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September 30, 2012

Abbas Refuses to Negotiate, to Seek Back Door to Statehood

Mahmoud Abbas gave a long and fanciful speech at the opening ceremonies of the United Nations General Assembly this past Friday. Fortunately, nothing of what he said is even worth any criticism as simply ignoring such falsehoods is the best and only sane treatment. But there are comments that were made by Mahmoud Abbas which deserve commentary. These were made after his speech when he regaled the press and anybody who would listen about his plans to seek an improved standing in the General Assembly. Mahmoud Abbas will seek to have the Palestinian Authority reclassified as a non-member observer state instead of their current standing as a non-member observer entity. Where such a change in and of itself does not confer statehood on the Palestinian Authority or the areas controlled by the Palestinian Authority, this is not the goal at the United Nations. The goal is to have the United Nations General Assembly, a place where the Palestinian Authority and anybody purporting an anti-Israeli agenda is guaranteed a highly positive result, make a statement that gives the appearance of statehood and to take such an implication and then market it among receptive governments into gaining sufficient recognition as a state to be able to force the issue.

The deceptiveness of this plan goes even further than simply gaining recognition of statehood over the areas where the Palestinian Authority has complete or even partial control. Mahmoud Abbas has plans to have the Palestinian Authority given recognition over every inch of land which Israel gained during their defensive war with Jordan in June of 1967. This would include all of Area A which the Palestinian Authority controls, Area B which is under shared control between Israel and the Palestinian Authority, and Area C which is currently under full Israeli control and includes all of Jerusalem as well as the Old City, the Temple Mount, the Western Wall and the Kotel. Once the Palestinian Authority has wrested control of all these areas they will most certainly evict every Jew living within these areas which includes close to 750,000 Jews currently and will refuse to allow Jews access to any of their holy sites which will come under Palestinian Authority control. It is even likely that except for rare occasions, such as Christmas and Easter when tourist money is most available, that Christians will be refused access to their holy sites as well, in particular, Bethlehem. All the ramifications and consequences aside which can be bandied and debated back and forth forever, there are some particularly interesting items about his announcement.

The real points of interest have to do with the timing of the planned rollout for this ploy. Initially, Mahmoud Abbas made a point that he would likely wait until after the Presidential Election in the United States before presenting his petition to the United Nations General Assembly. He further clarified that he was considering a particular date, November 29, 2012. Mahmoud Abbas announced the reason he chose that date was because it was also celebrated as Palestinian Awareness Day where special attention and speeches are made in the United Nation General Assembly on that date to commemorate the great disservice done the Palestinian people on that date. November 29, 1947 was the day that the United Nations General Assembly passed the  Partition Plan for Palestine also known as Resolution 181. What has been lost in the memory of this date is that the Partition Plan for Palestine Resolution 181 called for both an Arab State and a Jewish State and suggested an even split of the area with the majority of the Jewish State being the Negev Desert while the Arab State was given much of what was considered the prime areas. Despite this seeming advantage, the Arab League refused to accept the Partition Plan for Palestine Resolution 181 while the Zionists celebrated and accepted the plan. On the date the plan was to take effect, May 15, 1948, the combined armies of at least six Arab countries invaded the nascent Jewish State with the intention of killing or driving every last Jew into the Sea. The end result of the series of wars over the next year and a half was the drawing of the Green Line which was the delineation of where the front lines were at the hour when the cease fire was affected. The Arab League again made a demand that the Green Line be defined as an Armistice Line and never be used as a recognized border because to have it utilized as a border would mean recognizing the existence of Israel, the Jewish State. But even calling for this day as the day to now recognize that very same Armistice Line as the border between Palestine and Israel, I guess they have decided they can live with that for as long as it takes for them to attempt what they have tried several times before, to push the Jews into the Sea.

But there may be one more reason for waiting until late November which has more to do with the Presidential Elections being over in the United States. It would not be much of a surprise that when the time comes and Mahmoud Abbas approaches the General Assembly to have the Palestinian Authority classification altered that President Obama would come out in favor of the General Assembly granting their request. Since he would either have won reelection or become what is called a lame duck, either way President Obama would not be running for President again. That would mean that, as he told Medvedev, Obama would have more flexibility after the election as it will be his last election and he will not have to face the voters again. This same flexibility would extend to his good friend who was the first foreign leader who President Obama called from the Oval Office after his inauguration. Who would expect that such was not the case? So, the one interesting question is whether President Obama has given Mahmoud Abbas some assurances about Palestinian statehood after the elections this November or is his stating he would wait until after the American elections simply a coincidence. Have I ever mentioned that when it comes to such things I do not believe in coincidences? Well, I honestly cannot and especially in this incidence.

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