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January 2, 2013

Fear of Netanyahu Implementing Another Disengagement too Limited

One of the major points of contention being exploited against the new Likud-Beiteinu conjoined effort in the coming Israeli elections are based on the theory that if Benyamin Netanyahu is reelected to the office of Prime Minister with a sufficient mandate by the electorate he will implement another disengagement with the Palestinians, this time in much of the West Bank. Theories about how much of Judea and Samaria Bibi will be willing to surrender to the Palestinians is the subject of pure conjecture. The most optimistic estimations claim Israel will retain all of Area C while allowing for a Palestinian State to be formed within Areas A and B while the most pessimistic predictions propose that solely the major blocks around Jerusalem and bordering the Green Line will be retained and anywhere from fifty to ninety settlements approximately may be evacuated, forcefully if necessary. This would result in anywhere from fifty-thousand to one-hundred-thousand Jews to be torn out of their communities and relocated in similar fashion to the forced evacuation of Gush Katif, and we know exactly what a series of disasters were spawned as a result. Unfortunately the truth of the matter may be far more sinister and depressing than anyone might wish.

No matter who is elected to be Prime Minister of Israel in the coming elections, that person will end up facing pressures and situations where the only available choices are bad, worse, and disastrously worse. The problem that will vex and tax the next Prime Minister of Israel will be in the form of attacks on political and legal levels married to ultimatums tied to threats of war, dissolution, abandonment or complete isolation from the rest of the nations of the world. The initial warning came with the announcement of a request, nay, a demand by the Arab League directed to President Obama to do everything in his power to force a solution that meets and satisfies the needs expressed by the Palestinian demands for their borders upon Israel. Even should President Obama choose to ignore this call from the Arab League, the Palestinians have worked in coordination with the Arab League in taking steps, measures, judicial procedures, petitions of world bodies, especially the United Nations, and alliance building in mutual treaties aimed at isolating Israel with nations sympathetic to their cause, including some of the European Union as well as most of the nations in the Non-Aligned Movement. All of these will serve to slowly force Israel into making the concessions or face what may seem to be terrifying consequences. So, it is very possible that it really does not matter who sits in the Prime Minister’s office, they will face such dire consequences that they may see no other acceptable path than to grant the Palestinians their State on the terms dictated to them as reasonable by those nations, institutions, NGOs and other alliances which have joined in the coming storm that will be aimed at Jerusalem. Yes, I mean Jerusalem as control over the Temple Mount and the Old City is as important if not more so as any other demand made by the Palestinians and their Islamic allies because by controlling Jerusalem they hold the beating heart of Judaism and a central node of Christianity and as such, possessing Jerusalem is of tantamount importance for simply psychological and propaganda purposes. For a corollary to what exactly Jerusalem means to the forces of Islam, simply read up on the conquest by the powers of Islam of Constantinople and their conversion of the Hagia Sophia Cathedral into a Mosque, transforming from the largest Cathedral of its time to the largest Mosque in its time.

To those who head their respective parties’ lists and dream of being the next Prime Minister of Israel, I have the following well known and over used admonition; be careful what you wish for, you just may get it. I really feel for the person, whoever it will be, who is chosen to be the Israeli Prime Minister as he will end up facing the most polarized divide of Israelis and have to make decisions which will make one third or more of the population call for his head on a pike. The Israeli population will divide on issues along differing fault lines depending on the subject. Some of these divides are the Secular and Religious; those living beyond the Green Line and those living inside the Green Line; the ones who still believe in the land for peace formula as a valid path to a solution and those who have completely lost any faith in peace by any means; the extreme leftists with the anarchists who support the Palestinians over Israel and those who support Israel above all else; The Ardent Zionists and the Post Zionists; and even many of the old divides found in almost every country such as the well off against the needy. The traumas that could possibly assault the Israeli population resulting from the forces aligning against the existence of a Jewish State may cause new divisions within the population that have never been witnessed before but the one thing which will act as a multiplier of any divide that forms within the public is the media and their drive to cause news and form public opinions rather than provide nonpartisan and purely factual reporting of events and situations.

