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May 15, 2012

Reputation in the World not Israel’s Problem

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Israel’s reputation in the world is considered by many Jews and Israelis as a major problem if not the singular most pressing problem. They find it abhorrent that Israeli is compared to the Nazis in their treatment of the Palestinians and non-Jewish Israelis. They regret Israel being portrayed as being an oppressive occupying colonialist presence in their ancient homeland. Many friends of Israel feel great pain every time that she is denounced by the United Nations in either the Security Council or by any of the numerous rights groups and other governments. Many take the offenses personally when unions, organizations, city, municipal, and other levels even including national governments when they condemn Israel and take punishing moves such as boycotts and sanctions. Article after article in the minority of media outlets which are supportive of Israel bemoan the bile, hatreds and invectives constantly used to denounce Israel and the Israeli peoples. These reactions to the opinions of the rest of the world towards Israel have left many who love Israel close to paralyzed. They fear making a wrong move, an objectionable comment, a law found to be hateful, or performing, expressing, reacting in ways that might end up causing condemnations to fall upon Israel. Such trepidations are the result of probably the first ever case of an entire country and people being inflicted by Helsinki Syndrome.

In many ways the fears, timidity and second guessing by many of those in positions of leadership of Israel and the Jewish people are reminiscent of the first generations misgivings after leaving Egypt and crossing the desert on the way to the Promised Land. This might be explainable by looking at the similarities between these two returns to the lands of Abraham that were the conventional promise to be the lands his offspring nation would inherit. The Jewish people left Egypt after supposedly 400 years of slavery and having forgotten the lands of their forefathers and possessing a dependence personality resultant of their years of forced labor and oppression. Meanwhile, today’s Jews have a similar depressive set of personality outlooks resultant of the nearly two millennia which was consistent of prolonged periods of oppressions, deprivations, forced conversions, pogroms, exiles, ghettoizations, and restrictive treatment under the law which limited Jews in workplaces, occupations, residences, and numerous other restraints all of which culminated in the Holocaust. In many ways the modern return of the Jews to their ancient homeland of Israel is similarly identical to their Exodus out of Egypt and their return under Persian rule after the Babylonian Exile. They have to remember what it is to be the one who controls their own governance and being those who are truly the controlling force of the society of which they are not only a part, but the majority. After years of being the smallest of segments of most states under whose rule they had lived while also being always considered as the others, the peculiar others upon whom all evils and pestilence was blamed. After centuries upon centuries where whenever calamity struck their neighborhood the cry arose that the Jew caused this or that deprivation and it was necessary to force the Jew from their midst, when they were fortunate, and burn, kill, or other form of annihilating the Jew to set the world right.

The Jews need to realize that they cannot control, or even influence in most instances, the opinions of those who despise them. They have to come to the understanding that these countries which had held their fathers of former generations in contempt and inflicted upon them vile hatreds are not going to treat the Jewish State with any better regard than they had the Jews who lived in their midst throughout much of history. The leadership in Israel has to come to the awakening that they need to rule and commit themselves to what is best for Israel and her people and let the world scream and protest all they wish. The more attention and the more Israeli actions are molded and fall to foreign persuasions, the more and the longer the world will continue to protest and demand of Israel that they heed and satisfy their enemies. The Jewish people as a whole and Israeli Jews in particular need to realize that by modifying their behavior in an effort to assuage their protestations only serves to positively support such complaints and insistence leading to even more demands that they go further and allow for even more demands until the demands reach where they have gone, to a level of complete absurdity. The Israeli tendency to moderate their policies and actions in order to ameliorate their actions and gain the approval of the rest of the world is completely counterproductive. Wake up and start to serve the people of Israel first and ignore the screaming crazies who would rather Israel cease to exist. The world does not care about Israel and especially the Jews of Israel and should hold as much sway over the actions of the State of Israel commensurate to their affections of the Jewish people throughout their history and their support offered today. Those who wish Israel harm should be ignored and seek the company of those who wish friendship. You will never satisfy a world which has decided that Israel has no right to exist and the Jew has no right to a country or even to life when push comes to shove, so stop trying and instead satisfy and serve yourselves. The world will get along just fine even should you decide to do as you need and ignore what they say, especially their complaints and demands for your surrender. That is the only way to gain the respect in place of their scorn. How can you expect the rest of the world to respect you if you do not respect yourselves sufficiently to serve yourselves primarily and the rest of the world secondarily.

Beyond the Cusp

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