Beyond the Cusp

January 23, 2013

Conservative Pundits, Please, Enough Already!

All right, I realize that many conservatives would not give President Obama credit for helping a handicapped person across a street safely and would warn that there must have been some conspiracy or that it was a ploy for some nefarious ends involved. I might even agree with some, possibly many, of the insinuations, inferences, and blatant calls for progressive, communist even, programs and laws which curtailed Constitutional rights that could be found buried within his Inaugural Speech. You have disagreements over virtually everything President Obama stands for and represents. That is all fine and worthy of complaint and even opposition if that be your desires. But please, give it a rest when it begins to encroach on pure hatred and unimportant criticisms which sound unbelievably similar in nature to what the most ardent leftists used to say about President Bush and family during his eight years in the White House.

If I have to suffer one more talking head whining about the First Lady’s custom designer dress and the broach holding the halter in place with questions of how much it cost and what better purposes could have been found for those funds I will likely scream. I do not care how much they spent on his celebration on his inauguration as he earned it when he won the election. Enough with what the progressives would have said if Mitt and Ann Romney had worn similar expensive clothes and thrown an equally lavish number of Inaugural celebrations, it does not make your whining sound any less like sour grapes. I do not care what the Progressives would have said about the Romneys had they acted similarly if they had won the election. Are you conservative expounders not constantly claiming how you are superior to the progressives and are the grown-ups who do not stoop to such low levels in political discourse? Well, today, with your inane whining and roiling criticisms over the lavish and extravagant excesses of the Inaugural celebrations, many just seemed to have completely lost their minds over trivial minutia. Just let it go; it will be the Obama’s last one, so live with it. Save your vitriol for actual actions and legislative overreach. Save your venom for their excessive spending which is ongoing and setting baseline budgetary levels which are unsustainable.

The Inaugural celebrations were simply lavish excess because they actually earned it. Allow them their hard earned victory in the election. It is understandable that there may be some sore spots that were scratched causing you pain because it rubbed in that you lost yet another election you thought you had or should have won. It is not President Obama who ran an insufficient campaign that left more of your voters staying home on Election Day than the progressives did. If you had simply gotten as many votes as you had four years earlier you would have likely had won because President Obama also received less votes that he had received four years ago. So, you were just as unpopular with your base as he was with his and that means the result remained the same. For that reason he gets to celebrate and if you were really all grown up you would have just let it be. Sounding like a spoiled brat who is jealous of his sibling because they got the Christmas present that you wanted and you just got a sweater does your credibility no good. You did your causes and supporters absolutely no good today with your petty criticisms and empty jealousies. It is absolutely counter-productive to gripe over such inanities. Save your vitriol for the coming actual damages he will attempt to perform against our Constitution. Keep your ammunition ready to shoot down actual criminal intent through decree by Executive Orders. Lay in wait to trip those agendas hidden piecemeal, slowly being assembled by attaching individual pieces onto vital budgetary and other legislation just as the initial setups for Obama Care was attached and passed with the renewal of the Patriot Act. Be prepared to reveal any and every scheme to shortcut around the delegated authorities of the Congress and the Judicial Branch. Stay your voice as there will be reasons, real and damaging reasons which will call for your voice to rise above the din of the distractions and disguises of misdirection woven into speeches and grand visions used to disguise vile intents. But the petty complaints of lavish celebration is below those claiming to answer to the high calling of protector of the people’s rights and guard of the Constitutional limitations of the excesses of governmental power which will be attempted over the coming four years. Remember the boy who cried wolf was ignored simply because he abused the right to cry warnings simply by misuse of that right. You are crying excess when it matters little. Save the cry of alarm for when the damages really amount to something worthy of crying wolf or your future warnings will fall on deaf ears. Decrying that the parties thrown to celebrate his last Inauguration were excessive, please, get real.

Beyond the Cusp

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