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April 24, 2013

Dreadful Arrest Record on Price Tag Crimes

Price Tag Crimes are a form of vandalism which is presumably taken against Arab properties, usually in Judea or Samaria, which are committed in response to Arab vandalizing of Jewish property or as a response to government actions removing settlements or outposts. The usual story after a Price Tag complaint is filed is the arrests of teenage or young adult males from nearby Jewish communities who are held for as much as a week before being released due to lack of evidence. Some Price Tag cases have continued for months with numerous arrests and even rearrests which eventually fall apart and the event goes unsolved. I would not claim that all Price Tag Crimes are never committed by Jewish residents in Judea and Samaria, but I will claim that of the Price Tag Crimes which have been solved turned out to be self-inflicted crimes where the community where the reported crime was committed were the perpetrators of the crime. When the communities in such cases are found out and the police inquire as to why the Arab community would commit such an act on their own property, the response is always in order to blame the Jews of the next community. One would think that since a number of these crimes end up traced back to the community which filed the complaint that the police would have eventually come around to investigating to assure that a crime was actually committed and not property was vandalized in an attempt to blame a neighboring Jewish neighborhood before immediately seeking a Jewish miscreant. The unfortunate truth is that the police are willing accomplices in the attempts to find a Jewish resident to arrest and blame for these crimes as it appears to be the policy imposed by the department.


The Honenu legal rights group was founded to represent Jewish residents who are wrongly accused of committing Price Tag Crimes and are arrested and detained while the police attempt, almost always in vain, to build a vandalism case around their targeted suspects. Recently the lawyers at Honenu were called when an Arab town near Ofra had complained that ten cars had been torched. What was most suspicious about the complaint was how it resembled a similar event recently in Northern Israel. The similar incident took place in Akbara where cars were found burnt next to the words, “Don’t touch our girls.” The Honenu legal rights NGO is calling on the authorities to stop ignoring evidence of set-up crimes in order to feed their political desire to prove the Jewish settlements are nothing but a den for vandals and criminal enterprises. Hopefully the driving impetus behind placing all trust on one side and all the suspicions on the other despite the evidence which, if examined clinically and not politically, points to self-inflicted vandalism as the most usual source of these so-called Price Tag Crimes will be addressed and accuracy and honest investigations will replace politically motivated tail chasing. It would not be advisable to expect any changes to transpire too quickly as politically motivated presuppositions must be changed from the top down and that takes either a change in personnel or a large and dedicated amount of effort from people in the government willing to take up the challenge. As changing the current predisposition of the police in their efforts is not exactly going to be easy largely because this cause is not exactly something that would excite many in Tel Aviv, but justice and integrity should eventually win out, or so we can hope.


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