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February 2, 2013

The World Pushing for Yet Another Arab Israeli War

The world has consistently insisted that their main goal regarding the Middle East is to establish a lasting peace where all the countries can live in safety without any threats of war, terrorism, or other threats. One of the major sectors where an inordinate amount of attention is concentrated is Israel, the surrounding countries and even a number of more distant lands where threats of a confrontation with Israel exist. The seriousness with which the world and its organizations invest in this pursuit of this goal can be revealed by the fact that virtually all the reports, sanctions and edicts originating from the groups responsible for enforcement of peace, human rights, crimes against humanity, war crimes, and other various disturbances and threats almost all deal with events which include or concern Israel. One glaring example can be taken from the United Nations Human Rights Council is that well over ninety percent of its sanctions are on Israeli violations where the vast number concern mistreatment of the Palestinians or the overt use of disproportional force in response to provocations. Needless to say, Israel’s supporters have complained about an obvious bias in the enforcement of Human Rights by the UNHRC to no avail. Some of the reason for this astonishing statistic is due to the countries which populate the Human Rights Council and its various committees and less to do with Israeli actions, but addressing that is for another time.

There has been an understanding among a number of Arab governments which stated that the first objective was to force Israel through world pressure to return all the lands lost by three of these countries resulting from the Six Day War in June of 1967. The initial efforts to have Israel required to return these lands failed as the Israelis resisted and at that time still had the support of much of the world, particularly the Western World. The main contributing factor to the support Israel was receiving was due to the perception that the Arab Israeli conflict was perceived accurately as one tiny little country, Israel, standing against Syria, Egypt, Jordan, Iraq, Sudan, Libya, Saudi Arabia and the rest of the Arab World. The statements and propaganda emanating from the Arab World supported the concept that Israel was fighting against almost unimaginable odds facing a coordinated attack supported by countries with tens, if not hundreds or even thousands, of times sized militaries, tanks, planes, troops, helicopters, trucks, rifles, artillery, mortars and every other imaginable military equipment and other essentials. The solution to this problem was to find some manner of changing the equation on the ground, but how to shrink the Arab forces and make Israel to appear as the military giant instead of the outmanned and outgunned small country in a sea of enemies. There was a solution and it was to invent a group and isolate them from the rest of the Arab World and recast the representation of the two adversaries replacing the overwhelming Arab forces with a small and virtually defenseless and powerless group of Arabs with no military and no resources and cast Israel as an oppressor. This was what brought on the invention of the Palestinians as the indigenous people from whom the Israelis had stolen their lands and forced them into refugee camps where they languished under the most inhuman conditions.

The world could not have made this ploy any easier if they had tried. The charade has been carried out and the world has lapped up the toxic milk of the distraught Palestinian people whose country, Palestine, with its capital, al-Quds (Jerusalem), has been stolen and the Israelis now occupy the lands they stole. The other side of this charade was the denial of the existence of any Jewish refugees. They started by denying the Holocaust thus making the Jewish refugees who came to Israel straight from the Nazi concentration camps as simply Jews who chose to move to the Middle East from Europe with the intent of stealing Muslim and Arab lands. Then they refused to allow any recognition of the nearly one-million Jews that were dispossessed of their holdings and possessions over the first decade of Israel’s existence being exiled from all across the Arab and Muslim World. The argument denying the existence of these Jews was a simple matter of challenging Israel to show the refugee camps where these exiled Jews were languishing in just like the Palestinian refugees. The fact that Israel absorbed their fellow Jews and treated them as their brothers and sisters given the same rights and even some assistance from the government helping them to recover their lives was completely beside the point. People are ignorant that approximately half of the populations of Israeli Jews are from the Arab lands of the Middle East, North Africa and Central Asia. Now the entire Arab World had been shrunk down to being represented by the Palestinians who suffered before the all-powerful Israelis and the IDF. The fact that at the point the Palestinian hoax was hatched, Syria, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Lebanon, and Egypt were still in a declared war with Israel along with numerous other Muslim countries that were in a state of undeclared hostilities with Israel.

