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March 16, 2012

How Long Could You Tolerate the Rockets Raining?

Much of southern Israel has been experiencing hardships which are beyond the ability of most of us who have never seen a battlefield to imagine and what those of us who have experienced such things spend their life trying to forget. For four days which included the Sabbath of this past weekend over two-hundred rockets and mortars were fired out of Gaza into the neighborhoods, schools, shopping centers, hospitals, parks, and anywhere else you can imagine as they are aimed towards their towns and farms and launched to strike and explode with random accuracy. It is this randomness that causes additional confusion and dread as whole areas end up receiving the “Code Red” alarm warning of incoming rockets or mortars giving the citizens anywhere from 15 seconds to almost one minute to find safe cover. Most houses have been equipped with a “safe room” which is supposed to be able to absorb shrapnel and even possibly a direct hit, though some of the new rockets recently added have significantly larger explosive payloads which may surpass their capability. Neighborhoods, schools, shopping centers, and other public areas have reinforced cement structures resembling a maze which provide protection from shrapnel. Schools were cancelled for a number of days and it was not until the third ceasefire was announced that the number of rocket barrages finally was reduced. Ceasefire, for your information, means that no more than ten rockets or mortars will be fired per day and the weekly total will most likely remain below twenty-five. So, how long could you live under these conditions?


But instead, let us assume you live around Jerusalem or in Judea or Samaria or in the central Galilee near one of the areas containing a large Arab neighborhood. In these areas the projectiles are somewhat less random as they are released from close range. These projectiles are rocks which are thrown at cars with Israeli license plates identifying them as from Jewish areas. These rocks are thrown from other cars or in ambush situations where they use a lead car which stops and blocks the road while the rock throwers attack from all sides. The definition of rock in this case weighs from a half pound to as much as one can be heave out the window while in a passing car where not much distance is necessary. These rocks are chosen with attention to their having sharp sides and projections which make them more likely to smash through the windshield and severely injure or kill the driver or passenger it may strike. Many Israelis have ended up in the hospital after such attacks and some have been murdered in this manner including a father and his infant son, Asher and Yonatan Palmer. Add to these situations the occurrence of stabbings or other attack and the terror attacks across the Egyptian border or in small towns such as Itamar where much of the Fogel family was slaughtered in their sleep by two teenage Arabs who boasted in court of their pride in this accomplishment.


Fortunately for most Israelis, those subjected to such attacks make up a minority of the total population. Be that as it may, virtually every family and neighborhood has their stories of close calls or people they know well lost to the continuous terrorism. The near constant drumbeat of terrorism and attacks on the people of Israel from their Palestinian neighbors have become common enough that outside of the immediate area affected by any attack it does not clear the level to be newsworthy. Even in Israel many live their lives and are seldom forced to admit to the realities of the threat posed by terrorism. Despite this, would such a situation exist anywhere else in the world it would not only be a national calamity and be discussed daily in the halls of power throughout the world and at the United Nations and other world bodies resulting in the implementing of a mission to end such an intolerable situation. We hear of almost every terror attack out of Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq and even Iran. We hear and follow up on the terror attacks which have hit India.


About the only other place where such violence happens on a regular basis and is close to equally ignored is in Mexico. And here is a dirty little secret about some of the violence in Mexico; those committing these terroristic acts in Mexico are being trained by Hamas and Hezballah who have traded training and arms for the opportunity to access to the smuggling routes into the United States. And they have been using these routes for going on at least a decade. So, let me ask as I did in the title as it may soon be asked in many cities within the United States, “How long could you tolerate rockets raining down?” And if not rockets, then how many windshield smashing rocks or families being murdered in their sleep and all the other terrorist acts currently perpetrated on Israelis which could very well be coming here. The good people of the United States need to remember one very critical fact, Israel is only the Little Satan, you live in the Big Satan. Now, who do you think they will destroy first, the Big Satan or the Little Satan? Here is a little more for you to think over, which country is more likely to come to the aid of the other should the terrorists attempt to destroy the country, Israel aiding the United States or the United States aiding Israel. Truth is it would work in both directions, but if you are able to stun the United States, Israel is in deep trouble but if you stun Israel, the United States would be almost unaffected. If I could execute a knockout punch against either the United States or Israel and then have to survive the retaliation from the remaining country, which country do you think would get crippled and which one left able to attack. Kind of makes your stomach churn when you realize that the terrorists are more likely to try to destroy the United States first as that would leave Israel vulnerable while the other way does not work as well for the terrorist powers. And they really are not illogical even if they are fanatical and reason in a different manner than many in the West are able to understand.


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