Beyond the Cusp

January 13, 2013

The Palestinians Newest Game

The reasoning behind the Palestinians gaining the status of nonmember observer state through petitioning the General Assembly of the United Nations is just beginning to play out. They are planning on presenting two faces, one to the World at large through their Consulates and offices in the numerous countries who already exist and whatever others they are able to get permission to place new ones and the other in their dealings which involve Israel and UNRWA. To the world they are preparing stationary, letterheads, stamps, seals and all the trappings of an actual country named Palestine. With Israel, UNRWA and when petitioning for funding from any source willing to be fleeced they will utilize the Palestinian Authority dropping the statehood front in order to access their lifeblood, funding. These two conflicting and mutually exclusive identities each are the driving impetuous behind their separate personae and are necessary each for their own purposes. Let us look at each in turn.

The front they are presenting for Israel, UNRWA and their monetary benefactors throughout the world is simply the same pathetic pleadings and representing the entirety of Palestinians as downtrodden refugees without any means of support whose future is dependent on the generosity of others. They will continue their claims to having had their homeland stolen and all the other propaganda which has served them and played the entire world for fools for over half a century. This side will not change as without the funds they repeatedly and consistently fleeced Europe, the United States, and any other country, agency, or other monetary target they could. Mahmoud Abbas had initially thought and even made a preliminary announcement to declare the areas under Palestinian control to be Palestine and issue passports, visas, identity cards and drivers licenses, and other such issuances any other State or Country issues. Within twenty-four hours the initial statement was withdrawn and has subsequently been left to die being ignored by the world as the mistake the Palestinian leadership quickly had realized it had been. They realized that should they actually declare Palestine as a country they would necessarily need to establish actual borders and their game of defraud the world to finance their kleptocracy would come to a crushing end. They waited almost a week before making the next announcement that they were going to begin using all the papers and other signets and symbols of statehood in their dealings with the world through their foreign offices and consulates while retaining their refugee victim façade at home.

The front of actual statehood will now be acted out on the world stage through their official dealings out of their consulates, “embassies”, offices and other official capacities. They have prepared all the trappings necessary to facilitate their charade. They will likely use this front in an attempt to arrange to upgrade their offices and consulates into fully recognized embassies wherever they find a cooperative country. They will likely then proceed with their plans to drag Israel before every international court, agency, board and institution on as wide and tangled a variety of charges in order to try and get Israel condemned and, if their wildest dreams be realized, sanctioned until Israel will be left friendless and standing isolated from the rest of the world, a complete outcast and friendless. Their charade at the United Nations General Assembly where they pleaded their case for nonmember observer state for the most innocent and purest of intentions was solely committed with the most sinister of intentions. The poor, weak, victimized Palestinians now have their statehood with the love and blessings of the vast majority of the so-called civilized nations of the United Nations General Assembly and they are going to utilize this as their bludgeon with full malice in their mugging of Israel with every intent of driving the Jewish State from the face of the Earth.

The Palestinians have determinedly sought and tracked down through every and any track the title of statehood always with the intent of the destruction of the Jewish State, Israel. There is one hitch which the Palestinians unfortunately figured out before they acted rashly and became hoist on their own petard. The Palestinian leadership will now have to commit to a delicate balance between statehood and refugee status. Their full frontal attack using every possible mechanism the civilized world has to offer in transplanting a Palestine State on the corpse of Israel will have to be kept independent and separate from the Palestinian Authority which is completely dependent upon the generosity of the countries and agencies who fund them to the wildest demands and dreams of the confidence people leading the Palestinian’s dual persona. This dual identity must not be allowed to act in two separate, diametrically opposed and incompatible identities. The Palestinian leadership must be forced to choose which identity they are going to use going forward. They cannot be allowed to act as a state when that suits them and act like an international charity receptacle when that suits them. If the Palestinian people and their leaders decide that they are to be treated as an actual state, then UNRWA can be disbanded and the Palestinian Authority be discarded as a defunct entity and the refugees from the camps can be returned to their country which would presumably exist. If, on the other hand the Palestinian people and leadership wish to continue the refugee status and to collect funds from every possible source and be the beneficiaries of the generosity of UNRWA’s care, then they cannot assume to be a state when representing themselves to the world. Mahmoud Abbas and the rest of the leadership of the Palestinian people must be made to choose which identity will define how the world interacts with them. To allow the Palestinians to utilize a dual identity implementing which ever definition, state or world charity case, they find to be most advantageous in each moment and situation would make a mockery of the benevolent actions taken in the United Nations General Assembly by nations expressing a wish, a wish totally lacking in logic or sanity. To allow this provocation of the sensibilities and stretching of credulity to continue would be to encourage and facilitate the greatest fraud and confidence scheme in all of recorded history and possibly beyond.

Beyond the Cusp

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