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February 3, 2012

Doth Israel Protest Too Much

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It seems virtually every fifth story in the news is related in one way or another to the coming military strike on Iran and their nuclear program, more often than not intimating that Israel will be the country to first push an attack, not giving the sanctions against Iran by the United States and the European Union time to work despite them ramping up steadily with time. The basic formula that has been presented is that Iran will be containable even should they have nuclear weaponry in much the same guaranteed method of mutually assured destruction which makes the threat of utter and complete destruction of a retaliatory strike should the offending nation use their nuclear weapons in an offensive manner. This entire theory of checking the use of nuclear weapons by any country in an offensive use with destruction hinges entirely upon all sides being rational and non- apocalyptic. Unfortunately, Iran is a theocratic state whose President Ahmadinejad is actually an apocalyptic believer in the Twelfth Imam and the necessity of a period of utter and complete chaos and bloodshed with war, violence and bloodshed cloaking the world in order to bring forth the necessary conditions for the coming of the Twelfth Imam and the final Caliphate where Shia Islam will rule over the world eternally.


Almost every presumed authority on what the future may hold holds that believing that President Ahmadinejad or Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei would be willing to risk a retaliatory attack, especially a nuclear attack, against Iran, including themselves, which would be so completely total and destructive by utilizing a nuclear first strike against Israel or any other country which would force such retaliation by the United States is simply insane. They contend that nobody would risk such an attack on their own country and thus Iran will act as predicted by a rational and sane set of criteria. Let’s all hope together that their predictions are true and such terrors will not be released anywhere. The problem is that history teaches us that when certain people, megalomaniacs, absolute tyrants, and others who are usually related to as evil incarnate, promise to release untold horrors upon the world, or just a certain group or part of the world, they should be heeded and such threats taken as deadly serious. As World War II proved, we ignore these threats at our own peril.


But, is Israel the first target for Iran, the only target for Iran, or the final end target of Iran. This is a far more complicated question than it may first appear. There can be little argument that Israel is most definitely one of the main targets of the Iranian leadership. It should also be obvious by now that the leadership of Iran also see a world under Shia Islamic rule if not just Iranian control. The majority of their highest leaders are what are referred to as Twelvers, those who believe in the return of the Twelfth Imam. President Ahmadinejad has stated a number of times that he is firm in his belief that he has been tasked to bring on the return of the Twelfth Imam and that this Imam will return in 2012. Since no price is too high to pay and sinking the world into complete and total chaos and an all-encompassing war is the intent, how exactly does one believe that threatening to bring annihilation upon Iran should the Iranian leadership use their soon to be accomplished nuclear weaponry upon another country, even or especially Israel, is any sort of threat and not just further incentive. This threat is made presumably by the Western World but is basically backed up solely by the United States. This begs the question of which would the logical and sane, according to others, not I, leaders of Iran attack first, Israel or the United States. Let’s look at it with cold logic. Should Iran attack Israel first it risks the retaliation of the United States and the rest of the West, not an appetizing option for the Iranian leadership. That attack plan would depend on the United States and the West not reacting and inflicting total destruction upon Iran and just allow them to get off free of any consequences. Not too likely. Now, what if instead the Iranians decapitated the United States leadership and crippled the entire United States ability to strike back with an initial attack I will describe shortly. What do they then face? The complete and total retaliatory power of Israel. The Iranian leadership has already stated that they do not believe Israel could even put a dent in the Muslim World while the Muslim World could easily bring utter destruction down on Israel, if only the United States were not standing behind Israel. So, imagine you are an Iranian Military Planner and you have to figure the best approach and order in attack to give Iran the best chance of winning a World conflagration. Do you attack Israel and then have your entire country laid waste and your plans coming to a quick and total end or do you attack the United States first crippling their response ability and then take on Israel and Europe et al.


So, how does Iran decapitate the United States and prevent an immediate and total destructive retaliatory strike? The first thing any attacking force would need to accomplish with their initial attack would be to prevent any coordination by the United States and their entire military capabilities which are spread world-wide. We have all heard about the extremely deleterious effects created by a nuclear weapon being detonated high over the Earth initiating an EMP pulse. What would be the result of an Iranian EMP attack released in three pulses which would cover the entire American electrical grid and capabilities? They wait until Congress and the whole United States Government is in Washington DC. Then they let loose their first EMP attack high over West Virginia blacking out the East Coast. Within the hour they also launch an EMP attack over the western edge of Lake Tahoe taking out the entire West Coast. A final attack, or if a complete and total guarantee is desired, two attacks over the central areas of the United States. For one attack you aim for St Louis and for two attacks you use eastern Colorado and central Kentucky. The rest of the forces of the United States would only know that they had no contact with the mainland commanders but no idea from where the attack originated. So, how could Iran make such an attack?


We know that the Iranian military has practiced launching ballistic missiles from the decks of cargo ships. Using their current longest range missiles would allow up to a thousand to a fifteen-hundred kilometer ranges. Launching from ships off of the coast of Virginia, the coast of California, and the final two from Cuba or Mexico or even the Gulf of Mexico and these attacks are within their current capabilities. We have also been labeling their missile launches during military exercises as failures when the missiles exploded moments before reaching the apex. Exploding your nuclear weapon close to the apex is exactly the method one would use for an EMP attack. Lastly, by detonating the weapon on its rising approach to its apex would minimize any chance of interception. Hopefully, this is exactly what most will think, the ranting of somebody who worries way too much or has fallen prey to conspiracies of impending doom. But then….


Beyond the Cusp


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