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November 8, 2012

Was This Really a Turning-Point Election?

Time will be the true test of whether or not the United States has turned the corner and fundamentally been transformed as President Obama had promised to do. If the United States has been successfully transformed, then we will likely not see another Republican President in the United States, at least not with a conservative agenda as it is currently understood to represent. Other ramifications of this transformation will be detectable as religious institutions will become less independent from government demands made through requirements to comply with legislation and regulation demands forcing them into actions and policies which currently are an anathema to them. The cusp of the leading wave will originate from the applications of the Affordable Health Care Act, initially with the required insurance coverage for such items and procedures as contraception drugs and abortions.


The first challenges of this argument are currently headed for the Federal Courts in lawsuits brought by Catholic with other religious institutions such as schools and hospitals. This argument probably will not reach finality without being reviewed at some point in the future by the United States Supreme Court. But even should the government be permitted this amount of influence over religious institutions such as schools, hospitals and other ancillary institutions; it will not be the final confrontation. It will prove to be only the first of ever increasing and deeper intrusions until religious freedoms as they are currently defined have been redefined favoring the power of government regulation over religious institution’s independence from government influences and intrusions.


The full extent of the effects and ramifications of the Affordable Care Act are going to be transformational in many ways and areas beyond what is currently the general understanding of the majority of the population. Should this law and all of its myriad of regulations and requirements be applied and installed into the mechanisms of the varied areas of the American society without any overt resistance or even outright rejection, then the first and largest step towards the transformation of the United States towards a socialist moderated form of capitalism and its inexorable transformation from an individualist society towards a more communal oriented society such as permeates modern day Europe will have been permitted their beachhead from which to attack our freedom and liberty. The real interesting question that must be asked is whether this is the final destination which the newest form of progressives are aiming towards or do they hope to go even further?


The answer to this question was hinted at during one of President Obama’s speeches during the campaign. While proclaiming the wonders and magnificence of the bailout of the automobile industry and his saving of General Motors and Chrysler, President Obama went one step further and stated his intention to take this example of cooperation and joint ventures between the government and industry to many other areas where he claimed government partnerships would result in many wondrous and beneficial results. The worrisome thing was the thunderous applause that exploded from those listening to this speech and their seeming embrace of this idea. One has to wonder if anybody who responded so favorably to this idea had any clue that what was being proposed was <a href= target=blank>economic fascism</a> which was considered so favorable in the 1920s and early 1930s until it was abused leading to the greatest war in our planet’s history. This has to make one wonder if perhaps the transformation President Obama and his fellow travelers are seeking bears any resemblance to the economic fascist countries such as Francisco Franco’s Spain or Benito Mussolini’s Italy. As stated at the beginning of the article, time will tell.


Beyond the Cusp



  1. I was very surprised and disappointed by the election results. There seemed to be so much enthusiasm for Romney and so little for Obama that it should have gone the other way. From the vote totals it seems that Romney got even less votes than McCain did in 2008 and that part of the Republican base stayed home. I did quite a bit of research on this and although the “experts” are not saying anything, I believe that I know what happened. The evangelicals did not come out due to religious bigotry because Romney is a Mormon. They had threatened to do this during the primary and I read many arguments on the subject. This is the same group that demands that the Republican party puts as planks in the party platform that no abortion should be allowed, even in the cases of rape and incest. Two easy Senate races were lost because of this and the comments made by people winning the primary with this view. They also are against civil unions for gays even when protections for religious beliefs are added in. The party must stop catering to these people because they are destroying our chances of taking the country back from the marxists. If they start going more mainstream with these two issues and push for LEGAL immigration reform they can forget about the far christian right and pick up some people in the middle who would otherwise support them. I saw these people take over the Constitution party and kill it. It started out as a party that stood only for what is legal by the constitution and they turned it into a party that wanted a Christian theocracy. They have also taken over a large part of the tea party movement and are killing that. That is how evangelicals are getting elected in the primarys and we are getting candidates that are so far out from the mainstream. These people are just as dangerous to our freedoms as the marxists. They are just at the other end of the spectrum.

    It really is too late now. By the time these next 4 years go by there will be such an economic mess with so many people dependent on government for the roof over their heads and food in their mouths that we will be a fully socialist third-world toilet. The system is going to have to collapse before it gets better and it will collapse. We have already entered the debt spiral and with the Obamacare starting next year and with the new EPA regulations coming out we will be in the same position as Greece before the next 4 years are over.


    Comment by electronicrepairman — November 8, 2012 @ 6:53 AM | Reply

  2. Generally, the Christian right supports the presence of religious institutions within government and the public sphere, and advocates for fewer restrictions on government funding for religious charities and schools.


    Comment by silver account — November 10, 2012 @ 1:14 AM | Reply

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