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July 30, 2012

It is not About an Occupation

The overbearing conversation claims that the anger, terrorism and all other forms of violence perpetrated by the “Palestinians” is due to their historic homeland having been stolen and occupied by the Israelis, the Jews. This is a deception which anybody with even a modicum of knowledge of ancient history already knows the truth but let’s go over it once again. The Palestinians are of Arab origins and arrived in the areas around Israel in the seventh century during the Arab Islamic conquests which eventually stalled in Tours, France and Venice, Italy reaching into India in the east and southern Russia in the north. The area around what today includes Israel, Gaza, Judea and Samaria (West Bank), and areas east of the Jordan were known long before they arrived as Israel and Judea. Israel was conquered by the Babylonians leaving the Jewish territories called Judea. The area remained known as Judea until the Romans changed the name in order to erase any reference to Jewish ownership, past or present, and renamed the area Palastina in the second century, after the Roman name for the ancient civilization of the Philistines, the Jews most persistent and hated enemies. The area from the time of Greek conquest by Alexander the Great until the establishment of the State of Israel in 1948 was held as part of conquering powers and never an independent state or even having its own identity as it was usually equated to be part of an Egyptian province or a Syrian province. An interesting truth is that it was relating to the Syrian denotation of the areas which make up the lands between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea that made up the western section of the British Mandate where the original use of the term “Naqba” was coined which referred to the catastrophe which occurred to the Arab peoples living in the British Mandate. The “Naqba” was the fact that the areas known as southern Syria were under British rule while Syria proper including Damascus was under French rule and it was a catastrophe that those living in southern Syria under British rule were no longer easily able to make pilgrimage to Damascus now under French rule. So, enough about early to modern history and to the subject of the presumed occupation.

We hear the repetition of terms all of which refer to the occupation. Some of these unfortunately familiar terms are terrorism, cycle of violence, suicide bombing, rocket attack, IDF strike and a fair number of others. This begs a question of who is occupying and what is it that has been occupied. The theory is that the Israelis, or more accurately the Jews, are occupying the ancient homeland of the Palestinians. The Israeli Jews are occupying Palestine, the former homeland of the Palestinian Arabs. The claim is that the area has belonged to the Palestinian Arabs for thousands of years, one claim actually proposed that Palestine had existed until 1948, when Israel was founded replacing the noble country of Palestine, for nine thousand years. Yet, we know from history that the Arab people did not emerge in numbers from the Arabian Peninsula until around the year 675, a mere 1335 or so years ago, long short of nine thousand years. But let’s assume that the occupation really does currently exist, despite all evidence to the contrary. So, we must attribute the violence and attacks against the Israelis are all completely due to the occupation which began in 1967 as a result of the Six Day War. But there were numerous terror attacks, suicide bombings and shootings before June of 1967. Even the PLO (Palestinian Liberation Organization) was formed before 1967. Yasser Arafat formed the PLO along with Mahmoud Abbas in 1964 in order to liberate Palestine. So, where was this Palestine they were targeting to liberate? Was it the West Bank and Gaza which were held, or is it occupied, by Jordan and Egypt respectively. No, the PLO was formed to liberate Palestine from the Jews, to replace Israel with the State of Palestine. So, according to the original intent declared by the PLO, they had no claim to the West Bank or Gaza, the same exact places they claim today is their only aim to possess. The next claim will be that actually Israel including the West Bank and Gaza are the occupied areas. The terror committed and all violence is due to the founding of the State of Israel becomes the argument which leads to the next query. If it was the formation of Israel in 1948 then why the violence, pogroms, and violence against Jews during the British Mandate period and even before that all the way back to before the year 1000. The history of Muslim and Arab violence against the Jews for close to 1400 years in the area the Romans named Palastina in the second century. Let’s admit the truth, the reason for the violence is that there are non-Muslims living in this presumably pure Arab Muslim land that must be made pure for Islam and it is not Israel or the British Mandate or anything else other than there are Jews and they must be driven from before the Muslims. Almost a millennia and a half of violence perpetrated throughout this period of history reveals the real truth that it is not the occupation, it is not the existence of the Settlements, it is not the founding of Israel, it is that Jews exist and have the unmitigated and brazen nerve to believe they will be allowed to reside on this land. It is not the occupation and no two state solution is going to end the violence as the violence began before there was even any state in existence and the lands were under foreign, but not Jewish, occupation.

Beyond the Cusp

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