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November 29, 2012

Ultimate Scheme Behind Abbas’s Palestinian Statehood Bid and Peace

Mahmoud Abbas has been seeking a serendipitous path to statehood on the Palestinian claimed areas with the 1949 Armistice Lines including half of Jerusalem which includes all of the Old City, Temple Mount, Western Wall, and the plaza adjacent the Western Wall known as the Kotel for well over two years. His quest will be reaching its critical moment today as Mahmoud Abbas once again attempts to have the United Nations recognize a Palestinian State. The Palestinian Authority’s quest for full membership as a fully recognized State last year was rejected as it failed to gain the nine Security Council votes required to allow it to proceed to the General Assembly for final approval. Not one to give up on finding a path that avoids having to ever deal with Israel, Mahmoud Abbas promised at the opening ceremonies of the United Nations General Assembly this past September that he would again petition the United Nations for recognition for statehood. This time Mahmoud Abbas will avoid the more difficult path through the Security Council and instead will seek a simple upgrade of Palestinian status from that of an observer entity to an observer State which only requires the approval of a majority vote of the General Assembly. It has been predicted, as if it really would matter, that between eleven to fifteen European Union countries will vote to approve Palestinian recognition as an observer State. Even without a single European countries’ vote or that of any Western nation, the Palestinians are guaranteed attaining the long sought recognition as a State simply due to the votes which they expect to receive in any General Assembly vote from just the nations in the NAM (Non-Aligned Movement) countries which is made up of most of the Arab, Muslim, and developing nations touting one-hundred-twenty member States, easily enough to make a majority of the one-hundred-ninety-three member nations represented in the General Assembly.

So, why did Mahmoud wait until nearly the end of November to make his appeal for upgraded status instead of simply petitioning the General Assembly back in September if approval was so guaranteed? One reason that was floated at the time was that with the run-up to the elections for President of the United States likely causing more people than normal to be paying attention to the news cycle and Mahmoud Abbas wished to avoid critical attention to his petition and instead likely prefers to make his petition for Statehood under less stressful conditions. Where this may have been one of the influencing reasons, there is another reason which would lead Mahmoud Abbas to petition the General Assembly on the date of November 29. The reasoning for this date is so Mahmoud Abbas could make reference to the General Assembly ruling on November 29, 1947 which recommended for the formation of a Jewish and an Arab State on the remaining lands between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea of the British Mandate Lands. Abbas is likely to point to the ensuing war which broke out the day after the Jewish State of Israel declared independence and that after the war there was no Arab Palestinian State formed as was proposed by the General Assembly and that the Palestinian people have been refugees ever since due to the war between Israel and the neighboring States. The implication will be made by inferring that Israel was the initiator of the war in May 1948 which is untrue as the war was initiated by Syria, Egypt, (Trans)-Jordan, Iraq, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Palestinian Arab Militias, and other militias and other irregular forces who declared a war of annihilation with the grand promise to the Palestinian Arabs that after a cleansing genocide removed every Jew from the lands, they could return and inherit all the spoils of the Jews and the land. Mahmoud will point out that the Palestinians were driven from their lands and that this needs to be rectified and granting them nation state recognition would be a good first step. Left out is the fact that the lands he now wishes to claim as an independent nation at the end of the war in 1948-9 were in the possession of (Trans)-Jordan and Egypt with (Trans)-Jordan holding the West Bank and Egypt occupying Gaza. These lands remained in Arab hands until after the Six Day War of June 1967 where initially Egypt and Syria declared war on Israel and believing that the combined armies of Egypt and Syria were winning, Jordan subsequently declared war on Israel in order to join in the glorious victory which was inevitable. When the fighting was stopped by United Nations intervention along with demands for a halt by the United States, Soviet Union and many other countries from Europe and the Middle East, the Israelis had control over the Golan Heights from Syria, Judea and Samaria (West Bank) from Jordan, and Gaza and the Sinai Peninsula from Egypt. It was after the results of the Six Day War that the claim of the loss of the Palestinian State first surfaced as the fact that these lands now belonged to Israel was something that was not to be allowed and simply must be returned to Arab Muslim ownership.

So, this is the reason for the demand for Palestinian statehood and the claims of an ancient country having existed before the Israelis destroyed and conquered the land making the Palestinian people refugees without a country.  Mahmoud Abbas goes even further with the claim that if only the United Nations would grant statehood for the Palestinians then peace would then be possible. Mahmoud Abbas claims that there is no possible way to negotiate a peace with the Israelis before he is granted statehood. Is this claim valid or is their some subterfuge at work here? What one must realize is how Mahmoud Abbas defines peace. Peace does not mean coexistence without violence between the Palestinians and the Israelis. Peace, when used by Mahmoud Abbas means that there is no more resistance to his demands and that he now dictates the resultant conditions and facts. The meaning of a peace resulting from the United Nations General Assembly granting Palestinian statehood is that the borders included by Mahmoud Abbas in his petition are now the internationally recognized borders for the Palestinian State and Israel therefore has no claim to any lands that now go to make up the State of Palestine. This will be used over time by Mahmoud Abbas to demand that the world, through the United Nations and the ICC (International Criminal Court), force Israel to remove every Jew and every IDF personnel from within the Palestinian State and return behind the Green Line. That is what many call the 1967 Lines but are actually the 1949 Armistice Lines which the Arab League stressed were never to be used or implied to be an actual border as by making them a recognized border would imply recognition of Israel. Mahmoud Abbas will make the point that the borders that he has the United Nations set are not real borders because the real borders are actually supposed to be the Partition Lines established by United Nations General Assembly Resolution 181 from November 29, 1947. This will be the new demand which Mahmoud Abbas will demand that Israel negotiate over with his now declared and recognized State of Palestine. Mahmoud Abbas will claim that these are the real borders which the world had promised to the Palestinian people and these are the borders which must be reapplied and Israel made to comply with UNGA Res. 181 and that the Palestinian people will never rest or end their resistance until these proper borders are reestablished.

What has to be remembered is that Mahmoud Abbas stated in a letter to Prime Minister Netanyahu that was leaked that, “We agreed to establish the State of Palestine on only 22% of the territory of historical Palestine-on all the Palestinian Territory occupied by Israel in 1967.” This statement has more than one way in which it can be viewed. The majority of the Middle East experts say that Mahmoud Abbas was simply making claim to the West Bank and Gaza. When it was pointed out that the West Bank and Gaza combined make up over 23% of the lands between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea, some claimed that was close enough while other then put forth the claim he simply meant just the West Bank and was not including the areas under Hamas control, the Gaza. The problem with this was that the West Bank alone makes up just under 21% of the lands between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea. The only section of land, and what we believe Mahmoud Abbas was referencing, that makes up exactly 22% is all the lands from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea when compared to the entirety of the British Mandate Lands of which Jordan takes up exactly 78%. We feel this is the reason for the ‘-‘ between the part of the sentence containing the reference to 22% and the part referencing  ‘Palestinian Territory occupied by Israel in 1967.’ So, this claim is the real objective of Mahmoud Abbas, the complete replacement of Israel by the State of Palestine and is the only end result he will ever accept. This move before the General Assembly is simply the acquisition of areas that make up the first step in the complete annihilation of Israel and replacing it with the State of Palestine by stages. One must remember whenever interpreting anything Mahmoud Abbas may say that Taqiyya is an honorable tenet of Islam which not only allows Abbas to state bald-faced lies, but demands that he use deceit and misdirection in order to further any goal which benefit Muslims or damages non-Muslims.

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