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May 6, 2013

Looking to the Future and the Completion of the Peace Process

Reflecting on the entirety of the period after the liberation of Judea, Samaria, Benyamin and reunified Jerusalem I have realized how drastically things have changed since June of 1967. There was great hope and joy that came with the reunification of Jerusalem and having the Old City once again available for Jews and Christians to visit and enjoy their holy sites throughout the Old City and in the eastern heart of Eretz Yisroel. Looking back at that period using that hindsight which is always 20/20 vision coming from crystal clear thought I realize that Israel should have simply annexed whatever lands would have best served the future of the country. Instead Israel limited their annexations to the rest of Jerusalem and its immediate surroundings including the Mount of Olives and the historic cemetery as well as the vital Golan Heights. In hindsight it becomes clear that Israel should have simply annexed all of Judea, Samaria, Benyamin and anything else which made up the areas liberated from Jordanian oppression. Annexing the Golan Heights was wise and it might have even been expedient to have also annexed a mile or so of the lowlands east of the Golan Heights so as to be able to assure that no obstacles, tunnels or other structures of a military nature would even compromise a clear field of view and security from snipers or encroachments for the forces stationed along the heights. And finally it might have served Israel to also have retained at least part of the Sinai Peninsula, in particular the eastern sections from the easternmost mountain range to the eastern fork of the Red Sea assuring that the Straights of Tiran are never again used to cut off Israel’s seaway to all of Asia and the eastern coast of Africa. But that was not the path chosen and it is far too late now to concern ourselves with such fantasies.


The greatest error made after the reunification of Jerusalem was allowing the Muslim Waqf to retain control and enforcement of their will over the Temple Mount. This error in judgment has resulted in the destruction of countless priceless archeological artifacts dating back to the periods of both the First and Second Temples. This Jewish heritage has been permanently lost for all times. That mistake pales compared to the most grievous error and mistaken policy decision very likely in all of history. I am referring to allowing Yasser Arafat to return and granting that arch terrorist to hold any position or power. Allowing anyone with the moral depravity to dispatch youths with murderous vests filled with explosives into restaurants, malls, and other venues with the intent of murdering as many innocents as possible to hold any office which commands respect is a miscarriage of decency. The irony of pretending that Yasser Arafat, and after him, Mahmoud Abbas, were people with whom a peace could be negotiated was a fools folly. The vision of bringing two nations into existence living together in mutual peace, security and cooperation was beautiful even if it ended up being a futile venture. The idea was noble but the actual implementation was a completely different matter in which there would be no beauty to be found. After such disappointment and with the realization that an impasse has been reached, now what are the available options and which should be Israel’s target going forward?


The question is, knowing what is now known, what path is open which actually can be obtained and how would Israel be best served in reaching whatever goal is deemed to be the most equitable while still providing for a real and enforceable peace along with security for Israel and her citizenry. The first item that has to be resolved in order to begin is to understand precisely what the honest and actual position the Palestinian leadership would be willing to accept. In order to accomplish this not so small a feat one would be required to research and actually listen to speeches, broadcasts, editorials, and even school lessons which are shared between the Palestinians in their private conversing. This is actually something which is seldom taken into account by the Western mainstream media, European Union, European governments, and the American mainstream media and government. For reasons that escape all sanity, apparently there are almost no people in the Western World who are able to translate Arabic into English, French, German or any other native Western language thus their usual suppositions and position on all things concerning the Arabs and Palestinians relating to Israel are simply based on the propaganda which Mahmoud Abbas, Salam Fayyad and other Palestinian and Arab spokespeople relay in interviews and speeches made in English, French, German, or any language other than Arabic or Farsi. We know that in the European languages that the Palestinian positions are simply that they desire peace above all else and are completely willing to make peace if Israel would simply stop being so stubborn and agree to some simply items which Abbas often claims are just responsibilities which the Israelis need to perform and then negotiations may proceed and peace would be right around the corner. These minor little items actually fit well with what these same spokespeople say in Arabic, and what is that exactly? Let’s see.


