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December 1, 2012

Iron Dome Epitomizes Why Israel is Different

Iron Dome is the most reported and obvious item that shows what makes Israel different than most of her neighbors. Another one is why the headline that residents of Sderot and other towns, farms, Kibbutzim, and other citizens living closest to the source of the rocket fire in Gaza are said to have fifteen seconds from hearing the Code Red siren to take cover. If somebody is in their home then that shelter would be a safe room that is reinforced in order to withstand a direct hit by one of the rockets. What has been less mentioned is that even if you are out shopping, jogging, or are a child playing there is likely a concrete shelter within the distance an average person’s ability to move is ten to fifteen seconds. Almost every playground has multiple of these shelters surrounding them so all the children can reach safety. What many people do not know is that all of these shelters and a fair number of the reinforced rooms, even those in private houses, are built by the government in order to protect as many citizens as possible. Iron Dome has a very particular use and only that use, to intercept with remarkable efficiency incoming relatively short range rockets, mortars, and any form of indirect fire weaponry. There is no way in which the Iron Dome systems can be utilized or adapted to serve as an offensive weapon. Iron Dome is a purely defensive weapons system designed with the expressed duty to preserve lives. That is why when it is pointed out that the Iron Dome systems are deployed near to residential and other civilian places does not equate with the launching of rockets from Gaza from near schools, Mosques, hospitals and other locations where civilians, especially children, are present.

Iron Dome, David’s Sling (the next stage of interceptors being developed by Israel in tandem with Raytheon, and the shelters along with reinforced safe rooms are indicative of the extent to which Israel holds life. But there are other evidences that show the importance of saving lives, all lives, is to Israel. Israel provides medical care to the citizens living in Gaza as well as Judea and Samaria (West Bank) usually with no charge. The Israeli government offers their advanced medical knowledge and abilities to even their enemies during times of open belligerence. If one wished to read a personnel testimony to the manner Israel provides medical care without regard to religion, national origin, or even if one is a combatant injured while fighting against the IDF at the time of need, they should read “Because They Hate” by Brigitte Gabriel, a book about her tragic childhood, if you can all it that, growing up in southern Lebanon during the Lebanon civil war and the Israeli incursion into Lebanon as a response to attacks into Israel by terrorists from southern Lebanon. Her initial introduction to Israel, Israelis, and Jews came about when her mother was in desperate need of medical care and the closest hospital was in northern Israel. The entire series of events shocked the young girl that was Brigitte Gabriel and redefined what it meant for somebody to be a Jew. She had been raised with the propaganda of Jews being selfish, murderous, savage barbarians and could not believe what she witnessed. Not only did her mother receive prompt and caring treatment, she witnessed the chaos of an emergency room in the midst of a war footing. The thing that stood out above all else was the kindness and the fact that she saw Lebanese soldiers from Hezballah being treated before IDF soldiers simply because their injuries required more immediate treatment. Her initial shock came when she reached the Israeli hospital. Where the ambulance driver who transported her and her mother to the Lebanese-Israeli border took almost all of the monies she had, the IDF ambulance driver not only did not request any payment, when she offered the soldier the money she had left hoping it would be sufficient, he refused to accept any payment despite the fact he could have taken the money for himself and nobody would have known. It was the events around the medical treatments which saved her mother’s life that launched Ms. Gabriel on her quest to research and find truth and put her on her amazing course which is now her life. Her story about her transition is an inspiring one which she tells whenever given the opportunity.

The one piece of truth that the Islamic terror masters tout so proudly is that they love death more than Israelis love life, a truth which Israelis will gladly plead guilty. What makes this claim all the more amazing is that when the Jews were a nascent people the world around them still practiced human, and particularly child, sacrifices. One of the earliest lessons taught to Avraham was that the one unseen G0d not only did not desire child or human sacrifice but abhorred and forbid such as this was the G0d that held human life as precious and Avraham and his descendants were charged to hold all life as precious as well. This instruction can be seen in the present in the extreme efforts made to design and perfect the Iron Dome systems which has the sole use to preserve life, the building and fortifying of shelters and rooms in every house that offer safety from rocket, mortar and other attack, the use of adapted warheads using less explosive charges in order to minimize the radius which is lethal in order to minimize collateral damages and casualties, precision targeted munitions to also minimize collateral casualties, the dropping of leaflets and making of phone calls before a strike so the people can flee before the building is struck, calling off strike should civilians and other innocents enter the target area, and virtually everything possible to cause the death and injury solely to combatants and people of particular interest. What the Israelis are willing to do in order to limit their weapons’ effects to those they target or the building which has been identified as a viable and necessary target says volumes about the length Israel is willing to go in order to preserve lives, even the lives of the civilians of their enemies even if they actively protect or assist these enemies. This becomes even more pronounced when one realized and include that Israel’s enemies very often aim to murder and destroy civilian targets and maximize the numbers killed without any concern if those targeted are combatants or not. It gets even more pronounced when one includes that many of Israel’s enemies will use civilians, even children, as human shields because they know that by hiding among such innocents renders them immune to Israeli attacks. Despite this, Israel is condemned for targeted killings even though it is well known that these targeted strikes are used instead of just striking these people when they are engaged in an attack closely surrounded by innocents, especially children.

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