Beyond the Cusp

March 26, 2012

The Follow Up as the Prime Minister Surrenders

If you have yet to read the earlier article on these events, please read  Supreme Court Declares They Rule Israel first for some perspective and background, thank you. After the writing of the article on the Supreme Court having ruled that the government must remain powerless before the decisions and edicts from on high, that would be the Supreme Court and not heaven, though the Justices seem to have some confusion on that point, Prime Minister Netanyahu surrendered without even considering a fight saying, “This is an opportunity to say that the Government of Israel, like all citizens of Israel, respects the court’s decisions and acts according to Israeli law. Sometimes even the obvious needs to be stated.” And I fully agree, sometimes the obvious needs to be stated, so I will do exactly that.

Prime Minister Netanyahu has acted indifferent at best and in complete harmony with those who vilify those Jews who have settled beyond the Green Line in what are truly the historic heartlands of the Jewish State, Judea and Samaria. At every turn and opportunity when the members of his ruling coalition rose up ready to fight the Supreme Court and its harsh rulings and establish an Israel which reflected the will of the majority of its people and the presumed ideology of Likud and the coalition, Prime Minister Netanyahu has responded by refusing to stand with them and displaying the timidity of a cowed person. The Prime Minister has refused to lead the counters which would allow for the Knesset to exercise its right to follow through on their promises to the people and instead has insisted that the coalition lie prostrate before the black robed tyrants and allow the edicts from the Supreme Court overturning the will of the duly elected representatives of the people to stand unopposed. This is what the leader of Likud, the Lion of the Past, the man whose sheer weight of words when he is not holding the power of Prime Minister rally and uplift even the most dejected souls to fight on to victory. But once he takes on the mantle of actual leadership, he transforms from the mighty lion into a timid little field mouse. Where is the man of pride and distinction the people chose to lead them and fight for their dreams not once, but twice now placing on him the mantle of Prime Minister and invested in him hope eternal? Where has gone his roar and what is this squeak of resignation before the battle has even begun?

Sometimes it take a person possessed who is willing to rage against any storm and charge the barricades to establish the dreams the people entrusted their leader. This is the leader that Israel requires in these treacherous and perilous times. Times which require a leader whose adversaries must question if he has an ounce of sanity or will he lash out with barbed rhetoric at even the slightest sign of surrender before any challenge. A leader not afraid to lead, to go forth and brave the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune and charge forward always with his eye on the goal, on the promises made with the honest intent to honor and fulfill no matter the risk. This is who the people had hoped they had chosen as their champion but woe is what they now see as the Prime Minister himself wilts before the Black Robed minions who laugh at the Knesset who they see as mere mortals unable to resist their edicts. Like many, I had hopes that this time we would see the Prime Minister Netanyahu we had prayed for the first time he was elected. We hoped to see a Prime Minister who learned from the past and knew now how to ward off the threats and demeaning that were inevitable from those foreign leaders who have not Israel’s dreams held as high. We had expected a fighter who would lead the Knesset and the near unbreakable coalition with boldness and establish Israeli pride and realize our dreams. But alas, it is not to be so as once again Prime Minister Netanyahu has wilted and become crestfallen from the withering fire of those who oppose Israel at every turn. Perhaps the time has come for Likud to find Israel a new leader, a young lion who has yet to taste the bitter disappointments that have turned Netanyahu from his potential and from fulfilling what could have been his destiny. Perhaps it is time to find somebody else in whom we can trust to place our dreams and desires with the faith and confidence they will die before they turn away from any challenge. Is there such a leader and if there is, who is this leader and how quickly can they be prepared to fight the necessary battles.

Beyond the Cusp


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