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January 16, 2013

Two Reasons Tzipi Livni Bad for Israel, Obama and Abbas

Tzipi Livni took a double-barrelled shot at Prime Minister Netanyahu which was far more telling about her than it was damning about him. She listed her two main reasons which would make her a superior Prime Minister over Benyamin Netanyahu. Her first reason was because she would not cause any disagreements or friction between her administration with United States President Barack Obama which she claimed is a preeminent requirement for any successful Israeli Prime Minister. Tzipi Livni’s second reason was that Prime Minister Netanyahu had been far too demanding and rigid when it came to taking the steps necessary to renew the negotiations with Mahmoud Abbas. She was adamant that she would be able to talk to Mahmoud Abbas and find a route that would satisfy him sufficiently and take any other actions and requirements necessitated for the resumption of negotiations to establish a lasting peace with the Palestinians. What was most distressing is that Tzipi Livni was actually being honest and representing exactly what she believes would be the most beneficial track for Israel going forward. Perhaps this is the most frightening facts about what a Tzipi Livni Prime Ministership would actually entail, Israel being reduced to a secondary importance where the whims of the United States President and the dictates of Palestinian Authority President and master terrorist Mahmoud Abbas. Is it possible that any Israeli individual exists, let alone a politician vying to be Prime Minister, who has not forgotten that Mahmoud Abbas was the man who assisted in planning and financing the Munich Olympics Black September slaughter of the Israeli Olympic team? Is there any reason for any Israeli to ever accommodate or even consider giving any due to this horrid little man who committed such acts of terror against Jews and Israelis simply because they were Jews and Israelis as has Mahmoud Abbas?

Granted I would fear for Israel under the leadership of Tzipi Livni or anybody else who would believe that it would serve Israel to negotiate with Mahmoud Abbas on his terms or by taking merely equal moral standing with a person with his history. Any party leader who claims that it would serve Israeli purposes to acquiesce to any, let alone all, of the precondition demands of Mahmoud Abbas would be even more frightening if they became the Israeli Prime Minister. I even would hold that Prime Minister Netanyahu has not been anywhere near strong enough in his refusal to bend before Mahmoud Abbas and his demands and preconditions. I would be far more comfortable with an Israeli Prime Minister who would denounce Mahmoud Abbas and all that he stands for, states or represents by reminding the world exactly who this monster is and his history of hatred for Jews and the existence of Israel. I would desire to have them hold Mahmoud Abbas up in truth for the world to judge, his doctoral thesis based on Holocaust denial; his being one of the cofounders with Yasser Arafat of the PLO in 1964, three full years before the 1967 Six Day War which established an Israel holding Judea and Samaria among the rest of the lands gained in a defensive war; the facts of the parts he played in the Munich Olympics massacre; his assistance in the March 1, 1973 assassination of the United States Ambassador to the Sudan Cleo Allen Noel, Jr. and Chargé d’Affaires in the United States Embassy to Sudan George Curtis Moore; and all the rest of the horrific history surrounding Mahmoud Abbas which has been wiped away and replaced with the lie that he is a man of peace and a peace partner if only the Israelis would allow him to realize his life’s work. Tzipi Livni would help Mahmoud Abbas complete his life’s work which he himself has stated in Arabic repeatedly, it is the elimination of the State of Israel in stages or by any means necessary.

Tzipi Livni also would take whatever steps would be required to comply with the wishes of President of the United States Barack Obama. She has claimed that working in close coordination with the President of the United States is one of the primary responsibilities of an Israeli Prime Minister. One needs to remember that there are some things which are not properly to be attributed to arch terrorist Mahmoud Abbas despite what the media would like all to believe. We have been told that having Israel accept the 1967 lines, actually the 1949 Armistice Lines, as the basis for the border between Israel and the Palestinian State of Palestine is the idea and precondition originating from Mahmoud Abbas and the Palestinians. It has also been reported that the initiation of another building freeze like the one the Israeli government granted to Mahmoud Abbas when he had previously demanded such a freeze. Neither of these concepts were the brainchild of Mahmoud Abbas. Both of these were concepts brought into the negotiations originally by the President of the United States Barack Obama during his first attempts to facilitate a resolution between the Palestinians and Israelis. It was the idea that if Israel would take these unprecedented steps that the Palestinian would fall all over themselves in a mad dash to the negotiating table as President Obama was sure that the reason no peace had been reached was completely due to Israeli intransigence. Yet, even after such disastrous a start between President Obama and Israel along with his obvious mishandling and faulty logic concerning Israel and the problems with the negotiations with the Palestinians, Tzipi Livni would follow the lead and guidance of President Obama with unquestioning obedience.

I do feel it would be remiss of me to also state that often Prime Minister Netanyahu has also disappointed me with what I have seen as timidity at times in the face of offensive assaults upon Israel and her right to exist and defend herself and her people within her legitimate borders. I have felt that Israel is in need of a Prime Minister who is not steeped and invested in the conditions and expectations of the past and tied to following through with the now deceased Oslo Accords. Israel would be better served by leadership which is willing to assist in the burying of the Oslo Accords once and for all. It would be for the betterment of Israel if her leadership would state clearly and forcefully that Israel would be completely within her rights according to the Geneva Convention and virtually every accord or legal application of international laws concerning lands gained through a defensive struggle in retaining all or any part of these lands which includes all of Judea and Samaria. It is the responsibility of the Israeli Prime Minister to boldly state these truths and initiate the education of the world bodies and countries that Israel has rights that she is willing to implement and that any land Israel would forgive for the forming of any Arab semi or fully autonomous territory. It is time that Israel put forth a new concept where she is willing to allow the Palestinians to have a semiautonomous entity which would still be defended as part of Israel but where they would be allowed to rule it with as much independence as possible within the framework that they held their actions as peaceful and policed against any forms of terror. Israel might even permit full independence at some point in the future once this Palestinian entity had proven their ability and intent to live in an honest peace with Israel side by side. This could be a recipe that could satisfy the Israeli need for safety and defensible borders while allowing a path for the Palestinian to work towards their independence. Such a person in the position of Prime Minister could possibly usher in a new and promising future where Israel would be treated as the rightful country in its own lands and independent from any questions as to its legality. The time has come for a prideful leadership in Israel which holds Israel bright and proud in the world. Unfortunately, I have no idea who might fill such a role from among the political population.

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