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February 13, 2012

They Call This a Peace Process?

The nonfunctional process existing between Israel and the Arab World continues in its usual agonizing spiral of never-ending demands and denials emanating from Mahmoud Abbas. Though it is usually stated as the Palestinian Israeli Peace Process, in reality everyone recognizes that the Palestinians are simply the political ploy the Arab World uses in their never ending quest to destroy Israel. The titular head of the Palestinians has refused a number of things which should disqualify anything he is associated with from receiving any recognition from the United States and the rest of the Western World, especially if they actually mean they support democracy, human rights and freedom. But he once again stated that at no time will there ever be a reason which would allow him to recognize Israel as a Jewish State. So, let us look at this latest twist of reasoning from Mahmoud Abbas that we can include in the ever-lengthening list of his previous best of demands and denials.


Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas stated once again this past Sunday that the PA will not meet Israel’s demand that it recognize Israel as the Jewish State. His reasoning was that to do so would negate any standing for the million and a half Palestinian Arabs living in Israel and no refugee would be allowed to come back to Israel, in keeping with the Palestinian Authority demand that Israel allow millions of Arab refugees to return to their old homes in Israeli cities as part of a future agreement, as reported by <a href= target=blank>Kol Yisrael radio by Arutz Sheva.</a> Breaking this down into its component parts and further examination reveals what he is really saying. His first claim that the Arabs in Israel would lose their standing in Israel is relating the old canard that Israel is a racist country where only Jews are allowed to vote, drive cars, hold jobs, run for political office, and a virtual cornucopia of other advantages all of which are presumably denied to the non-Jewish citizens of Israel, particularly the Arab Israelis. This is believed by many in the Palestinian Refugee Camps throughout much of the Arab World as this is exactly the treatment they receive from their Arab brothers. There is a dirty little secret; there are no Arab refugee camps in Israel. The <a href= target=blank>Palestinian Refugee Camps</a> are found in Gaza, the West Bank, Jordan, Lebanon, and Syria. All of the Arabs who live within the Green Line plus some of those living within the Jerusalem Metropolitan Area have Israeli identification cards as Israeli citizens. All Israeli citizens, Jewish, Muslim, Christian, Bahai, Arab, European, Oriental, African, absolutely every Israeli citizen have the same rights. They all have the right to vote, run for office, hold political office, work for the government, work for any employer, drive, and every other right. They are all treated equally before the law and as citizens.  So, this innuendo by Mahmoud Abbas is meant to demean and slur Israel feeding those who do the same in near constant demonstrations throughout the world and also to further their feeling of hopelessness for any rights for the Palestinian Refugees. It is to the benefit of Mahmoud Abbas and his co-terrorists to have the Palestinian Refugees believe that their sole path to any rights is through the destruction of Israel. This is only true due to the fact that they will never be given equal rights by their Arab Brothers who are also their jailors and oppressors, but that is forbidden to say as many truths in this confrontation seem to be.


The other part of Mahmoud Abbas complaint is actually not a lie, just a shielded truth. The reason recognizing Israel as a Jewish State negates the Palestinian Refugees ‘Right of Return’ is that the whole idea behind this concept is to flood Israel with so many Arab refugees that simply by numbers it will no longer be the Jewish State. Once the Arabs have a majority of the vote, Mahmoud Abbas believes that they will vote in an Arab government that will take the rights from the Jews and return them to the Dhimmi class they are meant to be by Islamist societies. Should Israel be recognized as the Jewish State, then relegating the Jews to virtual non-citizen status under the protection and subject to the generosity of the Muslims for their existence becomes a moot point. What people have not been told is that Israel has made offers for a peace agreement which included a partial Right of Return for some of the refugees to inside Israel. The latest offer including such an offer was proposed by former <a href= target-blank>Prime Minister Ehud Olmert</a> along with 97% of the West Bank and was simply refused without even the courtesy of a counter offer by Mahmoud Abbas. Mahmoud Abbas has made clear on numerous occasions in every backhanded way possible that the only solution that is acceptable is the complete and total surrender to the Arabs of the State of Israel. This was one of the reasons that readmitting Hamas, Islamic Jihad and any other terrorist groups from Gaza into the PLO is completely acceptable. As Abbas has intimated numerous times, any treaty with Israel if it does not result in the destruction of Israel as the Jewish State must then reserve the right of the Palestinians to continued resistance through all means available. Translated into plain English, any treaty with Israel must either end the existence of Israel or allow the war to continue until Israel is annihilated. Who would have a problem making that agreement?


Beyond the Cusp


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