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March 21, 2012

Jewish Response to Toulouse Terror Murders Resolute yet Lacking

French Jewish Rabbis and leadership have called for the Jewish communities of France to respond to the heinous murders in Toulouse by building more schools, synagogues and other Jewish institutions. This may sound familiar to many as this is the same declared response Jewish leaders in Israel claim is the answer to the murderous terror attacks and barrages out of Gaza. Where this is a good response, it is an insufficient response as should that be the only action taken the world will end up having thousands upon thousands of Jewish schools, synagogues and other institutions sitting empty because there will no Jews to fill them. At some point the Jewish people are going to need to stand and take whatever steps prove necessary to protect their fellow Jews and use crippling force to end the senseless slaughter of Jews simply because they are Jews. The seemingly endless bombardments of the communities of southern Israel are an excellent case in point to exemplify the troubling weakness of Israeli, and all Jewish, responses to the murders and attempted murdering of Jews simply because they are Jews.


The political leadership in Israel announced the intent to build a synagogue and school and other buildings to honor the Fogels murdered in the savagely brutal slaughtering of five members of their family in their home in Itamar, Israel, which included slitting the throat of a four month old baby. The terrorist murderers of the Fogels not only admitted to killing the members of the Fogel family, they expressed dismay that they miraculously did not find two other children of the Fogel family that were home at the time of their savagery and took pride in their committing cold blooded murders of an innocent family and then pronounced they only wish they could repeat their evil numerous more times simply for the honor of killing Jews. The two Arab young adults who committed these unconscionable acts were found guilty of premeditated murder of five people including three young children, one an infant, and were sentenced to prison terms despite the death penalty being an available option in their sentencing. Despite the brutal and heinous murderous hatred displayed by these two terrorists, the Jews who decided their fate chose on the side of compassion, humanity, and life by refusing to sentence them to die for their horrid and unconscionable acts. In all of Israeli history, despite the technical availability of the death penalty being applied in any trial held under military tribunal, the Israelis have committed to utilize this option but once when sentencing Adolf Eichmann, a high ranking Gestapo Nazi criminal who was responsible for executing the Final Solution and murdering the Jewish people in Europe, who was hung on May 31, 1962.


Many around this world who have decided that it is their right and responsibility to second guess and criticize any and every action of the Israeli government will definitely protest loudly should Israel begin to avail themselves of the death penalty in the most severe cases where acts are committed by unrepentant terrorists vowing to repeat such acts. The call is always to utilize a life sentence or other lengthy imprisonment but we have seen recently that such sentences are so easily commuted by a government willing to trade over a thousand terrorists and hundreds of potential murderers in exchange for one Israeli. The concept of building as a response to murderous terrorism is a noble and honorable action to be praised and should definitely be a part of the Jewish response when attacked by those bent on murdering Jews. But before we end up building more buildings than there are Jews to fill them, perhaps some more concrete actions and reactions to such murderous intents should also be considered. The Talmud advises, “If someone is coming to kill you, rise against him and kill him first.” Where we are admonished that such should never be done with glee but done with great sorrow that such had become necessary, it still advises self-preservation as a Jewish goal. Deportation or imprisonment may be options in normal situations, due to the meddling of the entire world into even the smallest of actions and practices in Israel, anything which can potentially be undone will eventually be demanded to be retracted or negated which leaves only one way of preventing terrorists bent on murdering Jews from doing so again in the future. Such is not a happy choice but may be a necessary option which may require a willingness to consider its implementation in the most chronic, persistent, cruel and unrepentant cases. I would wish such would never be found necessary but such necessity cannot be ignored as things are at the cusp of a great and evil darkness which is arriving sooner rather than later. Building can be pursued as well as we should never give up on hope as an optional answer, but it may need to exist in parallel with more resolute actions.


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