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April 3, 2012

The Fear of the Spies Still Frightens the Tribes of Israel

In the Bible is the story of the twelve spies who were sent into the Promised Lands to scout the area. The excerpt from Numbers tells us exactly what the spies were to scout for and discover and what important facts and other requirements they were to return with for Moses.

17 When Moses sent them to explore Canaan, he said, “Go up through the Negev and on into the hill country. 18 See what the land is like and whether the people who live there are strong or weak, few or many. 19 What kind of land do they live in? Is it good or bad? What kind of towns do they live in? Are they unwalled or fortified? 20How is the soil? Is it fertile or poor? Are there trees on it or not? Do your best to bring back some of the fruit of the land.”

The instructions were straightforward, succinct, straightforward and plainly stated. But all of the spies except for two, Joshua son of Nun and Caleb son of Jephunneh, came back with tales of woe and horrors that awaited the Israelites should they even attempt to enter the lands and face these foes. They described giants living in heavily walled and fortified cities and among the tribes there was a collection of the worst of the Israelites enemies. Their report spread fear and woe through the people and despite attempts by Moses, Joshua, Caleb and even the promise of the assistance of G-d in taking the Promised Lands, the people feared and demanded that they turn from this place rather than be destroyed. For their complete lack of faith and lack of belief in the promises of the L-rd the Israelites were sentenced to spend the next forty years wandering in the desert until all those who had succumbed to fear had died and a new generation raised out of slavery and who believed in themselves and the L-rd could be raised and be worthy of the Promised Land.

Israel today appears to suffer from the same insane trepidations as their forefathers when facing the loathsome report from the spies. The difference today is instead of heavily fortified cities with walls too tall and well-built to scale manned by virtual giants and undefeatable foes, the modern Israelites face unmovable scorn from elitist leftists, the unavoidable anti-Semites, Islamic based hatred, and just plain simple hate from those who always follow without question. The signs of those who fear when they should lead instead are the broken lives of the Jews whose houses and neighborhoods are regularly ordered destroyed by judicial fiat even when the claims behind the suit demanding the demolitions have been proven to be fabricated and without merit. The leaders of the modern spies have been the Israeli Supreme Court and the recent change in leadership has yet to show any tangible change. One of the final edicts handed down by the previous President of the Supreme Court, Dorit Benish, ruled that all lands not currently considered as State owned lands are to be legally considered as Arab owned land regardless of the legal owner This made some land which is owned by Jews, complete with legal deed and other previously required paperwork, to be classified as illegal for any Jew to build a residence or any other structure or even to farm the land. This ruling immediately made some communities which have been in existence for many years, some over twenty years, with extensive area and numbers of families were instantly made illegal. This ruling is guaranteed to be utilized by the leftist groups in order to have these communities destroyed with no regard that some of these communities were actually built by the Israeli government on lands approved at the time of construction and which have no counter claims of ownership.

The most recent event in this saga is currently unfolding before our eyes. A group of families purchased an apartment building referred to as the Beit Machpelah as it is located near the Machpelah, Cave of the Patriarchs, in Hevron. The initial inspection of the deed and the sale proved that the building was purchased legally and everything was legally in order. Another of the leading modern day spies is Minister of Defense Ehud Barak who has already had the IDF rule that allowing the new owners to live in their legally purchased house which sits within Hevron, all of which is considered State Lands, cannot be allowed to occur as it might cause a disturbance and out of concern for public safety they have yet to receive requisite permits which he himself issues. Ehud Barak has taken the position that his hands are tied and he is powerless to do anything that would prevent the myriad of demolitions and evictions of Jews that have taken place in the recent past. The real problem is that most of these demolitions which are destroying the calm and lives of numerous Jewish families could be completely avoided if Ehud Barak would sign the needed permits and related paperwork. The Defense Minister is all that stands between the majorities of these forced ejections of families from their homes and a quiet, peaceful life, yet he claims innocence and that he is as much a victim of the circumstances as the now homeless Jewish families.

Completing the similarities to the Biblical story of the spies report is the other side of buildings which the government has declared for many various reasons to be illegal and slated for destruction. If a structure is built by either Arabs or Bedouins, then the government is reluctant to carry out any destruction orders and will find any reason in order to postpone such actions. The reluctance to carry out destruction orders and the willingness of the courts to provide legal coverage for such timidity is an ugly contrast to the veritable enthusiasm shown by the same high government officials to demolish any structure that is Jewish owned. When I witness such destructive action taken by the people in government of the land of Israel where they have no qualms about victimizing Jews yet defer out of apparent fear to those who are the modern day Canaanites it worries me as to what price the whole of the tribes of Israel will pay when retribution for their cowardice and lack of faith in the protection of the L-rd comes due. This time the punishment will be far worse than a mere forty years wandering the wilderness. My prayer is that the leaders in Israel awaken and realize their sins against their brothers and sisters before judgment is delivered and even those who have faith are included in the coming wrath.

There is a false feeling which has infected some who honestly believe that if they just give up the lands from the Six Day War then peace will bloom and everything will be perfect. The fact that after returning the entire Sinai Peninsula to Egypt, the first action their new Muslim Brotherhood government claimed was the peace treaty would be broken at the time of their choosing and was considered already voided. The destruction of the Gaza Jewish communities and full retreat from Gaza including every Jewish citizen and the entire IDF presence and in return the southern communities of Israel have been pummeled by rockets and mortars incessantly ever since. When the Israeli presence in a buffer zone was surrendered and returned to Lebanon, the immediate response was having Hezballah take up permanent positions right on the border pointing thousands of rockets at the residents of northern Israel. This eventually led to the assault and kidnapping of three Israeli IDF soldiers and the death of eight other soldiers in the kidnapping and ensuing response. This resulted in the second Lebanon War which had mixed results which is another way of saying failure. With this as the historic record, exactly what is it that makes these elitist know-it-alls think for even one second that should Judea and Samaria be turned into a new Arab entity known as Palestine will result in peace of any nature. Perhaps the formation of a terrorist state called Palestine made from the heart of the historic and eternal Jewish homeland, the lands which were promised by the L-rd, will be the form of punishment from on high. May our judgment not be harsh upon the innocent and may those who do not hold Israel as dear and Jerusalem as their greatest love repent from honest realization of their errant actions before it becomes too late. We paid for not having faith and love for the land once before, are we not able to learn from our own past that our love for the Promised Land is also a sign of our love for the L-rd our G-d who will bless us when we bless Him and we bless Him by inhabiting the land He promised to us through Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Are we that stiff-necked as not to be able to learn from our own past mistakes such that we now repeat the same transgressions? Apparently so.

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