Beyond the Cusp

March 12, 2012

Jews and Israel Now in the Same Lifeboat

In today’s world with the state of political and social unrest the words Jew and Israel are used virtually interchangeably. This produces a situation where every Jew needs to become more attentive, concerned and supportive of Israel as whatever becomes the fate of Israel will directly affect them, their lives and the lives of many of those around them. This also places an additional burden upon those who decide the fate and actions of Israel as they now decide the fate of all Jewry. Too many Jews in the United States prefer to dispute this situation claiming that the Jewish community in America is vigorous and healthy and can exist on its own. With the rates of intermarriage on the rise and the level of assimilation absorbing more Jews away from traditional Judaism, how anyone can look at the Jewish community within the United States as healthy and having a future, let alone a bright future, is beyond me. There may be some small pockets where Judaism would still be practiced in another century should Israel lift off the planet and fly off to a distant star or otherwise disappear from the map of the world tomorrow, but Judaism as anything beyond a social club beholden to liberal politics is highly doubtful. It is with this in mind that I wish to plead with the leaders of Eretz Yisroel, the Ministers of the Knesset, the Prime Minister’s Cabinet and inner circle, the Defense and Foreign Ministers, and any others who hold sway over the decisions of State.


Israel has reached a crucial crossroads, probably the most vital and threatening crossroads since May of 1948. Even the threats on the borders in both 1967 and again in 1973, when everybody ignored the signs pretending Egypt and Syria would not dare attack, Israel was not as seriously under threat for her existence. For the sake of Israel and all Jews who will very likely soon need a healthy lifeboat and refuge to which to run, please do that which must be done and let the world do as it pleases after Israel is safe and secure. I am not talking about Iran and their nuclear program, though that too is an existential threat which will soon need our full and undivided attention. I refer to the threats on and within your borders, our borders. Prime Minister Netanyahu just finished talking bravely and truthfully at the APAC conference and presumably with President Obama. Both the Prime Minister and President spoke of the right for Israel to defend herself, even by herself if need be. I pray the Prime Minister believes his words though it is less apparent if President Obama meant his words as he threatened two days later to blame Israel for any and all ramifications which may arise should Israel defend herself against the approaching and promised Iranian nuclear threat by taking President Obama at his word. Before we can ask the world to join Israel and assist with removing the ability for Iran to produce nuclear weapons, Israel must act to prove that a Jewish life is worth saving. How can we expect anybody to come to our aid if we refuse to help ourselves?


Since Friday morning, out of Gaza with the full support of Hamas, the ruling governance in Gaza, and their allied alphabet soup of other terror groups, such as the PRC, PFLP, Islamic Jihad, and even some PLO, have launched upwards to one-hundred-and-fifty or more rockets at Israeli towns, kibbutzim, cities, and farms. None of those targeted are living beyond the 1949 Armistice Lines which are so regularly denoted as sacred in the news under the misnomer of the 1967 borders. These are Jews, Arabs, Druze; Israeli citizens, all who live, work, play, and sometimes need to run into shelters to hide from these rockets fired from Gaza. This is the same Gaza which Israel destroyed every single trace of Jewish existence and forced every Israeli living in Gaza to leave their home and become orphans in their own state for peace. This is the same Gaza where millions of dollars’ worth of agricultural equipment was left behind so those Gazans who had worked alongside the Israelis would be able to continue to make a living and be productive. This is the same Gaza that tore those greenhouses apart and transformed the pipes into rockets with which to attack Israelis, sometimes even the same Israelis who had been forced from Gaza for peace. Peace? There is no peace with Gaza because the Arabs masquerading as the Palestinian people consider all of Israel as their land occupied by the Dhimmi Jews.


How can Israel expect other countries or anybody in the world to defend the Israeli people with more force and commitment than shown by the government of Israel? Where G-d helps the helpless, mankind falls miserably short in that area; and Israel has been acting quite helpless in the eyes of the world. I realize that whenever Israel acts it seems like the entire world deplores their efforts and condemns them and may even try to punish Israel with sanctions and other forms of harm. It is the same as when the star player on the school football or rugby team uses his strength to defend some poor unfortunate from the bully. He will be called before the headmaster or principal and the coach may make him miss a game as punishment, but the bully respects that he no longer is unopposed, even if the hero needs to repeat his actions a few times and take the heaps of scorn from those who pretend to be the protectors. It is the same with the United Nations, the European Union, the European governments, the United States, Russia, China, and all the rest who claim that Israel should have petitioned them and they would have protected Israel. We both know that is pure balderdash, a bare faced deceit. The only reason the rockets fired from Gaza are not causing near countless dead and severely wounded Israelis is due to their inaccuracy. Israelis cannot continue to rely on the fact that the rockets being fired into their neighborhoods will most often fall harmlessly in fields and not on schools and houses as eventually Hamas will acquire more accurate munitions. We all witnessed exactly what would be the result of guided munitions in the hands of these blood thirsty murderers when they fired a guided anti-tank rocket aiming and striking an Israeli school bus killing the sole student still aboard and severely injuring the driver. Where they celebrated this vile act in Gaza handing out sweets and candies, we also know they cursed that all the other children had gotten off the bus moments earlier. Oh, the joy in Gaza City had that bus been full of children.


The only possibility of the world taking Israeli warnings and pleas for help with Iran and the rest of the threats from the Arab and Muslim world is if Israel shows that they themselves are serious about defending their people. Striking at empty buildings at three in the morning to assure minimal casualties will never be an effective deterrent to the rockets and terror strikes by Hamas, PLO, Islamic Jihad, the Palestinian Authority, Hezballah, and the rest of the terrorist murderers. Only systematic and consistent targeting of the terrorists themselves and particularly their leaders will deter their murderous activities. No warnings, no declarations, simply strike whenever the opportunity presents itself at any and all the leaders of the terror groups allied to murder Israelis and Jews everywhere. You must keep in mind that your actions not only will serve to protect Israelis of all stripes, religions, gender, and race, but they will also protect all Jews throughout the world as your stand will strengthen every Jew and when you are perceived to be weak, so is every Jew perceived to be weak. Waiting for the one time a rocket or a suicide murderer succeeds in an attack that kills massive numbers of Jews and other innocent Israelis to strike back will not protect any of the citizens of Israel. When it is noted that these terror masters revel in the death of any Israeli as has been proven when they celebrate the death of Arab, Druze and Bedouin Israelis with almost as much revelry as when their victims are Jewish. The only response the killers of Gaza understand is resolute, firm, and deadly actions. That is their language and that must be the tone of your response if you wish to be heard. Return to protecting every Israeli life with every fiber and ounce of Israel’s ability and the world will sooner or later respect and soon after assist Israel in her defense. Run and hide and simply talk at this deadly challenge and Israel dies slowly, one person after another and with Israel, so go the rest of Judaism.


Beyond the Cusp


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