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August 28, 2012

Why the Palestinians Chose to End Participation in Negotiations with Israel

When some from the more liberal end of the political spectrum put forth the claim the Prime Minister Netanyahu was the crux of the reason for why Israeli negotiations with the Palestinian authority broke down, they are correct in that claim but are dead wrong in their explanation and reasoning behind their claim. Their proposing that Prime Minister Netanyahu holding a hardline position of inflexibility and refusal to accept the preconditions and giving President Mahmoud Abbas any room to maneuver is why the negotiation process has broken down totally misses the facts. The truth is that Prime Minister Netanyahu has gone the extra mile towards facilitating fair and equal negotiation between Israel and the Palestinian authority. They omit the fact that Prime Minister Netanyahu gave a speech at Bar Ilan University on June 14, 2009, stating his willingness to accept the concept of a two state solution even noting his agreement with the concepts of two states for two people with established and recognized borders and mutual security with independence for both peoples. In response to this announcement by the Israeli Prime Minister, the entire leadership of the Palestinian Authority and the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) immediately decried that his claim of acceptance was completely inadequate and did not meet or even begin to satisfy those demands that they required in order to restart negotiations.

Adding insult to injury, it was soon thereafter that President Obama supported the idea of a complete building freeze be imposed on Israeli Jews residing in Judea and Samaria as well as East Jerusalem. This demand immediately became a staple in the rhetoric and topped the list of precondition demanded by the Palestinian authority. Immediately after President Obama introducing the unprecedented idea of a Jewish building freeze that President Abbas made this demand the first and last words with numerous repetitions in between in every speech. Netanyahu, realizing he had been boxed because the demand originated with the American President, was echoed day and night by the Palestinians and also being was purported as a necessity by media outlets throughout Europe and even some in Israel while being proclaimed a necessity by other liberal media outlets and every supporter of the Palestinians or those holding enmity for Israel, the Prime Minister relented and agreed to an unprecedented ten month freeze of all Jewish construction, even including additions to current structures and even to accommodate expanding populations, in Judea and Samaria but refused to extend it to Jerusalem stating that Israel had already annexed all of Jerusalem and he would not forbid Jewish construction in the Israeli capital city. President Abbas refused to accept this most generous and extensive outreach from Prime Minister Netanyahu and simply demanded the building freeze be made permanent or minimally be extended until all final negotiations had decided the new and permanent borders. In the ensuing weeks, President Abbas increased his preconditions adding the demands that Israel agree to release prisoners, allow the Palestinian to place their capital within eastern Jerusalem, allow for the Palestinians to import weapons to update the equipment of their security forces, removal of all checkpoints, destruction of all roadblocks, disassembly of the security fence, and numerous others. Finally, after almost nine months of the building freeze had been intentionally frittered away, Mahmoud Abbas acquiesced to meet and held one meeting between negotiators in the Middle East and then, a few weeks later, held a press covered meeting with Prime Minister Netanyahu with United States President Obama present for a photo-op and then refused to hold further meetings and returned to his demands now stressing that the recently expired building freeze be reimposed before he would even condescend to once again list the rest of the preconditions for Israel.

This was soon followed by President Obama making mention that a condition for peace between the Palestinians and Israel should be the acceptance of the 1967 Lines as the starting point with mutually agreed land swaps in order to mold final borders. Again, President Abbas jumped on this unbelievable demand and now demanded a building freeze, Israel removing every settlement beyond the Green Line, retreat all IDF behind the Green Line, prisoner releases, importation of weapons, removal of checkpoints and on and on. Then Mahmoud Abbas announced the intention to petition the United Nations Security Council for recommendation to the General Assembly to admit the state of Palestine as a fully recognized member state of the United Nations with the 1967 Lines as their recognized border. This unilateral attempt to be recognized as a nation without having completed negotiations with Israel was not merely a further disregard of the Oslo Accords but a complete and total shattering and abrogation of the Oslo Accords. The United States could have nipped this superceding of the Oslo Accords by the Palestinian Authority and the PLO by simply stating outright that the United States would instruct their United Nations Ambassador to use their veto thus ending the entire affair. Needless to point out, this was not done until days before the opening of the United Nations months later. This allowed for Mahmoud Abbas to tour the world making headlines at each stop attempting to line up support for his United Nations ploy. In the end this attempt to abrogate the Palestinian observance of the Oslo Accords failed to even attain the required number of votes thus negating even the need for an American use of their veto. Still, by allowing this to go on for months simply made for a grand theater which toured the world demonizing Israel in general and Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu and Israeli Foreign Minister Lieberman in particular.

What made all of this possible was not that Netanyahu was against negotiating to establish a Palestinian State. It was the grand support given the Palestinian side’s propaganda casting Prime Minister Netanyahu and Foreign Minister Lieberman as the ultimate forces of evil denying the Palestinian their rightful lands and that the Palestinians were more than ready to set aside anything to reach a peace but these two conservative, reactionary, hateful, bigoted, apartheid supporting leaders of Israel were being intransigence and refusing to take the simple and obvious steps laid out and explained by the angelic and pure Mahmoud Abbas who was simply attempting to hold up the undeniable rights of the downtrodden Palestinians. What made this argument actually work was how it was repeated by media throughout the world, even within Israel. One could count on reading at least one editorial or article a week, often dozens if one did the slightest research, which cast Abbas as not having ice melt in his mouth being refused by a fire breathing Netanyahu. Without the complicity of the far leftist pundits and anti-Zionists and anti-Semites writing in the liberal media outlets none of Abbas’s grand act would have had any real affect. One prime example of such a media daemon writes for the New York Times, no surprise there, named Thomas Freedman. This message was also expounded on by such international organizations as the United Nations Human Right Commission, Peace Now, B’Tselem, J-Street, and numerous other leftist NGOs. Another front supporting the story line of the evil conservative Israeli government led by Bibi Netanyahu was the various church hierarchies such as the World Council of Churches, the Islamic-Christian Commission, the Anglican Church, and many synods and other church leadership councils. Add onto the growing BDS movement, the Israel equals Apartheid, the Zionism equals racism movement, the ISM (International Solidarity Movement), and other institutions many of which are supported by Iran, Saudi Arabia and other oil rich countries and other Muslim nations. There are also groups supported by European governments, which is rather odd when one considers that these very same governments are in financial and budgetary constraints having to enforce austerity measures and plead with the IMF and other countries for bailouts, throw money to groups attacking Israel, especially some Israeli NGOs, with most of these efforts being levied against two groups within Israel, those Jews living in Judea and Samaria and the religious communities. These groups are comprised of mostly by leftist secularists, socialists, communists, statists and those who have been mislabeled as anarchists as they simply support violence and destruction of property with many being socialists or communists if holding any real political beliefs. So, Prime Minister Netanyahu, the current Israeli government ruling coalition, Foreign Minister Lieberman, the settlers and the rest of the usual suspects are not the reason that the Oslo Accords have breathed their last and why President Mahmoud Abbas and the rest of the Palestinian authority leadership have abandoned negotiations, but rather the willingness of the leftist media and their supportive NGOs, UN commissions, European governments, the EU and the rest of the anti-Zionist anti-Semitic hordes allowing the abrogation any requirements of the Palestinians and placing all blame and failures at the feet of an Israeli conservative government simply because Israel had the audacity not to continue to follow the socialist, statist, leftist governance these self-appointed judges of all that is holy decree is the only laudable and correct path. Big Brother would be so proud of these hypocrites.

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