus was very likely the reason Mr. Cain was unable to discuss the particulars and the accusers remained nameless. Once his Achilles’ heel was found, Herman Cain’s entire campaign was vulnerable and soon to be doomed. I have only sympathy for Mr. Cain as he will very likely now need to pay a very steep price in his personal life and some of his most important relationships will need a great deal of repairs and attention. I wish Herman Cain the best with the efforts that will be necessary in order to return calm to his life and repair some of his most important personal relations. His campaign is likely over and nothing he will be able to do will resurrect his campaign short of a miracle. I believe in miracles and hope Herman Cain gets his miracle in his personal life and he is able to sooth and calm the storm that surely is coming in his life with family and friends. He has a tough road ahead and my advice is to return to private life and work to retain as much of his life as he is able to salvage. It was a noble effort and best of luck.

Beyond the Cusp

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  1. “A law went into motion against him when he attacked his own race God has something to say about what America did to African Americans”


    Comment by Alyssa Brooke — December 13, 2011 @ 6:42 PM | Reply

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