Beyond the Cusp

March 14, 2013

White Smoke Signals the Ascension of Pope Francis

The College of Cardinals in the Vatican signaled with the plumes of white smoke their having decided on the man who would become the leader of the world’s Catholics and the assumed link between Heaven and Earth. The person they selected was Jorge Bergoglio, the Archbishop of Buenos Aires, who will from this point forward be known as Pope Francis. His selection has been received with general approval from many sectors including the Jewish community of Argentina who heralded then Archbishop Bergoglio for his response to the 1994 bombing of the Argentine Jewish Mutual Association. Pope Francis will be the first Pope in modern Church history to come from outside of Europe. Pope Francis is considered to be a reformer and a very good choice to reconnect with masses of Catholics, especially those who had recently become disillusioned by the scandals in the Church. Pope Francis may also be a wise choice as he represents the largest community within the Catholic Church today which is largely Spanish speaking and part of the world’s largest population in South America. Some have expressed surprise as they expected somebody who would have been younger than the seventy-six year old Bergoglio. May Pope Francis serve the Church faithfully with calm, peace, wisdom, resolve, righteousness, and with foresight to steer the Catholic Church and all of mankind into an age of acceptance and cooperation. In conclusion, may Pope Francis find ease in traversing the path which G0d has laid for him and the Catholics and all the peoples of Earth find his message to be of benefit providing inspiration and tranquility with all that he touches.


Beyond the Cusp



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