Beyond the Cusp

December 22, 2012

And Banning Firearms Will End the Shootings?

We have had a rash of violence with handguns as the weapon of choice. This has led many to call for some tighter control on firearms while not really considering that the problem might have more to do with some of the particular lost souls who use them for antisocial purposes. The problem with weapons all throughout history has not been their abilities to maim and murder but the ability for people of ill intent to apply them in a violent release of their twisted and vicious perceptions. Jack the Ripper did not even use the most lethal of weapons of his time; he simply used a blade on people over whom he had a physical advantage. Some of the worst murderers in all of history did not use a weapon at all, they used other people who enacted their evil and used some of the most horrific means to cull the presumed unwanted from among the population. Stalin starved hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians while Mao Tse Tung simply allowed millions of Chinese to starve due to his errors, assuming these events were a mistake. Caligula used the might of Rome to execute his insanities on innocent people. Could somebody explain with such knowledge any sane people could honestly claim that guns are what have caused the calamities we have witnessed lately. Equally to blame are the reports which are played hour in and hour out raising the perpetrators of these heinous crimes to a corrupted form of notoriety. Unfortunately, the same people who report these stories and posthumously give these perpetrators their moment in the light are the same people who are rallying the populace in the pogrom to blame guns for the horrendous events which they have been reporting on every half hour in every newscast.

We have been hearing the clarion call to once again ban those scary looking guns, those assault style weapons, those weapons that resemble outwardly military style weapons and all will once again be right with our society. Never mind that the Columbine High School massacre near Littleton, Colorado, was committed while the last Assault Weapons Ban was in effect. How in all that is holy could such a crime take place with the near perfect weapons ban was in place making such terrible events supposedly impossible? The reputed first ever murder where Cain murdered his brother Able and did so without a gun, a sword, a knife, or even a club, he used his own two hands. But now we can end evil, we can heal every sick mind, every wayward emotion will be rendered harmless simply by making certain weapons that some self-appointed authorities assure us will solve all of the problems and illnesses of our society and everyone after we take this one small step will live happily ever after. Of course history and simple experiences have proven that this promise is as empty as are all the arguments offered as the solution to such mass killings as we have experienced recently. Problems whose source is the human mind and the potential twists and corruptions which can afflict such minds will never be resolved by placing the blame on a tool and banning the tool. The problems of men can only be resolved through compassions and inventiveness of the rest of mankind.

Perhaps in the distant future there will be tools with which we can predict and help those people who have a predilection towards embracing and enacting such violence as these horrific mass murders but unfortunately today we cannot yet predict all such people. We might want to rethink the path we have embarked upon where we favor the placement of people with mental irregularities within the real world in the hope that being among those we consider normal will be affected in a positive way. Unfortunately, some of those that we place within our societies might not be better served to be kept separate and in a controlled environment. These repeated events where some of the most innocent among us pay the price for an experiment which we had no input or vote in instituting where we no longer have a special place for those who might potentially be dangerous and simply place them within the public and expect it to simply be just wonder bread and bubbles. Perhaps instead of banning certain weapons that make some people hold unbridled and unfathomable fear we should instead demand that the government and the medical community no longer use the public place for their experiments in treatment of those our society would very likely be safer with them not within our daily lives. Perhaps ending the use of asylums was one experiment we need to ban and leave the firearms alone.

Beyond the Cusp

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