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February 27, 2012

Temple Mount Destructive Desecration an Insult to Archeology

In the majority of modern cultures the greatest of respect is usually given the antiquities and the sites in which they are unearthed. These areas are often set aside and protected from any forms of construction or other activities which might endanger these irreplaceable and precious artifacts of the historic civilizations in humanities past. Such respect is often enforced through legal edicts and building codes though in most societies such are a mere formality. Throughout the vast majority of our planet if any archeological items, even the smallest of shards are unearthed during construction the entire site shuts down and authorities are brought in to assess the site before any further damage may be caused, even inadvertently. But such is not the case in what is probably one of the most treasured and well known sites on planet Earth, the Temple Mount.


After the reunification of Jerusalem under Israeli Rule after the June 1967 Six Day War, Defense Minister General Moshe Dayan suggested Israel make a magnanimous offer to leave the Temple Mount under the authority of the Muslim Waqf as a sign that Israel was not intending to isolate the Muslims but rather include them and welcome them as an integral part of Israeli society. In return, over the years the Waqf has enforced a partial moratorium on allowing Jewish activities upon the Temple Mount, especially prayer or anything which could be taken as a religious act. Over the last twenty years or so they have also taken increased liberties by employing heavy construction equipment and dug up and destroyed literally tons of archeological material in an attempt to eradicate every vestige of proof of Jewish history to the Temple Mount. Archeologists have combed through the tons of earth dumped at an impromptu dumping area just outside of Jerusalem and been able to recover some smaller items and the shattered remains of many archeological treasures in such deteriorated condition as to be rendered unrecognizable. This wanton destruction of Jewish history and human history has continued with rarely any complaint of protest outside of Israel. Had similar acts been perpetrated in most places the reactions and protests by peoples and governments everywhere would be loud and persistent. Such was the outrage after the senseless destruction of the 1,500 year old ancient statues of Buddha in Afghanistan. Yet the destruction taking place with mechanical precision and industrial efficiency does not appear to even raise a peep of protest.


This criminal atrocity being perpetrated against the historical record of the origins of the three Abrahamic religions aside, there are other considerations which could lead to tragic events should this irresponsible, reckless, destructive desecration continue. The destruction is being carried out without the planning and concerns which designed engineering would be able to prevent, the potential collapse of areas and structures upon the Temple Mount. With the potential for triggering immense violence reacting to such an event warrants that any excavations and placement of new structure, including the digging for foundations and the running of water, sewage and drainage pipes, should be taken only with planning and extreme care done by a professional engineer and not just wantonly performed.


What makes running such risks even more inexcusable is that most of the large scale excavations are not being performed in order to build but simply in order to destroy archeological evidence of any Jewish history on the Temple Mount. Such efforts are, in reality, quite useless as there are sufficient other archeological sites which have proven the facts of the Jewish history in the lands so that this risky activity actually serves no purpose other than spite and furthering hatreds. There are those who call for the removal of the authority of the Muslim Waqf over the Temple Mount and turning such authority over to a board of archeologists and religious figures composed of representatives of all three of the religions whose history is tied to the Temple Mount. Unfortunately, even if a fair and equitable arrangement were to be offered there is absolutely no chance on Earth that the Waqf or the Muslim World would ever permit its implementation. The same violence which would result should erosion and damage from the needless destruction and sacrilege being performed on the Temple Mount cause the collapse of any Muslim building or structure would ensue simply to prevent any implementation of shared responsible management of the Temple Mount. Seems there is some unwritten law unto which the world is presumed to be obliged to obey that anything that was once graced by the presence of a Muslim must remain under Islam. Should this fail to occur, seemingly especially if the Jews are involved, then it is taken by some members of the Islamic faith as an act for which the declaration of war or Jihad is necessitated to return the possessions to Islam. This idea may prove very problematic in the near future, very problematic.


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