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April 25, 2012

Is it Conspiracy Crazy or Our Future?

How many of the conspiracy theories both past and present actually exist or are soon to come to our world? Some of these theories have become acceptable and no longer are even viewed as threatening or insidious while others retain their nightmarish overtones. Which ones do you fear and which ones do you now think might be helpful or simply acceptable due to their inevitability. Let’s begin our little adventure into the new and future commonalities as well as the terrors that technologies are releasing into our lives.

One of the old favorites has been the government having the ability to follow your every move, often even when you believe you are safely out of sight. This has become somewhat possible in some of the major cities around the world. In London you would be hard pressed to be completely outside of their surveillance cameras which populate almost every block of the city. But does the government actually need to place their own cameras everywhere or is there a more insidious method for tracking people in public. Well, yes, there is. Some cities are now licensing all surveillance cameras within their jurisdictions and have plans in the works or already being implemented to link all these cameras to a master system. These localities actually have specification requirements for new cameras or replacements when installed in order to somewhat standardize their video quality and dimensions making them more easily coordinated into computer monitoring systems. The first program they place in these computer systems is facial recognition programs which currently are able to pick a face out of a crowded group in mere seconds. Think about the average town or city and all the places which sport surveillance or other monitoring cameras. Most self-serve gas stations, convenience stores have them inside and out, ATM machines, public buildings outside and internal security cameras, bank comprehensive security systems, many store windows have a concealed security camera to catch vandals, and the ever more present traffic cameras which can be equipped with dual lenses to monitor both the intersection in sync with the traffic light and the other to monitor the crosswalks and the corner areas of the sidewalks. Add to these those city cameras placed in critical areas or mobile cameras used by police including the dash-cams on the police cruisers and remember that those security cameras are usually amiable with powerful zooms and even some with thermal imaging. If your city is not now able to track people virtually anywhere within the city limits, they soon will be as recent news has made known that many government agencies are now planning or implementing drones for monitoring their localities. This is being done in urban, suburban, and even rural areas. We know where you have been and with whom you have been meeting, the walls have eyes.

If having the government’s eyes everywhere freaks you at all, how about their ears? Newer cellphones are now being produced so that you cannot completely turn the phone off. The microphone is always powered unless you remove the battery, if you can remove the battery from your new phone. The reason for this little additional ability is so your phone microphone can be monitored once the appropriate court warrants have been attained. This allows the authorities to listen in on any conversation that occurs within the room, or even the next room, where you leave your new mobile phone. There is also a GPS chip in your new phone as required by Federal Regulations which allows monitoring your location, or at least the location of your mobile phone, and who doesn’t take their phone almost everywhere? And even if you lock everybody’s phone in a soundproof box you are not safe. You better also be in your windowless safe-room or have special heavy insulated soundproofing curtains drawn, try finding really thick heavy thermal curtains like we used to be able to find even at Walmart. The powers that be are able to use a laser reader to bounce off any window, glass or acrylic, and amplify the return signal and listen into any conversation that takes place within the room or direct line of the window.

Here is another little question, what are governments going to do once we all drive petroleum free vehicles, especially electric or other alternate power which has extreme efficiency and we no longer pay gasoline taxes? They will not just shrug and let that revenue drive off and out of their coffers. In Oregon they have begun testing and in England they are on the verge of implementing a mileage tax. Yep, a tax per mile fee bill will be sent to your house, or more likely drawn straight out of your bank account. How will they do this, you ask. Here’s the little hint, not by reading your odometer, there will be no visit from the mileage man to read your car’s odometer. There will be a requirement for every vehicle to be fitted with an OnStar like device and your serial identification number will be entered into a computer database. The device will be installed in such a way that the car will be made inoperative without the device installed and it will be attached in such a way as to make it as close to impossible to remove as they are able. The most desirable will be having it built into all new vehicles where it can be placed within the framing or other structurally vital area as well as being electronically vital to the start and run cycles of the car’s electronics. The rest is a simple monitoring of everywhere your car goes and calculating the bill. After the program is installed in the master mainframe, then all they need is to enter your information and id code of your car and presto, instant per mile taxation. What, you thought the government might even consider for one second giving up a tax on every car? Nope, the only rivals to the government on how to wring every cent out of the people are the phone companies and the banks. Check you land-line if you still have such a relic and see if they still have the dial tone charge.

This is nowhere near even a scratch on the surface. Even if I wrote for a thousand pages I probably would not even come close to the nefarious designs, strategies and schemes our governments have in the works for our futures. Please add your own ideas and let’s make this into an honest conspiracy theory page full of intrigues and nefarious plans which governments may be implementing in our futures. Don’t think for a second that you might be giving them any new ideas; they have whole departments of their best and brightest, as well as their most evil and abnormal geniuses working on this and have for eons.

Beyond the Cusp


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  1. This is why it is so important for law abiding people to exercise their second amendment rights while they still can. Very soon all money will be electronic and if you criticize the government or are an activist then the government will turn off your ability to buy or sell.


    Comment by Christian Peper — January 25, 2013 @ 10:48 PM | Reply

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