Beyond the Cusp

December 25, 2011

Saddest Consequence of the Egyptian Revolution Happening Outside Egypt

Where there have been numerous journalists, politicians, political analysts, historical analysts, socialists, and other academics who have totally missed in their predictions of what would result in the Arab Spring; their predictions of flowers and spring breezes with joy and happiness for all have been smashed to bits as the truth has revealed an Arab Winter with the Islamists gaining power and democratic freedoms being shunted and pushed aside. The first two rounds of elections held thus far in Egypt have given the Muslim Brotherhood 45% of the seats of those possible in the new Parliament while the Salafists, the even more radical and extremist Islamists than even the Muslim Brotherhood received approximately 20% in the first round and tied the Muslim Brotherhood at around 40% in the second round. Between the two elections of the three total to be held have resulted with the Muslim Brotherhood and the Salafists garnering at a minimum over 60% and some claim as high as 75% of the seats so far available. Those who held that the democratic youth who were in the vanguard of the popular revolution would gain a sizeable and respectable number of seats sufficient to challenge and possibly hold the Islamists at bay have been proven to be wrong, dead wrong. The third round of voting will include those living in the most rural areas and the Sinai Peninsula, areas which are heavily favoring Islamist and Sharia Law. The democratic youth have proven to be but a mere small minority with marginally more power than the Coptic Christians, the biggest losers in this revolution.

The Coptic Christians hold a unique and, in this writer’s opinion, a valuable position in Christianity. Unlike the majority of Christians who are products of Christianity which was adopted by Rome by Emperor Constantine from which they followed by the Bible as originally set forth by the Council of Nicaea, the Coptic Christians kept a number of additional books which were omitted by the council. The Coptic Christians are one of those rare sects which can trace their roots all the way back to the times of Jesus without the infusion of sizeable numbers of converts. In some ways, the Coptic Christians could be considered to be some of the most directly tied Christians to the original converts from Judaism in existence today. This has also worked against them as many Western Christians find the Coptic form of Christianity as being different than what they believe and thus they do not identify with them as strongly as they do other Western based sects. This has led to the Coptic Christians all too often finding themselves completely on their own lacking any support from their fellow Christians from the West.

Personally, I pray that the Western Churches can find it in their hearts and souls to come to the aid of their Coptic brothers and sisters in their time of desperate need. There is a distinct possibility that the Coptic Christians will find it necessary to relocate en-masse should matters between them and their Muslim neighbors continue to escalate to a point where their very existence becomes dangerously challenged. The Copts have already had a number of their churches and a monastery destroyed and numerous pogrom style attacks upon their neighborhoods. Some of these murderous assaults upon the Copts have been carried out by the military or the police or both and one grievous attack was instigated by a radio call for all good Muslims to come aid the military who were, according to the announcer, under dire threat from Coptic marauders attacking. The result was hundreds of armed Muslims pouring into the area where the Copts were already under fire from the Egyptian military who were violently and mercilessly breaking up what had been a peaceful Coptic demonstration to complain about attacks on their churches, stores and neighborhoods. The plain and simple truth is that without the support of their fellow Christians around the world, the Coptic Christian culture is under threat of being annihilated and removed from the face of Egypt and facing an uncertain future anywhere on earth. Christianity would lose a colorful and interesting facet should they not respond and come to the aid of their Coptic brothers and sisters. Let us hope and pray that the Christians in the West can take a moment during this season of celebration of the birth of Christianity to nurture and offer salvation to some of the world’s oldest original Christians.

Beyond the Cusp

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