Beyond the Cusp

December 26, 2012

Israel’s Choice

Trust Israel to give the world another election with all the boasts, promises, twists, turns, accusations, denunciations, denials, claims, and virtually every other property which we all thought we were done with after the reelection of President Obama. The one thing about the Israeli election is it has the possibility of getting more nasty than anything we saw in the American election and having far more actors as there are likely at least four party leaders who have delusions of becoming the next Prime Minister and one who will have their dream realized only to find out the dream more resembles a nightmare. Meanwhile, the main topics in this coming Israeli election are almost beyond counting and you will be told that the problems and issues are a completely different set depending on which political party you ask and sometimes even which of the candidates on a party list one might ask. The Israeli system being a form of Parliamentary governance makes the entire system rather foreign to most Americans but familiar to the Europeans watching but will likely still provide surprises to even the best informed among us. So, without commenting further on the peculiarities and special circumstances, why not simply tell you my priorities and maybe even make a few picks, not predictions as I long ago learned that predicting Israeli elections is a fool’s game.

Despite all the discussions and other diversions that will preoccupy much of the coverage with each news source telling a story which will best fit their particular political proclivities and preferences; my political peculiarities and partialities sway towards the Jewish-Muslim confrontations, the settling of the whole of Biblical Israel being permitted for the Jewish People, the allowances which must be made for Muslim, Christian, Bahá’í, and other minority religions which also wish to live within these lands, the idea of the writing of an Israeli Constitution setting in written form the rules and laws of governance, making for a lasting peace between the ultra-religious with those of less observance and the continued growth of religious observance among the Israeli Jews. When the Oslo Accords were originally thrust upon the Israeli political scene by dealings behind the scene and without the full blessing of Israeli leaders of the time, I had hoped that it would bring a possibility for peace and not prove to be a tripping mechanism deliberately placed to destroy any hopes of harmony and peace between the Jews and their Muslim neighbors. What has proven to be the case has been the most disappointing and destructive result that anyone could have imagined. The toxin that has resulted from the attempts to make the Oslo Accords realize their purported perfect relations will lead to a war of such destruction that it must be avoided at almost any cost but not at any price. The death of the State of Israel, the actual designed result intended by the Islamists, must be defeated at almost any cost though most Israelis would prefer that the cost not be in lives or in a permanent animosity, though much of that choice is beyond the ability of most Israelis. The end of the Oslo Accords and the illusions cast around it need to be revealed such that all see it as the chimera that it has always been. After this has been accomplished, then real relations can be made with those Palestinians who wish to build a functioning state for both people with safety and guarantees of religious freedom and a sharing of the Holy Sites. Those who prefer terrorism and violence over cooperation need to be treated as the criminal element that they are and no more excuses should be allowed to mitigate their deadly intents and crimes.

The difficult path going into this election for the Israeli public is to discern and separate the truths from the empty rhetoric, the promises from the deceptions, the true hope from the empty visions of ready and easy solutions. The problems and difficulties plaguing Israel are not going to be repaired through painless and easy procedures but solely through hard, steady and painfully slow definitive acts and carefully guided diplomacy. Oslo has poisoned the waters and left serious wounds to the relations between the Palestinians and Israelis with it even turning some within families on opposing sides tearing the family structure asunder. The propaganda which denies the right of Jews to exist within any borders used to define Israel which is spread through every means and medium by the Palestinian authority, Hamas, Fatah, the PRC, Islamic Jihad and numerous other Muslim means of communication and education throughout the world cannot be undone by agreements or treaties but only through ending the mistrust, lies and deceptions with the truth. That is why the Israelis need to choose leadership which is willing to admit the hard truths and work within that which is real and not those offering platitudes and promises. They need to discern which politicians are simply tearing down instead of trying to build, blaming and offering escapist solutions rather than reasoned engagement with defined means, and most of all they need to avoid those who seek a route to power by destruction of those with which they disagree instead of through debate and offering a better way. This may be once again a serious and very consequential election for Israel and it may have ramifications that last for decades. My prayers are that good people who seek a true and righteous future are elected to the Knesset and may a similar type person even be chosen as Prime Minister.

Beyond the Cusp

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  1. ….””My prayers are that good people who seek a true and righteous future are elected to the Knesset and may a similar type person even be chosen as Prime Minister.
    Beyond the Cusp””….


    Comment by swissdefenceleague — December 26, 2012 @ 7:22 AM | Reply

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