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March 28, 2013

From Numerous Rockets to Sizeable Rocks

The one item that never appears to change is that Palestinian violence against Israelis is rarely given the coverage it deserves by the mainstream media. When the western press covered the last Israeli interdiction against Hamas, Islamic Jihad and the plethora of terrorist entities in order to end, or at least greatly lessen, the numbers of rockets being fired almost daily onto civilian areas in southern Israel the case being reported made things appear that the rockets that were being fired into Israel during their operations might have been simply in response to the Israeli offensive. Little to any coverage was given to the months that preceded the Israeli offensive where rockets being fired upon Israeli civilians within range of Gaza had been ramping up ever since the previous interdiction a few years earlier. Anybody watching the news reports would not have been informed that in the six weeks previous to Israeli intervention there had been numerous rockets fired daily into Israel some of which reaching as far as Ashkelon, Beersheba and almost to southern Tel Aviv. The reason behind this given by those in the media is that the rockets being fired into Israel by Hamas and other terrorists in Gaza is such a common event that it is not news worthy. On the other hand, an Israeli response to these rockets happens only seldom and thus it is news worthy as it is not the norm. So, shooting rockets at Jewish and Arab Israeli civilians are not worth coverage because it happens so regularly that it is simply a normal event that is not worth mention by the press. But that begs a question of why does the press not bother to point out that Israel is responding to barrages of rockets that had been nearly constant for months and even years? They will claim that it was mentioned that Israel was responding to a recent barrage of rockets. A recent barrage of rockets is completely different than a constant barrage of rockets daily for months and months. But the press is delinquent at mentioning such truths.

Fortunately the rocket fire has halted for the time being as it always does for a few weeks or months after Israeli interdictions end. Instead a new threat has picked up any slack left by the quiet on the Gaza front. The new assault has been a sharp increase in the rock assaults on Israeli licensed vehicles in Judea and Samaria. Along with the rocks are other projectiles such as bricks, cinderblocks, and Molotov cocktails. Currently a two year old girl named Adelle lies in the same hospital with her mother and two older sisters, Naama age six and Avigayil age four, unconscious fighting for her life as a result of one of these rock attacks just last week. A woman on her way to her relative’s home for the Seder service Monday night had her car rammed from behind and when she stopped four men exited the ramming vehicles, slashed all four tires and broke every window on her car then fled. She was actually very fortunate that they fled and did not assault her beyond frightening her half to death by their assault on her vehicle. There have been some accidents caused by these rock assaults which have resulted in death as the driver loses control and the car careens off the road with fatal results as was the case with Asher Palmer and his one year old son, Yehonatan. Yet, if you live outside of Judea and Samaria you may have not heard that much about these attacks, even more likely if you do not live in Israel. If the press were actually interested in reporting the news and framing the Israeli situation evenly and without bias, then these stories would be in the news almost daily. Where every time Israel causes an injury to a Palestinian, even if the injury was caused in the process of defending from an attempted terror attack, the press is right on the story often page one above the fold. But Palestinians assaulting Israelis with intent to murder, or at the very least cause great harm or severe injury, such items are a common activity not worthy of reporting. But should Israel respond then it will be reported that the Israeli response is disproportional to the actions perpetrated by the Palestinians who are simply defying the occupation. Never mind that the history of these attacks goes back to 1929, 1933, and 1939 when the Arabs in the British Mandate lands held pogroms against the Jews also living in the Mandate lands.

One of the more infamous attacks took place in Hevron and as a result of the Arab on Jewish aggression the British forced every single Jewish family to forfeit their homes, businesses and lands in Hevron because it was more expedient to make further victims of the Jews than to enforce the law and punish the Arab attackers. This exiling of the Jews from Hevron is at the root of many of the problems in Hevron today as the Arabs there claim the Jews left their homes abandoning them and have no right to return and claim them now. A similar reason is given for the attacks on Israeli vehicles with bricks, large rocks, cinderblocks, and fire bombs where they claim these attacks are intended to drive the Jews off of Palestinian Arab land and force the Jews back to Europe and America or wherever they came from. This begs another question that is never asked; where are the Jews who have lived in Israel, particularly Jerusalem, for the last three thousand years supposed to move and where are the Sephardic Jews who were evicted from their homes in numerous Arab countries supposed to go, back to Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Libya, where? Half of Israeli Jews lived in the areas that is now Israel and also Judea and Samaria (West Bank) and in Arab countries. Only the Ashkenazi Jews came mostly from Europe, the United States, Canada and other Western Nations. The frequency and severity of these rock and projectile attacks has greatly increased since the end of the Gaza operation almost as if the Arabs of the Palestinian Authority are taking up the slack for the temporary pause in the rocket attacks out of Gaza. Eventually Israel will be forced to take actions to end these attacks as well. When they finally lose patience and take measures to prevent these attempts to murder and harm Israeli citizens, expect the news to emphasize the severity of the Israeli actions and report that it is all over the Palestinians throwing stones at Israelis. They will leave out that their targets were vehicles on highways and that the stones weighed in at a formidable size better described as large rocks, bricks, and cinderblocks. Some of the rocks are actually stones but those are often launched with slings and we know from the Bible what a stone and a sling can accomplish. The press is not going to change until people demand the truth unvarnished and without slant, or at least with some slanted for each side. Balance is the key and coverage of Israel and the Palestinians is reporting as unbalanced as it comes.

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