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August 1, 2012

The Real Problem for Obama is not Jewish Voters

President Obama does not have a Jewish problem in the upcoming election; he has an Israel problem. Contrary to the mainstream media portrayal of President Obama facing a loss of Jewish support is false as their votes are minimal when compared to the numbers of Americans who might not vote for him due to their perceiving that he does not stand with Israel as much as they might like. Where the Jewish voting population is less than 2% of the total and in their more heavily represented states respectively, it is but a mere 9.1% in New York, 5.5% in New Jersey, and 4.6% in Florida then dropping even lower from there; of these states, New York is not a likely swing state and even if President Obama lost sufficient Jewish support in the others, the split at worst would be an even 50/50 which drops the percentage lost to under 2% of the total vote compared to the normal voting history in any state. This is unlikely to be the determining factor when weighed against the Christian support for Israel which has been measured to be as high as 70% and measures consistently well over 55% in polls taken without regard to religion. This is the significant voter losses the media is referring to when they talk about the problem that President Obama is likely to lose votes because of Jewish support for Israel.

That begs the question of why they tie the vote loss to Jews over Israel when the majority of the losses will come from Christians and other non-Jewish voters. The most innocent reason is likely that relating the loss of Jewish votes over perceived lack of solid support for Israel is the most obvious and requires no further explanation, thus for the sake of simplicity and pure laziness this connection is utilized. There also is the possibility that those reporting on this are myopic and their narrowness of focus does not allow them to look past the most obvious of reasons. Perhaps the reporters honestly believe that the Jewish vote is far more significant in numbers than is the reality of their numbers. They might be incorporating the loss of donations from Jewish sources which likely has a larger influence than Jewish voting power possesses. Somehow, I doubt that it is any of these all-so-innocent reasons and instead they are far more likely to have a darker and more sinister reason at the heart of this reporting.

It just might be that they desire placing the blame for an Obama loss on a misperception, according to the mainstream press, of his lack of support for Israel. This would allow all the blame for an Obama loss to be because of those Jews who placed Israel before their consideration of the United States. Should President Obama actually lose in November, we all know it will only be because of some nefarious reason spawned by some sinister and deceitful campaign which used lies and suspicions to mislead people from reelecting the presumed <a href= target=blank>fourth best President</a> in American history. So, if you are going to formulate such a theme, why mess with what has been the most successful plot-line used throughout history to explain every calamity from the beginning of history through the plagues during the Dark Ages right up to the excuse for the evils and plight of the Palestinians today. The real problem is that should the blame be placed on Jews as the reason for the President failing to be reelected, there will be an unfortunately large number of people who will simply nod their heads knowingly and simply agree that was the real reason behind Obama losing.

The full extent of the result of placing the blame on Jews in the minds and hearts of those on the far left of the political spectrum is that this has been the formula used to explain so many other failures in history. Other than the obvious use of the Jews as a scapegoat in 1930s Germany, there was the same reasoning used by both Lenin and Stalin in Soviet Russia, the same when Jews were branded along with the Muslims during the Inquisition as Spain threw off their Islamic invaders after centuries of oppressions, and in numerous other calamities even including the dispossessing of Jews of their lands, holdings, wealth and property by General Grant in Kentucky, Tennessee, and Mississippi area which were under his control at the end of the Civil War in the United States. This order was overturned by President Lincoln immediately of his receiving notification which proved to be too late for many Jews who had already been driven from their homes and had their businesses taken and they being driven from the area with whatever they were allowed to carry with them. Such use of Jews as the perfect scapegoats throughout history led to Jews, wherever they lived, to keep a suitcase which contained a few changes of clothes, a second set of candle-holders for the Sabbath candle lighting, a second set of personal religious items, some gold, silver or money if they were fortunate to have some to set aside, an extra family bible replete with family histories exactly as their regularly used one, and whatever other items they valued and felt were absolutely necessary to restarting their lives should they be driven from their homes without notice. Is the world heading in that direction again? Has the world not learned anything from the past and the ever increasing price paid, first by the Jewish people, then by everybody else each time they blame the Jew, trotted out that it was their doing why things went other than desired? Looking around the entire world and it is growing darkly obvious that this lesson is on the verge of being once again imposed and on a scale beyond all previous times. Perhaps the Shoah, the Holocaust, was not the final and most horrid result to befall the Jews and the world from out-of-control anti-Semitism. Is this where this blame the Jews who prevented Obama from reelection because of their love of Israel over America is taking us? Some conspiracy theories have no expiration use-by date and apparently are not learned no matter how many times they are repeated.

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