Beyond the Cusp

April 10, 2013

Promise from a Zionist to the Internationalist Jew

To my brothers and sisters who are once again taking the path of transformation of man and society while dismissing those who have chosen to reestablish G0d’s gift and strengthen Eretz Yisroel to be our home and refuge when evil raises up once again. As you put your faith in the potential of goodness in mankind, please understand that I prefer to stand with the goodness of G0d. You go ahead and paint with your words a wonderful picture of a world that you can see right around the corner if only mankind would join you in your quest for the perfection of mankind. Me, I will celebrate the perfection of the L0rd and try to perfect simply myself through His laws and Torah though I know that at my best I will fall short. You search out that which is most noble within man and dream your dreams which cannot be until the day that was promised comes. You try and make the world perfect while I will remain content to pray to the L0rd our G0d to bring forth the day when he transforms mankind making him perfect. You keep your faith in mankind and I will remain faithful to the L0rd our G0d.

But allow me to tell you that you are not taking a new path which many of our fellow men have taken from the beginning of time always with the same disastrous results. Let me regale you with just a few examples from history from many ages in which men attempted to perfect the world and stand as gods themselves. One of the earliest stories of men so employed were those who in their folly attempted to build a tower to the heavens so they too could be as G0d. They met with the confusion of their languages and the tower never really got off the ground. The builders of the Tower of Babel met an end that was the most fortunate likely as theirs was such an innocent and misguided folly that the L0rd could not see to be harsh with them. But put them back in their place He did with a kind hand; others have not been as fortunate.

Through the ages there have been utopian visionaries and utopian societies which had the answers to all of mankind’s problems. Some were fortunate enough to have their efforts rewarded with a following but none ever succeeded while others brought into existence some of the most horrid and oppressive governances ever witnessed by man. Two of these in modern times were the Soviet Communists and the German National Socialists. One proposed to have the most equitable and egalitarian economic system where all labor and wealth were to be shared equally by all within the society. Of course, with time we found that the few at the top of the power structure and the enforcement divisions proved to be just a little more equal than the rest. Even so, the eventual result of this dream was that man is not yet, nor ever likely to be, a perfect creature and the workers realizing the promise of an equal share independent of effort chose not to put out maximum effort and production declined and eventually everybody was getting an equal share of next to nothing. The other was going to breed the perfect society by the use of eugenics and planned breeding. The aim was to produce a super race of perfect humans who would rule over the lesser beings. Only the superior race would be considered human and all the others were subhuman to be used as worker animals and nothing more. This was not an acceptable route to perfection and the world eventually resisted and defeated this utopian nightmare. Just like Captain Nemo who set out to stamp out the violence of war using his advanced submarine the Nautilus; his produced result was even more horrific than what he was fighting against as he made victim of all without any differentiation between those who defended good and those who were evil. In every instance when man has sought to form a perfect society he has always fallen short because mankind is inherently imperfect.

When the next utopian society descends into a chaotic anarchical chaos or produces a singular elite which supersede their theoretical limitations taking dictatorial oppressive control and you turn to seek help, we will be here to offer refuge for you are still our brothers and sisters and in serving G0d we will not forsake you as He will not allow you to be forsaken. We may do so with a heavy heart because we had tried to warn you that your dreams would end in a nightmare but you insisted. We actually wished you would have succeeded and formed that perfect utopian society and would have welcomed such a result. But, just in case, remember we will always be here to love and care for you as you recover from your folly no matter how many times you insist you can master the frailties of man. This is how it will be for it is how it has always been. Please do us one favor please; do not ask that we participate in your utopian schemes and leave us with our dated, tried and traditional ways if for no other reason than as a place of safe haven in case your attempt to build your vision of heaven corrupts and fails as then you will need us and wish to seek our help. We cannot join your efforts and be your safety as those are mutually exclusive as your ideas are destructive to our ways. Your views of truths and solutions to problems are antithetical to ours and both cannot exist together in the same state. Ours is the state gifted us so we may live lives as dictated by Torah and G0d’s will and that is how it must be. We hold no animosity for you; we just are unable to adopt your desired changes in what must be. We will remain here and be for you a safety net for we can no more refuse you than we can refuse our right hand. Take your dreams and our best wishes and may we both attain what we seek and be there for each other when times of need or troubles darken our shores. We will pray for you even if you wish we would not, for that is our way.

Beyond the Cusp

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