There is one saving prayer that Israel needs to find is some avenue which would bring the public together and unite them in overwhelming numbers behind the Prime Minister and the government allowing them to represent a united face to the world and enable the Israeli governance to resist the pressures of an antagonistic world. This hatred and antagonism has been building for decades and has been most evident in the changing attitudes of much of Europe which have steadily moved to align with the Islamic forces which have the destruction of the Jewish State as one of their foremost priorities. Another front where a growing antagonism towards Israel and with it a resultant rise in anti-Semitism has been the campuses of universities worldwide and is manifested during the yearly campaign calling for supporting the Palestinians by agitating for countries, organizations and anybody else they can influence to join the BDS campaign against Israel and also impose boycotts, disengagements, and sanction on Israel with the intent of isolating Israel and slowly destroy the economy. The most disturbing occurrences of these efforts within the University communities which aim to destroy Israel, or at the very least remove any vestige of Jewish identity from Israel, are those which occur inside Israel on the very institutions of higher learning where a segment of ardent anti-religion leftists who call for and urge support of the BDS campaigns.

The other confrontation which will assail Israel and be a threat that the next Prime Minister will need to resolve will be a legal assault through some of the most anti-Israel, anti-Zionist and anti-Semitic agencies spawned by the United Nations at the urging of the Non-Aligned Nations, the Arab League, the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) and others sympathetic to their ideas concerning Israel or the Jewish people. Since the United Nations General Assembly granted the PLO, and thus the Palestinian Authority and potentially all of Judea, Samaria and Gaza, nonmember statehood, there have surfaced numerous threats made by Mahmoud Abbas, other leadership from the PLO, Fatah, Hamas, Muslim Brotherhood and the Palestinian Authority to take their grievances to higher authorities and use various means and routes now made a viable for them to destroy Israel by other than military means. Some such threats may even deserve mention. One of the most laughable was the threat to take Benyamin Netanyahu before the International Criminal Court on charges of committing war crimes. There has been mention of taking a petition to the United Nations Security Council to demand an enforceable motion demanding that Israel return all of the lands beyond the 1949 Armistice Lines that they gained during the Six Day War including East Jerusalem, the Old City, the Temple Mount, the Kotel, and all of the settlement blocks placing them under Palestinian rule as well as requesting the assistance of the forces that would be marshaled to force this implementation to also assure that all Jews were removed by any means necessary. There have been references to the Palestinian “Right of Return” for five to seven million; the number varies from one day to the next, Muslim Arabs to their original homes within pre-1967 Israel along with immediate citizenship thus allowing for a Muslim majority which could vote to totally change the makeup of Israel as the Jewish State and possible vote in Sharia and thus even force the Jews to leave Israel. The ideas and avenues that granting of statehood by the United Nations General Assembly vote has opened up for the Palestinians new and simply fantastic avenues to harass and possible to eventually eviscerate and destroy Israel as it is currently understood. For this reason alone it has become of paramount importance that the people of Israel must come together or they risk losing the country which is the sole place of refuge for Jews should the world once again choose to follow the insanity which has gripped it so many times in history culminating in the horrors of the Nazi camps.

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  1. From: Linda [] Sent: Friday, January 04, 2013 11:04 AM To: ‘Beyond the Cusp’ Subject: RE: [New post] United States Department of State Proves Their Blindness Again

    Your article Fear of Netanyahu Implementing Another Disengagement too Limited came out with an excellent point ‘Yes, I mean Jerusalem as control over the Temple Mount and the Old City is as important if not more so as any other demand made by the Palestinians and their Islamic allies because by controlling Jerusalem they hold the beating heart of Judaism.’ Excellent observation! This is Zechariah 12.

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    Comment by Linda — January 4, 2013 @ 12:36 PM | Reply

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