Now the world came together to protect the unfortunate Palestinians from the traumas caused by their refugee status. Israel was condemned for any use of their military might as the Palestinians had no military which could be used against the IDF. The fact that Israel was attacked almost daily by terrorist actions was of no real concern. Much of the world even drew a line that separated terrorist attacks against Israel and terrorist attacks against the rest of the world. Eventually Egypt and later Jordan made peace with Israel and were offered all the lands they had lost to be returned. Egypt availed itself of the Sinai Peninsula but refused the Gaza Strip and Jordan remained happy to just keep its lands east of the Jordan River thus leaving Judea and Samaria under Israeli control. According to the Geneva Conventions, since Israel won these lands in a defensive war they were entitled to retain possession of all the lands they had gained in such actions. This means that Israel would have been within their rights to retain even all of the Sinai Peninsula but instead returned them in order to gain a cold peace which now is in jeopardy as the Muslim Brotherhood has taken control in Egypt. Israel has annexed some of the lands they gained in the war, namely the Golan Heights and all of Jerusalem. There was no Palestine which declared war or ever entered a war with Israel. Palestine has never existed except in the minds of those willing to take any position if it harms Israel. But, how does any of this result in another Arab Israeli war?

There are two things that would end the conflict between the Arab World and Israel. The obvious one would be the destruction of Israel which would very likely result in the genocide of all of the Israeli Jews and possibly many of the Christians and Muslims who are Israelis as they might be considered to have acted as collaborators. The other way would be if Israel were allowed to completely win one of the wars declared upon her by her neighbors. The first way where Israel loses to the invading Arabs would take very little from the rest of the world. They would just need to look aside while the combined Arab armies swarmed over Israel slaughtering everyone on their path. The other would take somewhat longer for the world to ignore what was occurring allowing Israel to finish the war and capture the capitals of her adversaries. In the usual situation that would mean Israel would have to take Cairo in Egypt, Damascus in Syria, Beirut in Lebanon, and Amman in Jordan. It might also be necessary to take the majority of the other major population centers and capture the vast majority of the armies of these countries after they had started a war. The same goes for ending the terrorist threat facing Israel. It could be ended if Israel were allowed to actually finish off the terrorist forces and destroy the terrorist infrastructure and military stores. The problem is such will never be allowed to come to pass. The powers of the world will always, as they have done previously, demand Israel stop their assaults as soon as it becomes obvious they are winning and might actually destroy their enemies. The world, especially the UN, EU, Russia, and the nonaligned movement countries go into instant fit bordering on heart failure when Israeli unabashed victory appears imminent.

The other front is the efforts to push Israel back inside the Green Line, the 1949 Armistice Lines, the borders Abba Eban named the Auschwitz Borders. This is being done despite promises made after the 1967 Six Day War where it was contained in UN Resolution 181 that Israel would be permitted to retain whatever lands were considered necessary for Israel to have defensible borders. Somewhere around a decade ago that promise finished evaporating and now Israel is being demanded to return to the indefensible Green Line. This would place the vast majority of Israeli population and industry within artillery range of her neighbors. Israel would be on the low ground with the Arab forces perched on the hills surrounding Israel and able to direct their artillery and rockets with great accuracy. Israeli radars would be blinded to any air attack from out of the east as the Judean Hills would block their radars until the aircraft were within minutes, possibly seconds from their targets. Israel’s middle would be reduced to a width of between ten and fifteen miles and be crossable by an invading army in less than thirty minutes thus cutting Israel in half. Should Israel be returned to the Green Line the Arab countries have had an agreement that that would be the day when they began the final plans to finish what they have thus far failed to manage, the complete destruction of Israel and the Jews residing therein. And there is one last item that is a fairly well-kept secret. The Palestinians terror groups which include the PLO, Hamas, Islamic Jihad, the PRC, and others have always intended that once they achieve having Israel reduced to the lands within the Green Line, their plan is to then unify the rest of the Palestinian nation and then join with Syria, Egypt, and whichever other Arab and Muslim nations wish to join them in their glorious destruction of the Zionist entity. This unification is not the unification of Hamas and the PLO reuniting the major parties of the Palestinian Authority. By uniting the Palestinian nation they intend to overthrow the Jordanian King as they actually do recognize that Jordan is the Palestinian State. They ignore that fact and deny it because it serves their efforts to pretend that Jordan has nothing to do with the Palestinian people. It helps immensely that the rest of the world plays along with this deception as all one need do is read the Churchill White Papers to realize that Jordan was established as the Palestinian Arab State, but that requires reading history and that is simply too much to ask of today’s political world, especially if it would overturn their fantasies and opportunity to set up another Arab Israel war as eventually the Arabs will win, the world is counting on that.

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