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February 3, 2013

Necessary Immigration Reform Unlikely

The entirety of immigration laws and policies are in need of an overhaul. Much of the difficulties and problems with illegal immigration stem either directly or indirectly from the outmoded and obsolete laws, policies, regulations and procedures we currently are operating under. Unfortunately, what we need will be the last thing that the Congress and White House will enact. What we are most likely going to get thanks in part to the Democrats seeking new voters and the Republicans supporting a pool of below minimum wage workers who have no legal recourse. My bet is that what Congress will enact and the President will pass will be something along the Wimpy character reforms stating, “We will gladly enforce the border next Tuesday for an Amnesty today.” And just like the Wimpy character in the Popeye cartoons, they will gobble up the amnesty granting the eleven -million-plus illegal immigrants permanent work status soon followed by Green Cards which leads straight to citizenship all without stopping the influx of new illegals necessitating the next illegal immigrations debate for seventy-five-million additional undocumented workers in fifteen or so years. We had supposedly solved this problem under President Ronald Reagan’s Administration when a Democrat controlled Congress passed immigration reform which gave blanket amnesty and an expedited path to citizenship for three- million illegal immigrants with a promise to enact reforms and tough and strict enforcement laws soon thereafter. Surprise of all surprises, the reforms and enforcement somehow never quite materialized and now here we are again with reportedly quadruple the problem.

In 1986, with President Ronald Reagan, it was the Congress which enacted the empty promise which never was fulfilled. This time, with President Barack Obama, it is the President who is threatening to veto any legislation which does not allow for immediate amnesty and some viable path to citizenship and who is not all that demanding for any enforcement requirements to be included. There is a small core of Senators and Representatives who are demanding the inclusion of enforcements enacted as part of the legislation and that complete amnesty is withheld until the enforcement phase has been totally implemented. The problem I foresee is whoever is tasked with the responsibility of determining the completion of the enforcement phase has the power and option to acquiesce to those demanding the amnesty be granted with haste even without the completion of enforcement requirements. The basic problem is there are only a minority of people in Washington who truly wish to fix the problem. The forces and money is mostly supporting leaving everything just the way it is as extending the status quo provides everybody with something they desire with little if any downside. Those who desire the cheap labor, be it farming, manufacturing, food processing or domestic workers enjoy the convenience of a ready pool of illegals willing to work for less and who are often paid under the table. Those politicians whose election to office is heavily reliant on voters who do not want the illegals deported or denied the ability to collect a salary or benefits keep those voters happy, and those who stand for enforcement of our borders retain their soapbox on which to pontificate and either continue to hold office, be paid as a lobbyist or be paid as an activist. That has been the problem all along. Continuing the problem by never quite fixing what is wrong in the system serves to extend a great number of moneyed special interests, and we all know that money talks very loudly in Washington.

Even should the Congress pass and the President sign strong legislation that demands the actual physical closing of our borders, with time the enforcement funding will be cut in order to facilitate more entitlement spending. The United States as a country will be unable to implement or even maintain much of its operations if a solution is not found to the illegal immigration problems and the ballooning entitlement payments. For this article there is a special subset of the entitlement problem which also needs to be addressed. There are a fair number of illegal immigrants who are receiving entitlements from the government. This is a double problem as many, but not all, illegal immigrants work off the grid being paid under the table in cash and therefore not paying any taxes, income, FICA, or any of the numerous other taxes. Yet, on the other hand, there are those illegal immigrants who have found their way onto the entitlement roles such as Welfare, Food Stamps, even Social Security Disability as well as others. This is a double drain on the government funds as little if any is coming in while full payments are going out.

This alone should make it everybody’s concern that we put an end to the flood of illegal immigrants entering the United States. Of course there is the question of exactly how. There has long been those who simply claim that it would be impossible to implement or against the law to place the military on our borders to guard them. My response to that has been a simple, “Why?” There is no reason or law which would prevent having the military guard the borders. As far as the logistics, it might prove easier than many think. Imagine if as part of any Combat Arms training cycle, each unit upon completion of training was stationed guarding a sector of our borders for six months before being attached to their permanent duty station. There you have it, instant manpower to guard the border thus minimizing the number of units being deployed for that duty. There will be those who will decry that using the military is too harsh and endangers anybody who might try to illegally enter the country. Isn’t it the whole idea of guarding the border to make crossing the border difficult if not impossible and if it is made life-threatening, then far less people will be foolish enough to risk such a blatant breaking of our laws. Having the military enforcing the border would provide all the foot soldiers, mobile armored infantry, helicopter deployed air infantry, and all the support anybody could ask for. This would also give these soldiers real life active training with a missions statement and actual experience in guarding against active attempts of infiltration. This would very probably produce better soldiers entering the ranks of our military forces as it would give some seasoned training for the newly trained soldiers while providing the country with extremely secure borders. This is the only duty tasked to the military in numerous countries and is the rule and not the exception which many try to make it out to be. All there is to add might be, try it, you might like it and it could not turn out to be any worse than the current mess that is border enforcement.

Beyond the Cusp

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