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June 30, 2012

Middle East Boiling Over Could Grant One Promise

The changes throughout the Middle East continue as things roil over and the predictions of the press and politicians in the West slowly are revealed to be nothing but errors and misjudgments. There are a select few who are still insisting on bending, twisting, contorting, and transmuting the evidential facts emanating from the Middle East in such a manner as to make it all fit their expectations. Some of the worst offenders of truth are members of the White House and advise President Obama. Let us take a look at some of the most egregious mutations of truth being presented as fact and reality. The most amusing among these has been the persistence of the idea that Kofi Annan can bring an end to the carnage occurring in Syria through meetings held outside of Syria with panels made up of people and leaders who are not Syrian. The latest twist or turn in this saga will be a meeting in Geneva consisting of Foreign Ministers from countries of presumably powerful nations as well as some from nations who may have an interest or reside in the area surrounding Syria. While this meeting of great minds will include people representing Russia, the United States among others, it at least had the foresight and wisdom not to include Israel in the discussion. Oh, one last point; Syrian President Assad has already stated his rejection for any compromise or suggestion which may be forthcoming from this conclave.


Another item that would be amusing, was it not so serious a misreading of actual events and egregious misinterpretation of stated words and intentions which could only be the result of pure flights of fancy, would be Secretary of State Clinton’s view of events in Egypt. Much of this has to do with the reactions and statements made by Secretary of State Clinton as well as other members of President Obama’s staff and Cabinet. All of these mischaracterizations have to do with the newly elected Egyptian President and other election results and actions over the future for governance of Egypt. Egyptian President Morsi gave a speech celebrating his election victory and setting the tone for the future of Egypt under his leadership. Among the statements made in a relatively lengthy speech, these little nuggets were in the translations, “The Koran is our constitution, the Prophet is our leader, jihad is our path and death in the name of Allah is our goal,” and “Today we can establish Sharia law because our nation will acquire well-being only with Islam and Sharia. The Muslim Brothers and the Freedom and Justice Party will be the conductors of these goals.” Secretary of State Clinton has reacted to the election and statements of President Morsi with signs of approval and expressing an expectation that future governance in Egypt will be of a liberal and agreeable nature and everything points towards a bright future for Egypt and relations between the United States and the Morsi government. Somebody must have gotten a bad translation or possibly the translation of his speech has yet to cross Madam Secretary’s desk.


Moving right along, we come to the futile meetings between the P5+1 and Iran over the nuclear issue. The fact that anybody still holds out hope that these negotiations will serve any purpose other than fill time in until Iran completes their efforts to place nuclear warheads upon their ballistic missiles and use them against Israel, Europe, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and/or even the United States is purely delusional. And placing the Foreign Minister of the European Union Catherine Ashton as the lead person in the negotiations was likely one of the great personnel errors of all time. Firstly, she is not a member of any of the governments of the countries represented in the negotiations. Secondly, she is a complete anti-Zionist and is enamored with the Arab and Muslim causes. Thirdly, she is another multiculturalist banner waving proponent who appears to find favor in any culture which deplores and condemns western civilization. And finally she has spoken in such glowing and admirable terms when referring to the chief Iranian negotiator that one would be forgiven if they believe that she is enamored with him much like a school girl’s crush. Yet, despite all that has occurred, the leaders of the West, President Obama in particular, still act under the perception that progress is being achieved and a solution is right around the corner. This is despite their having turned numerous similarly promising corners only to find another long stretch of dessert road to travel. Charlie Brown is more likely to finally realize that Lucy will pull the ball away just before he kicks landing him on his backside long before any of these leaders realize that Iran is Lucy playing them for Charlie Brown and Iran has an endless supply of footballs.


I promised at least one bright side, so here it goes. This concerns the difficulties between Israel and the Palestinians and the rest of the world. The Palestinian Authority leadership under Mahmoud Abbas has escalated their threats and posturing demanding a complete and unilateral concession on every possible issue by Israel or numerous threats will be unleashed. This past week Abbas and his associates placed the demand that Israel withdraw from all the lands liberated during the 1967 War including all of East Jerusalem including the entire Old City, establish a Palestinian State on this surrendered land with Jerusalem as the Capital, release all Palestinian prisoners from Israeli detention, and accommodate the acceptance of all the refugees resultant from the displacement of Arabs from the 1948 War into Israel with full restitution of all properties they claim and full Israeli citizenship or else the Palestinians will initiate a third Intifada. These overt threats came less than a week after Hamas and related allied terror groups fired over one-hundred-fifty rockets and mortars into southern Israel in just under one week. This included one barrage of approximately twenty rockets within one hour. Meanwhile, newly elected Egyptian President Morsi sat nodding in agreement on a stage during an introductory speech given by an Imam while he declared that the new Caliphate, the United States of Arabs would soon be founded with al-Quds (Jerusalem) as its Capital. Add in statements out of Iran and from Hezballah in Lebanon with the possibility of an attack out of Syria resulting from the unrest plaguing that nation, the belligerence that has replaced the once harmonious relations between Turkey and Israel and one inevitability arises, the probability of an armed conflict between Israel and some combination of aggressors likely including Egypt, Hamas, PRC Gaza, Palestinian Authority, al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade from Judea and Samaria, Iran in coordination with Hezballah in Lebanon, and even possibly Turkey who may demand the full support as obligated by treaty from all NATO members. Should some form of open warfare be unavoidable in the near future and Israel manage to repel the attackers, one should expect that when the fighting ends that Israel will claim as her borders the very farthest of the front lines with all the lands west of the Jordan River as a minimal start. If Israel is, Heaven forbid, forced into another war in order to continue to exist, the world should brace themselves for Israel choosing whatever favorable borders she desires from the point where her enemies accept defeat and agree to forever end their violence and desires to destroy the Jewish State or the Jewish People. There will be no more questions over Israeli right to Judea, Samaria, all of Jerusalem, the Golan Heights, even possibly up to the Litani River in Lebanon. My prayers are whatever the next conflict to break out in the Middle East, no matter who is involved and whether Israel is attacked or it is between two or more countries none of which are Israel, that the rest of the world can manage not to be dragged, pulled, coerced or forced to join the conflict. Unfortunately, if I had to make a bet, my bet would be the next conflict in the Middle East will be between Iran and the countries of the GCC, namely Saudi Arabia and the other oil kingdoms which neighbor her. That conflict could very rapidly escalate into a world consuming conflagration. That would be simply horrendous and tumultuous situation, to say the least.



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