Beyond the Cusp

March 8, 2013

Of Firearms and Children

There has been a rash of shootings covered in the news. It appears that ever since Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting by twenty-year-old Adam Lanza who murdered twenty young children and six adults in Newtown, Connecticut that the media has turned to reporting every shooting which is committed anywhere outside of a major city. This repetitive stressing of firearms used in a criminal manner appears to solely be for the expressed purpose of adding fuel to the anti-firearms fire burning from every liberal politician, liberal NGO spokesperson, and liberal media personality. The cacophony emanating from the combination of the shrill accusations from the anti-gun proponents and the booming chest pounding by the pro-Second Amendment front, it is difficult to reach a reasoned conclusion. The odds are that whatever are the results which comes from this debate will also not exactly be reasoned. But all that aside, there has been a front to the gun debate which may have played a part in some of the calamities which are a product of only the most recent past and perhaps that might need some examination.


One of the items which I have yet to hear be discussed by many in this debate is the aura and emotion which are used to describe firearms in many sectors of modern society. These views and feelings are new and only been prevalent for the past fifty years or so. Firearms, rifles in particular, used to be part and parcel of our everyday lives not that long ago. School children would bring their rifles to school and take them and go hunting right after classes. There were no metal detectors, no zero tolerance rules, and no shocked and frantic adults going absolutely stark raving mad at the sight of a firearm. My, the times have changed. Today the teachers in the public and some private schools teach their students that guns are evil and terrible items to be feared and having only one use, the mass killing of innocents instead of teaching that guns are tools that when utilized properly can provide food or serve as a defensive weapon in cases of emergency. So, instead of impressing on the young minds of the children in their care that firearms have a place and use as well as presenting a potential for danger and need to be respected and treated with great care and keeping in mind certain safety precautions the teachers instruct their pupils that firearms are to be feared as they are evil and terrible items which have the sole purpose to murder and kill large numbers of people quickly and that firearms are to be treated as toxic items. What would one expect that a child taught and filled with such misinformation about firearms might utilize them for the exact purpose they had drilled into their heads was the sole use?


Imagine if in our schools the children were taught that golf clubs were only used to split open people’s skulls and our society had decided that the public had to be shielded from the game of golf. Golf was not allowed to be televised, covered by sports casters, or played within the sight of other people. All golf courses were placed way out away from the view of the populace the same as firearms ranges are. Golf stores had no display windows and golf was never mentioned in polite conversation. Meanwhile, it was reported with some regularity that golf clubs had been used in robberies and murders where they were used to split people’s skulls. On rare occasions there were mass killings where golf clubs were used. Whenever these attacks occurred they received near endless discussion where it was granted that there were proper uses for certain golf clubs, the drivers and woods while the attack irons only have one use, splitting skulls. Nobody needs those evil irons to play a round of golf; the woods and a putter were all one would ever need. The irons, though having some varied uses such as sand traps, were able to be utilized to split skulls rapidly and do so quickly while the woods were not so useable. In schools they would set aside one week every year where the dangers of the irons were demonstrated using melons and coconuts. The children were filled with horror stories of how these attack golf clubs, the irons, were used to murder groups of innocent people where they were wielded to split open their skulls. Would anybody be surprised of some unbalanced young person on psychotropic medications took a bag of golf clubs, threw out the woods and took the irons and killed a number of people in a no golf irons zone like a school or movie theater? Then would we not hear how those attack irons have no place in a civil society and golfers could play their ‘game’ using woods and have no real need for those dangerous irons. Would you be surprised? Then why are we surprised guns are misused as often as they are when that is how the youth are taught they are used. Be very careful what you teach as what you teach so shall you reap.


Beyond the Cusp


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