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January 26, 2013

Palestinians Couch Demands in New Hopes for Israeli Surrender After Elections

The Palestinian leadership has greeted the coming of a new Israeli coalition with new partners such as Yair Lapid’s Yesh Atid Party likely joining new government ruling factions with expressions of hope that the Israeli response will be adjusted making peace talks more viable. Their spoken optimisms are nothing but fodder for the Europeans, United Nations, leftist NGOs, and others who are always at the ready to condemn and blame Israel for the lack of negotiations. The Palestinian statements were slanted in such a manner as to imply that with the new government in Israel that the reasons that negotiation have failed to materialize may now be resolved. Unfortunately, the obstacles to renewing the peace process are not existent on the Israeli side but are solely due to the Palestinian intransigence. The real obstacle to the resumption of the peace talks is the insistence by Mahmoud Abbas and the rest of the Palestinian leadership demanding that Israel surrender to Palestinian demands on every single final status issue as well as numerous other demands. Mahmoud Abbas, who has not stood for election despite his term ending back in January 2009, stands immovable as President of the Palestinian government still making the same demands which he has hidden behind using them as a shield against negotiating as he knows he lacks the power to even stand for election, let alone impose any agreement reached with the Israelis if it contained even the slightest compromise on any issue. Abbas further knows that the minute he establishes a Palestinian entity with defined borders comprising an area completely and absolutely inviolable by Israeli security forces that Hamas will take over in a coup and he would be fortunate to escape with his freedom and possibly even his life as he would definitely be incarcerated and very probably executed as a direct consequence.

Perhaps taking a look at some of the quotes and then translating them from Pali-speak to common language would assist in understanding the realities behind their grandstanding. Yasser Abed Rabbo, a statesperson of the PLO (Palestinian Liberation Organization), stated, “The Palestinian leadership watches the results of the Israeli elections with great interest, and we think that these elections constitute a new chance for the Israelis to express themselves.” Speaking to AFP, he added, “We are willing to open a dialogue with those Israeli parties who are ready. We extend a political invitation to Israeli parties, particularly the new ones among them, to open a dialogue before the formation of a new government”

Translation, <I> “The Palestinian leadership is going to use the results of the Israeli elections as a prop as we restate the same tired old demands which everybody recognizes Israel cannot agree to grant and continue to exist. But because the Israeli government just experienced an election, something we holding power over Palestinian society would never be so foolish as to allow as we like our positions of power and the graft and other rewards we are able to steal, we will claim that they are missing a perfect opportunity to renew the negotiation. Of course we are ignoring that the real obstruction to renewing the peace process lies with our refusal to meet without preconditions. We also know that the preconditions are just a ploy to assure that there will be no resumption of peace talks. But even though we and almost the entire world realize this truth, we are counting of the Europeans and the leftists and anarchists to carry our water for us and add their voices to ours in blaming the Israelis. Then we will allow the liberal press, especially Haaretz in Israel, the New York Times in America, the AFP in France, the BBC in Britain, and Al-Jazeera from the Arab World to all join in reporting our optimism and then condemn Israel on cue when we state how we regret that Israel still refuses to surrender, oops, I mean negotiate.” </I>

To cast aside all doubts of the translation provided above, Yasser Abed Rabbo also pleaded,<I> in any interaction, especially with the new parties who have yet to play our game and especially as we have heard that Yair Lapid might be a liberal and thus susceptible to our ploys, we hope to </I>“discuss the bases on which it is possible to negotiate and the result that we seek from these negotiations.” <I>And if all goes as we hope it will be possible that </I>“We extend a political invitation to Israeli parties, particularly the new ones among them, to open a dialogue before the formation of a new government,”<I> We do this as once they have spoken with Prime Minister Netanyahu they will be educated in the devious manner in which we speak of things we do not mean and mean things of which we dare not speak. We have to get there and fool them before they are educated.</I> Somehow, as Yair Lapid was a news anchor; I seriously doubt he is not aware of the games played by the Palestinian leadership. Lapid also during the campaign struck us as being an actual, bonafide, real-life moderate with truly centrally-positioned views. His views appeared to tend towards a Zionist leaning concerning Judea, Samaria, and Israeli dealings with the Arab World while taking a more liberal tilt supporting universal service and a wide encompassing socials support system. These are simply our impressions and, to be honest, we are going to hold any conclusions until we have seen what he and those from his list act and vote in the Knesset and which portfolios they desire to hold and how they execute such powers.

In conclusion, we would like to extend our sympathies to the Palestinian leadership as Tzipi Livni had the bottom fall out on election night and received a mere six seats. Tzipi will have little say though she will likely make tons of noise, most of it to condemn Prime Minister Netanyahu and to oppose everything he does, and that includes things she might have actually supported but once Bibi decides he favors it, she will instinctively oppose it, she cannot help herself. We would also like to wish the new government great tidings of support and the wisdom to serve the people honestly, intelligently and with compassion and humility. May your feet be guided by the light of Torah and may all your endeavors be worthy of the L0rd’s blessings.

Beyond the Cusp


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