Beyond the Cusp

January 22, 2012

Press Wrongly Claims Anybody but Romney

We have been hearing the press refer to each Republican who entered the race or made a splash be touted as the “Anybody but Romney” candidate until they either self-destructed or otherwise crashed and burned. There was Michelle Bachmann, Rick Perry, Herman Cain, Newt Gingrich, and then the first show of preferences in Iowa. After Iowa they made note of Ron Paul and Rick Santorum simply because they were not given much choice, Santorum ended up winning, yes, I know they said Romney by 8 votes but the official results out this past week tentatively show Santorum by 34 votes, they’re counting again, and Paul came in a close and respectable third close on the heels of Santorum and Romney. Then the focus moved to New Hampshire where they belittled Ron Paul as not a serious option who would get his devoted following’s votes and they rather quickly dropped any mention of Rick Santorum touting the race as between Romney and the not Romney candidate, Gingrich.

Yesterday was the primary in South Carolina and the conversation remained Romney-Gingrich and not much else. The press is back to its Romney versus the not-Romney, which they have returned to Gingrich, dumping Santorum and Paul as quickly as the press driven polls have allowed. But what the press has honestly been seeking from day one has been the not honestly conservative candidate. They are pushing anybody but Santorum and Paul, the only true conservatives of any real measure in the field. But the press keeps drumming the “win the center to win the election” mantra in order to support the least conservative candidates. That is the big lie of our times, the fat middle of the political road voters. We have a polarized nation where most of the voting public are either on the right shoulder or the left shoulder and nobody is in the middle of the road (anyway, you get run over walking in the middle of the road). President Obama did not win the last election by pandering to the middle of the road. He ran on a whole program of wish upon a star and liberal emotional tripe. There was no attempt by the Obama campaign to do anything but rouse up the left and far left base and get them out to vote. Meanwhile, listening to the press, including Fox News, the Republicans went with a moderate Republican who would be able to gather in those millions of voters of the middle in America. Unfortunately, that was done at the expense of energizing the Republican conservative base which caused a rather lackluster turnout from conservatives. We are heading down that same worn out road again and I believe that conservatives have about had all they can stomach of the press choosing the Republican candidate every four years.

The Republicans have to realize that their only ticket to electoral victory is through a vitalized and excited base. Chasing the chimera of the centrist voters is the path to political oblivion. The Democrats have realized this and that is why they have completely forsaken the middle of the road track and swerved as far left as possible and excited their base. By going middle of the road and offering a moderate rather than a true conservative message will not resonate well with those true conservative voters needed so desperately to turn out by the Republicans. Did the Republican Party’s leadership miss the entire message from the 2010 midterm elections? The Republican Party nearly swept the elections in the vast majority of contests where they ran true, real, and, yes, Tea Party candidates for the House and Senate. Hello!! Wake up and smell the coffee. Take off the rose colored, mainstream press issued glasses and read the Tea Party leaves. Republicans only hope is with real, through and through, red-blooded conservatives. But they will not wake from their mainstream press induced haze and face reality because it is easier and less confrontational just to play the game where the Republican Party is simply the foil which never honestly and righteously challenges the liberal dogmas and actually hold up a real and true conservative banner and run with it.

Beyond the Cusp

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