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April 4, 2013

Countdown Begun to Reports of Israeli Strikes on Gaza

The past two days saw the beginning of an inevitable countdown to reports on all the international news services such as the AP, Reuters, AFP, BBC, al Jazeera and others that Israel has executed widespread air attacks across the Gaza Strip causing some numbers of casualties. These articles will go into great detail describing the loss of life or injuries and very accurate descriptions of the damage to buildings and structures. There will be a list of buildings where it will give the description of people’s homes, small shops or manufacturing buildings all without the additional information that inside the homes were large caches of weapons or that the shops and houses had numerous secondary explosions after being hit as stores exploded nor will it be mentioned that the manufacturers were building mostly rocket parts for Hamas, Islamic Jihad, al Qaeda in Gaza and other terrorists groups to fire into Israel at Sderot and other civilian communities. Eventually, towards the end of the articles usually there will finally be the mention that Israel was responding to rocket and mortar attacks upon Israeli civilians. This mention usually will be left as described or will mention the number if rocket attacks going back a few days at most. The fact that there had been accumulating numbers of attacks going back months will not be stressed. The description will sell a picture that Israel is responding with little warnings to what is but a slight inconvenience of a limited number of rocket attacks which have done such little damage and not even caused any Israeli deaths, or very few if some casualties had occurred in the previous week. This has been the same cycle which is reported as the “cycle of violence” which is the media’s way of making the terrorist rocket attacks and the Israeli reprisals as being of equal offensives morally and under international law. The comparison is neither true nor fair reporting and the media utilizes these deceptive equative evaluations intentionally misrepresenting the situation.

The unfortunate reality is that this series is the rule regarding the reporting on Israeli defensive measures. The media through their slanted reporting make any force utilized by Israel in an attempt to curtail and punish those who terrorize and assault Israeli civilians with incessant rocket and mortar fire into neighborhoods as unacceptably severe. The truth is the only response the media would allow Israel would be to write editorials complaining about their civilians being victimized by the terror attacks almost daily from within Gaza. The likelihood that any of these editorials would be printed is slight and for every time one was allowed to be put into print there would be at least a half dozen others praising and excusing the attacks implying why the Israelis deserve to be on the receiving end of rockets, mortars and other terror attacks. There is occasionally an interesting mix of editorials concerning Israelis with the first one stating how they are living on stolen land against international law and against all human decency in Israel with the following editorial denouncing the fact that Jews reside within the country in which said newspaper is printed and calling for them to be deported and moved to Israel. When such an event occurs it begs the question I have asked of those who claim that Israel has no right and the Jewish people do not deserve to have a homeland, namely where are the Jewish people supposed to live if no country wishes to allow them to live among their peoples in peace and they are denied their own nation? It also begs another question. If the Jewish peoples of Israel are to return to the nations from whence they came, would the numerous European nations accept their three million Jews of European heritage living in Israel? And would the Asian and Arab countries accept the return of the three million Jews of Asian and Arab national heritage back into their lands? We all know the truthful answer and it is they would not be welcome and should they be forced to return then both groups of nations would be demanding the Jews be made to go and live in their own country and leave the lands they would then be living within.

Where the vast majority of people have little real animosity towards the Jewish people, there still exist a sizeable number of peoples who can be found throughout the many countries and civilizations of the world that harbor feelings of animosity for the Jewish peoples. Unfortunately, as is often the case, the people who hold hatreds and animosities are by far the more boisterous from among the population and as thus the ones who are most heard in the discourse between peoples. When such people are allowed to speak disparagingly about any minority without the decent majority speaking up and making those who speak of hatred feel uncomfortable, they eventually act on these hatreds with many otherwise normally innocent people being swept up by runaway emotive driven actions. It becomes the psychology of the mob mentality where a core group of fanatical adherents feel they have sufficient support they sweep up some and can threaten the rest into silence if not cooperation and atrocities soon follow. That is the risk and eventual consequence of unopposed hatreds and misleading reports which cast a people as always in the wrong or acting illegally or cruelly being ignored, or worse, acquiesced eventually snowballing into an irresistible driving force for mob action which seldom is reasoned or moral, just seemingly popular and universally acceptable. It is these possibilities which frighten me the most as I have watched for decades and can attest to the fact that the rages are building and being reinforced through misreporting by the mainstream media and too few are opposing the building insanity and the inevitable is beginning to become a reality and the consequences have already started. We see the evidence in pieces of news which when drawn as a whole paint a fearsome picture. Swastikas painted on Synagogue walls, Jews berated and assaulted on their way to Sabbath services, Israel apartheid days on our campuses, Jews kidnapped and tortured to death, Jewish cemeteries vandalized, Jewish Yeshivas attacked with students and their Rabbis murdered, and other reports where Jewish organizations advise Jews in numerous European cities and even countries not to wear any clothing or jewelry which denotes their Jewishness. And these things have started in the United States and are being protested by Jewish support groups, well, most of them as some are less concerned with protecting Jews than they are with supporting diversity, may they be forgiven. Many in the United State still claim such things could not happen here, but they are already happening here. If the world does not awaken its community conscience we all know what is coming as it has happened too many times throughout history going back almost five thousand years. Do we dare allow it to happen again? If not, what are you willing to do to prevent it reoccurring in your lifetime?

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