The preconditions include but are not limited to, release all of the Palestinians held in Israeli prison system with an emphasis on those who are convicted terrorists or security risks, complete Israeli building freeze in West Bank and East Jerusalem, Netanyahu to submit a map of the proposed Palestine and having the map be acceptable to Mahmoud Abbas, remove all IDF and Border Police from Palestinian claimed areas, allow free import of weapons for Palestinian Security Forces, allow training exercises between Palestinian Security Forces and Arab countries’ militaries, agreement from Israel for utilizing the pre-1967 War Armistice Lines as the basis for Palestinian State allowing for exchanges if and only if Abbas approves of them, Israeli accept the Right of Return for all Palestinian refugees into Israel with full citizenship and with or without Israel acceptance the Palestinians demand the right to continue resistance until all of their land has been liberated. Once one takes these demands and digests them it becomes apparent that the only final situation the Palestinians are willing to accept is a one state solution with such state being the Palestinian state and that state must be rendered free of any Jews. What makes this even more obvious is that once you translate what is said between the Palestinians and their allies in the Arab world, you quickly realize that the sole acceptable solution is a Palestinian Arab state from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea, every single iota of what they believe is Palestine without any Israel. It is the way it is drawn in their textbooks and on the map in Mahmoud Abbas’s office; it is the way the Arab League depicts the final solution; it is the way many in Europe and at the United Nations believe to be perfectly acceptable if not preferable.


Once Israel and Israelis fully understand that as long as there is any semblance of Palestinian governance they will not have peace, then Israel will be able to decide exactly what their path going forward should be. Should the Israelis, and the Jewish people, decide that they will continue to live in their own lands where their ancestors resided and are the lands depicted in the Bible, then they too will realize the same thing the Palestinians already have realized, the only solution will eventually be a one state solution. Even if there were sufficient arable land for two viable nations, there is no existing politics which would permit such. Should the day ever arrive where a Palestinian state were founded alongside of Israel, it would simply become the end of the first phase of the conquest and deportation, or worse, of the Jews and their state, Israel. Once this is recognized as the truth of the situation, then it also becomes apparent that for the Jewish state of Israel to survive, it much first prevail in a struggle which has but one possible resolution, a single state where the winner of the conflict takes all of the land and the other side is either deported or murdered. This realization makes the next step painfully obvious; the people of Israel will need to decide whether or not the existence of their state is worth the efforts it will take to keep the land upon which it sits. If the answer is as expected, in the affirmative, then the Israelis will need to implement and execute whatever responses are necessitated in order to establish Israel as the existing state and decide if the Arab populations which are currently considered to be Palestinians is allowed to remain as legal alien residents, deported with compensation for loss of properties, or given a path by which they would attain Israeli citizenship.


My preference, though fortunately it is not my place to decide, would be to allow a path for those Palestinians who wished to be able to become Israeli citizens, those who would prefer to remain but not become Israeli citizens should be allowed alien status and those who want no part of the Jewish state of Israel should be given a parting gift and transportation to their desired destination provided the destination country is willing to accept them. The one additional provision which would probably be a necessity is to establish a law that should a member of a family commit an act of terror, the entire family will be deported and the individual perpetrating the act of terrorism will not be eligible to receive compensation for loss of property along with whomever resided in the same location as the terrorist. If Mother and Father live with a young adult who commits an act of terror, then their claim to compensation would initially be voided. Of course some legal challenge might be allowed in exceptional cases, but such would need to be evaluated on an individual basis. Such may not be even close to resembling the perfect solution, but the fact that the Palestinians as an entirety refuse to accept the existence of the Jewish state in any size, manner or form is the impetus forcing such measures. Should the Palestinians wish to avoid such an inevitability, they would be advised to make a real and lasting peace and accept sharing rather than insisting on removing all vestiges of Jewish presence.


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